Does Your Pup Have Something to Say?

Dog collars run the gamut from cute to industrial, and everything in between.

In the last few years, decorative collars have started to take off.  First with the ribbon and beaded party collars and now with a rubber collar by  Shainswear.

Shains stands for, State How Action Is a Necessary Solution, but because that’s too long, the company logo was changed to Say it Wear it Mean it.

The concept is simple.Take everyday items – bracelets, necklaces, pet collars, hair bands, key chains, and much more – and allow the user to make it their own by adding decorative elements that can be added simply, changed and rearranged, whenever you have something new to say!  Elements range from letters, number, shape, and graphics.

We were sent a piece from the pet collection. Currently priced at $19, the kit includes:

  • Fashion Pet Collar – available in4 colors:  Black, Sun, Poppy, Orchid, or Vanilla and available in 3 sizes:  Small 15-16″, Medium 20-21″, and Large 25-26″
  • 60 Decorative Elements:
    • 34 letters (multiples of commonly used letters like “e”)
    • 18 number (multiples of most but strangely not zero)
    • 8 decorative elements – bone, newspaper, fire hydrant, dog bowl, K9, dog paw, ball, and dog house

Again, this is a decorative collar so while you could hang  your pets tag from it, it’s not meant to be used with a lead as it is made of rubber and could stretch releasing your pet.

Icon Packs are available if the elements that came with your collar aren’t sufficient.

Say you want to put your telephone number on the collar and you have two zeros in it. There are also additional graphic packs surrounding a theme.

The company is appears to be very eco-friendly.

They use recycled materials in the manufacturing of the pieces and then the pieces are recyclable when you through.  They also give a percentage of their net profits to earth-centric organizations.  Even their package notes this and ends with, “It’s our responsibility”.  Love that!

I like the pet collar and think it’s adorable.

I like the striking color, although it’s not marked on the package, I believe it’s Poppy (orange).  The elements are very easy to put into the collar – no more difficult that buttoning a button.  I wouldn’t recommend this for a house with small children as the elements come out as easily as they go in and they could definitely become a choking hazard.  Same warning for any dog that chews on their collar.  As with all fashion collars, supervision should always be in place when worn.


We’re giving away our Size Medium, Poppy Collar with one personally installed element (you’ll have to do the other 59   😛   To win it, comment below with the pup’s name that will be wearing it if you win.  Remember, this collar fits necks 20-20″ long and regular contest rules apply.  Open to everyone including international readers.  Ends January 22, 2009, 8pm PST.


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