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Arepa – Venezuelan Bread Takes Your Sandwich Global

Sometimes it’s good to step out of the norm and try something different and that includes the foods you eat. It’s too easy to fall into a rut of eating the same food, but nutritionally, our bodies benefit from variety. Plus our brains love to be stimulated so participating in culinary exploration can be about more than just trying new flavors. It’s a chance to learn more about the world and how other people live.

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Roman Meal Bread: Four Recipes To Try

If you want to make a great sandwich, you have to use the freshest ingredients possible and that includes the bread. Roman Meal is one bread that’s fresh when it arrives at your local store, so it’s one I often recommend. But what’s really fabulous about the light brown bread is that it’s made by a family-owned and operated company since 1912 and they’re local (about 60 miles from Seattle) but their bread is baked at over 90 regional bakeries (as well as Internationally) so it’s fresh no matter where you live.

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Cinnamon Roll Recipe: Fast and Easy – Ready in 30 Mins

There are many cinnamon roll recipes out there. Most require yeast and hours of rising time, but this one, provided by my blogging buddy, Deb of Just Short of Crazy, does away with all that.

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Recipe: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls from More Peas, Thank You

Even cinnamon rolls can be made healthier by using organic ingredients and whole wheat flour. Pumpkin has been added to up the nutritional quotient as well in this recipe which has just been published in a new book, More Peas, Thank You: 85+ Vegetarian Recipes for Delicious and Healthy Meals

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Recipes for Sweet Potatoes: Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Did you know that March is Brain Awareness Month? This is a recipe that not only tastes great, but it could help boost your brain health!...

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Recipes: Fresh Cranberry Orange Pastry with Vanilla Glaze Recipe

This recipe takes a few hours but it’s completely worth the effort. A simple pastry with a sweet and tart fresh cranberry filling. The dough is shaped by twisting it – it will add an elegant look to your Christmas morning buffet or any weekend morning. Make the pastry dough and filling the night before and bake it so it’s fresh the day you’ll be enjoying it.

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Panini Recipes: Cheesy, Meaty, Savory – Thanksgiving Leftover Makeover

I bought a panini maker a few months back on a one of those daily deal sites. Sometimes I think they convince me to buy things I don’t really need just by the countdown clock. That said, I had been thinking about buying one for some time, so when it came up on the site and I checked it against the regular retailers, I realized what a great deal so I bought it.

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Easy Bread Machine Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Cinnamon rolls are a great treat and while making them in the bread machine certainly makes them easier, they still take about 3 hours from start to finish so set aside a chunk of time to accomplish them. Or, make them through the first rise then complete the directions through the roll and cut phase and instead of doing the second rise, flash freeze the rolls (place them on foil or waxed paper baking sheets, make sure they’re not touching, and put them in the freezer for about 3 hours or until they’re firm enough to handle. Wrap them individually in freezer bags being sure to get out as much air as possible).

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Vanilla Greek Yogurt Mini Muffin Recipe – About 100 Calories Each

This Greek Yogurt recipe is one that I’ll be making this week. It’s heavily based (and reprinted here with permission) on one...

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Kalamata Olive Bread with Thyme Lightened Recipe – Low-fat

Another recipe makeover by Charli!  This one was inspired by the hugely popular French Bread with Kalamata Olives and Thyme recipe at...

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Paula Deen: Easy Cream Cheese Southern Biscuit Recipe

Paula Deen is the queen of full-fat goodies and these won’t disappoint. Simple to make and just a few ingredients, these biscuits are said to be soft and rich. Why not doctor them up with some fresh or dried thyme or other herbs. Or make herbed butter (soften butter, mix in herbs, place in plastic wrap and roll, refrigerate and then serve with warm buns).

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