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LEGO Pinata – Create Your Own DIY Party Decor

My son wanted a pinata for his LEGO birthday party, but our party store didn’t have any pinatas that would work. So I created my own LEGO brick pinata at home! Keep reading for the instructions — it was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

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LEGO Party Games on a Budget – A Fifth Birthday Bash

My five-year-old wanted a LEGO birthday party, so we threw him a great one without spending a ton of money. My son invited five fellow LEGO-loving friends that I’d need to keep occupied during the 2-hour party.

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LEGO Party Ideas On A Budget – A Fifth Birthday Bash

My son just turned 5, and we didn’t even have a discussion when it came to choosing his party theme — of COURSE he would want a LEGO® party. The kid is obsessed with those little bricks and most of his friends are too, so it was a perfect fit.

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Teen Beach 2 Party Pack – Recipes, Crafts, Decorations

Teen Beach 2 is playing on the Disney Channel and it’s available on DVD. Since it’s now officially summer, the kids are going to start clamoring to see their friends. Let them throw this simple to do Teen Beach 2 themed party! The recipes are easy enough for tweens and teens and younger kids can make them will a little help from mom and dad.

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Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes

Make your Super Bowl party special – creative crafts, tasty recipes, and head-to-head theme to set the mood.

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SOLO Tailgating – Keeping Our Winning Streak Going

As summer comes to an end and chaos turns into organized routines, or so we hope, many begin to look forward to the falling leaves, delicious home cooked meals, cold, crisp nights, and of course, football, football, and more football! It is the season when family and friends often gather in hopes of rooting on their favorite team each Sunday, building bonds and memories as they scream at their television screens or out onto the field if they are lucky enough to attend one of these exciting games.

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Rosie Pope: Stress-Free Birthday Party Ideas

A few days ago, I shared photos and party ideas from my baby boy’s stress-free first birthday — and today I’m back with a few more tips from parenting expert Rosie Pope. Even when you’re trying to simplify party planning so mom and dad don’t lose it, it’s easy to forget about setting boundaries for the kiddos and before you know it they’re hopped up on sugar and you’re even more stressed.

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Party Ideas: Spring Treats & Cute and Clever Packaging Ideas

It’s spring and with it comes a plethora of outdoor birthday parties and pool parties. These Springtime Muddy Buddies are a great addition to any princess party or spring-themed get-together. They’re also perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, Baby Showers, and more. Must choose M&M’s in the color palette that will match your party.

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DIY Burlap Beach Theme Wreath Tutorial

I painted our hallway months ago in what I thought were beachy colors. They didn’t last long because the son said instead of remind him of the beach, the colors reminded him of a circus; not the look I was going for. So I repainted the bottom half of the walls and then left it that way for months. I decided the other day it was time to finish it.

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Glitter Candle Tutorial – Add Some Sparkle to Flameless Candles

My husband is a fire fighter of over 32 years so in his career, he’s seen a lot of house fires started by candles. Because of that, he bans traditional candles in our home and we’ve converted to electric candles. I’ll admit they’re safer, but they’re not very attractive. I purchased some glitter and glue to see if I could make the electric candle look a little bit more like a regular one.

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Party Ideas for Movie Night at Home – Viva Las Vegas

My husband and I don’t go to the movies often. It’s just too expensive for dinner and a movie and those dollars could be better spent elsewhere. That doesn’t mean we don’t watch movies, we do, but we do family movie night at home.

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Family Movie Night Ideas: Simple DIY Decorations

These are three quick and easy embellishments to help set the mood for a movie theme night. These were designed for a Las Vegas theme, but they could easily be used for any theme where sparkles and gemstones are warranted.

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