I was given the opportunity to read and review, “Navigating – The World Of Network Marketing, Conversations with Jack & Diane.”  I know just a little bit about MLM’s as I’ve participated in two of them, so I jumped at the chance to read and review it.

The book is an easy read. Written in a interview-type style, most chapters end with a summary of what the chapter discussed.  I found this interesting, but not particularly necessary.  I found that the later chapters provided new information in the summary that wasn’t supplied in the chapter.

Unlike the authors, Jack Bastide and Diane Walker, my ventures into MLM’s has not been fraught with stress, deceit, company failures, and massive financial losses, thankfully!  🙂   It is odd that many of the companies and people mentioned in the book are protected by pseudonyms, even though several of the companies failed.  Additionally, the failed attempts were described as pyramid schemes, but when the duo finds two MLMs that work for them, they’re adamant that they’re working businesses and not pyramid schemes, and yet the structure is the same.

Most of the early MLMs revolved around supplements and health products like a diet cookies; however, most of the time the products were only hinted at.  The two companies they repeatedly point out as money makers are different – one which sends out greeting cards and another that sells long distance calling minutes  (although they failed at an earlier LD venture because of the upline issues).  The entire last half of the book is dedicated to stories and letters praising these two companies. While the reader is never directly asked to join them, it’s hinted that there’s significant money here and join the up-line with someone you trust and not the person who contacts you, i.e.,., you can get in with us since we’re so well respected.

There are a few helpful sections – Chapter 17, Understanding Compensation Plans and Page 153, Important Questions to Ask.  Both of these should keep you out of trouble with an MLM.

Would I recommend the book?  Probably not.  The useful information can probably be found elsewhere or buy it just for those two sections.  While Jack and Diane are probably very nice people, the book comes off as a recruitment pamphlet for their “successful” MLM ventures.

Was I too rough on them?  Read the book and find out. The first person to email me with your mailing address gets a slightly-used copy of this book.



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