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UPDATE 1/8/14 – I broke my SleepPhones by breaking the string that holds the speakers in place. I can’t tell you how much I miss them and I’m going to replace them soon. They had lasted almost five years before they succumbed to my brute strength – not bad! There’s now a wireless sleep version, and running version in the SleepPhones online store and the price for their original headphones has gone down $20!

I have a hard time sleeping, and because of that, I listen to the radio to keep my mind occupied while I wait for sleep to come. Since my husband hates noise, I have had to resort to using ear buds for the last 20 years.   Ear buds have great sound quality, but they’re hard, and I can only wear one at a time because I’m a side sleeper.  This means every time I roll over, which is often, I have to swap out the ear bud from one ear to the other.  I do this in my sleep now.

I’ve been searching for years for another way to listen at night, especially to my self-hypnosis CDs, which work best when listened to with both ears at the same time. I’ve seen the under-pillow speakers but they didn’t address my stereo needs, and I worried that the sound would escape and bother my husband.  Imagine how excited I was to discover the SleepPhones System!


The system includes:

  • SleepPhones: a  lightweight headband made of 100% polyester fleece with two disk speakers inside.  The cord is centered on the forehead for ease of movement and is comfortably long at 50″.
  • CD with nature-inspired tracks specifically designed with binaural beats technology:  There are 30 minutes of Harriman Birds (yes, 30 minutes of birds – gentle tweeting and very relaxing), 30 minutes of Rowaton Stream (a gurgling stream – for me it’s a little too much like white noise – I prefer the birds), and then a 10 minute Wake Up! the session which includes the birds in a bit livelier song along with other natural sounds.  The purpose of the Wake-Up! Is to use it as your wake up track instead of an alarm.  I haven’t had to get up by an alarm clock in about three years, so I haven’t tested this feature.
  • Lavender Sachet: A lovely sachet that’s very fragrant.  Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties.  I have it hanging from my bedpost to encourage sleep.
  • Instruction Book:  To help you get the most out of the product.


Simply put, the tracks are matched to brainwave patterns and then slowly adjusted to help you fall asleep or wake up.  You should be able to hear it, a hissing or banging type sound, for best effect.   Each ear is delivered a slightly different frequently and the brain senses this difference and generates a particular brain wave from deep in the brainstem.   The sleep tracks (Harriman Birds & Rowaton Stream) gradually reduce the brainwave frequency from awake waves to sleeping wave (beta to delta) and the Wake-Up! Track works in the opposite direction (from delta to beta).  Want to try a binaural beat?  Here’s a page of downloads to try.  It’ s also the spot to download the MP3 versions if you’re using your SleepPhones with an iPod or other Mp3 players.  Read more about the Science Behind the SleepPhones System


Well, yes!  So far I’ve needed the birds with the exception of a rough night or two when I made it to the stream portion of the CD.  This means I’m going to sleep within 30-60 minutes of turning them on.  That’s a miracle for me!


  • The sound quality is heavy on the bass, so when I’m using them to listen to FM talk radio, it’s  a bit scratchy.
  • The sound quickly escapes the band, so if you sleep with a light sleeper, the escaping sounds may be a bother.  My husband can’t hear it, but he’s lost hearing because of riding on fire trucks for 30 years.  I hear it plainly.
  • They don’t block out other sounds – I can still hear my pup snoring.  This could also be considered a pro if you have a small child or other in the home you need to be aware of.


  • They’re comfortable! I can feel the disk speakers with my hands but not with my ears.  One of the speakers can be moved up or down within the headband; the other can’t.
  • They’re adjustable! I prefer to wear mine across my eyes as an eye shade.  Works beautifully!  I find that they move around a bit, but are easily repositioned, so each speaker disk is in the correct place.  If you put them on like a traditional headband (over the face to neck and then pull back up to forehead), your hair will keep them from contacting your pillow, and they won’t move as much when you do.
  • They’re washable, warm, and extremely lightweight.
  • They use a regular 1/8″/3.5mm jack for the radio. It’s the normal headphone plug size!
  • The cord is 4′ long! Perfect for me as I’m using my alarm clock/cd player which is placed on my nightstand.  The cord is plenty long, and I’ve not experienced any tangles or accidental unplugging’s, even though I turn a lot at night.  If you use a portable player, placing it under your pillow will help you keep from knocking it to the floor or losing it in the bed covers.
  • The awake feature! I haven’t had to wake to an alarm in a few years, but on days I’m drowsy, I’ve been turning on the Awake track.  It puts me in a positive mood and gets me ready for the day.
  • No drugs, no supplements, just natural, relaxed sleep!
  • Great general sleeping information is available on their website. Including Obstructive Sleep Apnea Explained in Plain English! – All of the basics about sleep apnea and how it works. The Top 6 signs a doctor looks for to determine possible sleep apnea; Top 8 treatments for sleep apnea and the Top 8 reasons to treat sleep apnea. Additionally, information is available regarding Restless Legs Syndrome and the    Top 10 things to do if you have Restless Legs Syndrome. I have RLS and found this information spot on.
  • Invented by a Doctor! SleepPhones CEO, Wei-Shin Lai, MD
  • Made in the USA!


Available in five sizes and two colors.