(c) www.milkshake.comIt’s been a long time since we had toddlers in our house – not since the mid-80’s. When my kids were little, they loved Sharon, Lois & Bram as well as Baby Songs.  We enjoyed them as well because although they were geared to young kids, they were musically interesting, and always catchy.  We couldn’t help but sing-along and love them as well.  The other redeeming quality is that they taught lessons in sharing, potty training, and more.

Times have changed, and those toddlers are now adults, but the need for music that is enjoyable for both toddler and parent hasn’t changed. Now there’s a group called Milkshake that produces music in the tradition of those earlier entertainers.  Songs that are catchy and fun to listen to whether you’re 3 or 33.

They have a companion website with lyrics and samples, so you’ll be able to select the music that’s appropriate for your child. There are also bios for the musicians and singers.  The lead singer, Lisa, has a penchant for wearing tutus and crazy leggings, and the other member wears bright and fun outfits.  Confetti is a staple and used liberally.  All this makes for a kid-friendly fun and is a perfect accompaniment to their music.

My favorite song? Imagination Nation.  It’s very reminiscent of the Conjunction Junction song from School House Rock – music from my own childhood that I can still sing and has helped me pass a test or two in my lifetime.  The chorus is, “Even late at night, (That’s the perfect time to look for fairies), I just close my eyes, (They fly around just making merry), Listen to them sing, (a little song about the stars a-twinkling), Dream up anything.”

Music is an important part of any child’s life. Choosing smart music that not only entertains but helps a child understand his or her place in the world is so important to the child’s growth.  That it’s entertaining is a bonus!

We have TWO Milkshake Gift Packs to giveaway – each includes a Milkshake PLAY! CD & a Milkshake Screen Play DVD. To enter, comment below with your child’s favorite Milkshake song.  Regular contest rules apply. Contest ends 2/27/09 at 8 pm PST.


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