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Travel Oregon: Epic Day Drives

Getting lost in Oregon could be one of the best things you do. There are so many road trips that you can take in this amazing state and still never really see all that Oregon has to offer. Most drives can easily be done in one day or you can take the weekend and really give each place a little bit more attention. Here are a few of my favorite epic day drives in Oregon.

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Amazing West Coast Waterfalls to Visit

Sometimes I have to make sure I don’t run off the road when I am driving through areas on the West Coast known to have spectacular waterfalls. When driving around a bend, I have been known to stare in awe at the cascading water coming down from high up on the mountain.

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The BoxTrolls: How LAIKA Animators Brought this Story to Life #TheBoxtrolls @TheBoxtrolls

It seems like ages ago I took a top secret trip to the LAIKA Stuido. At the time I wasn’t allowed to tell you what we were seeing and doing, but now the secret cloak has been lifted and I can tell you about the most adorable film that will be in theatres September 26, 2014.

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What to do with kids in Seattle: Oregon Coast Road Trip

Last month, my family and I ventured down to the Oregon coast. We’d never been there before and couldn’t wait to explore — it’s only a few hours’ drive from Seattle and offered tons of things to see and do, even with a one-month-old baby in tow. Here are a few of our favorite things to do as a family on the Oregon coast:

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Verizon HTC Droid DNA – Personal Entertainment System

I’ve been using my Droid DNA by  HTC on Verizon Wireless for about a month now. When I first tried it I thought it’d just be temporary and...

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Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR

We made it! We left Seattle under stormy skies and dealt with heavy rain much of the way, but the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan took it all in stride and got us here safely! We arrived at Seal Rock, Oregon at sundown, perfect timing since we missed the driveway to the house twice in the daylight, I can’t imagine how many tries it would have taken at night.

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Vacation Rentals in Washington and Oregon – Finding the Right Fit

I just spent three days trying to find vacation rentals in Washington or Oregon for a getaway with my husband next weekend. I literally...

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