Saving is easy with BigCrumbs.comI’m an online shopper from way back.  Partly out of necessity and partly because I like the convenience.  I’m always looking for ways to save money, and I was thrilled the find

Big Crumbs was established in 2002. I’ve been a member since November 2006 and have enjoyed the growth they’ve made in that time. In the beginning, the stores were less-popular stores that I rarely shopped at.  Now they have over 305 popular retailers, such as Target, Old Navy, Gap, Circuit City, Best Buy, and more.  Additionally, they offer cash back for eBay purchases.  I shop a lot on eBay.

Since November 2006, I’ve gotten a PayPal deposit for every item I’ve purchased. They’ve never failed to credit me as long as I shopped correctly through their links and the payments have always been on time.

How’s it work?

If you shop through their links, they’ll make money for referring you to that retailer, and they’re sharing that reward with you to encourage you to shop through their link.

There are two types of accounts.  You must decide which best fits you when you sign up. Once you choose the CrumbEarner, you can’t downgrade to the CrumbSaver, but you can upgrade at any time.


  • As a CrumbSaver, you’ll earn cash back on your purchases as well as anyone you refer. You’ll also receive the higher cash back percentage shown on each retailer. You only earn commissions on directly referred people.


  • As a CrumbEarner, you’ll receive cash back on up to FIVE generations away. So if your friend refers friends, you’ll earn cash back on their purchases as well. The trade-off is that you’ll earn the lower referral commission listed at each retailer.

Only you can determine which is the right kind of account for you. I do know several people who have referred thousands of savers, and they’re now making $600-$800 a month on those referrals without spending a dime themselves.

I believe I’m a more realistic saver – I earn about $40 a month for doing nothing but clicking on a link before purchasing from a participating online store and referring one person. I’m just not good about telling others about the program.


It can take between 2 weeks and 2 months for the rebate to be credited to your account depending on the retailers reporting method. Always track your purchases, the amount, the date, and the expected cash back.

Once the cash back is credited to your account, you’ll be automatically paid out once a month for the previous month. You are required to have a PayPal account to participate. There is no minimum amount for payout, so you can expect the payment on or about the 15th of every month.


The benefit I’ve found to is that it’s a passive savings plan. I shop through the links, and the money appears in my account. I also like that they offer cash back for eBay purchases as I’m an avid shopper there. It’s the only discount I’ve found on eBay so far that’s available every day and not a special purchase option that’s only available for a short time. Simple bookmarks make it easy to shop or buy through their website.

Do you use Big Crumbs, if so what is your experience?  If not, do you have any questions?