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We’re remodeling our 1970’s home getting ready for retirement. Watch as the two slowest DIY’rs makeover our home. We started with the main bathroom, hallway, and master bedroom with paint, flooring, tile, and more. We’ve also repaired and repainted the deck and are doing DIY makeovers on Craiglist finds to keep our costs down. We have so much more to complete before we can sell our “starter” home that we’ve owned since 1988, but we’re enjoying the time spent together even it time spent coated in dust and debris.

Summer DIY Projects: Break out the Power Tools and Party with RYOBI Nation

If you’re over 25, you’ve probably caught yourself reminiscing about the old days. You know, the ones when you and your pals would dream about all of the things you’d do once you became an adult. But now that the reality of adulthood has you wondering when drinking from your child’s it’d sippy cup became your life?

Everyone finds themselves longing for the old days now and then and this video from RYOBI shares what can happen when a team of friends gets together with the right tools and a building plan from the RYOBI website. They set out to created a DIY Summer Party Station!
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BEHR Advisor Group – Get Rewarded for Your DIY Opinions

You know we love BEHR paint here at the Ott House. In fact, we used their DeckOver paint to restore our 30+ year old deck recently (read: Behr DeckOver Review: Making An Old Deck To Look New), but that’s not the first time we’ve used their products. Much of our house is painted in BEHR paints because we love their quality, durability, and wearability.
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