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We love to share great finds for the garage – the best tools, lawn care machines, and great cars with fabulous mileage.

2015 Ford Trends Report with Cheryl Connoly and Mario Armstrong

Cheryl Connoly, Ford’s Manager of Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, has the job of looking at trends beyond automobiles to see what’s influencing their customers. She was recently joined by Mario Armstrong (@marioarmstrong), the Today Show’s Tech Guru, to share what she thinks is important to consumers and how those trends will affect the direction Ford will be taking in coming years.
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Garage Organization and Safety Tips

There are some things that are sacred in a marriage like the rooms of the house that you designate as your own. It’s a silent takeover, but it’s understood from the beginning and no one dare cross those lines. For me it’s the kitchen, for my husband it’s the garage. We each have our sanctuary where we go to spend a little time alone and it allows us to have one area in the house that we don’t have to compromise on.
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