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Bing Bong: “Inside Out” Fan Favorite? New Products & Collectibles

I’ve been reading social media posts over the last few days ever since the Disney * Pixar’s INSIDE OUT movie was released in theaters. It’s pretty easy to see that the standout character so far is Bing Bong. He’s the imaginary friend Riley tucked away into her memory when she out grew him. But when Sadness and Joy get lost in long term memory, they find Bing Bong, and he becomes a major player in saving Riley.
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INSIDE OUT Apparel for Kids – T-shirts, Backpacks, Socks & More

I was fortunate to attend the Disney | Pixar premier of their newest animated film, INSIDE OUT. I loved the film and I think it’s going to be a huge hit! I got a chance to see some of the products Disney and Pixar have approved to support the film and I’ll be sharing those with you soon, in the meantime, I’ve done some searching to see what’s available now in children’s apparel and have picked what I think the must-have INSIDE OUT clothes for summer.
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Hip Watches for Busy Parents On The Go: #JordWatch

After a long hiatus, I’ve recently started wearing a watch again. For a while I just used my phone as my main timepiece, but every time I checked the clock I was tempted to log on to Instagram or another time-wasting app — plus, sometimes (like on an airplane or in a meeting) it’s just a lot smoother to check the time on your wrist instead of your phone, you know?
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Plus Size Clothing Spring 2015 Trends – Denim!

For me, denim has never gone out of style so it’s funny to see it’s trending for spring 2015 in plus size clothing. It’s the easiest and most forgiving fabric to wear and it’s available in a ton of colors. It’s also a plus sized girls best friend because it skims over the lumps and bumps and hides them brilliantly unlike so many of the stretch fabrics that have been popular over the last few years that made even thin people look like they had bulges.
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