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Free Crochet Patterns Featuring Caron Cakes Yarn #FreeCrochetPatterns

Caron Cakes yarn is hot right now because it’s exclusive to Michael’s Stores in the US. Sadly they’re not selling them through their website, you have to shop in store and they don’t provide stock information so you may make the trip and come up empty handed. If you don’t have a nearby Michael’s, or if shopping in stores is difficult for you as it is with me, they are available through Amazon

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Meet Norm of the North and Free Crochet Pattern

I’d like to introduce you to Norm. He’s starring in Norm of the North which opens January 15, and I’m here to make sure you know about this fun guy! Norm is a polar bear of many words.  He’s a bit grumpy because he’s being pushed out of the Arctic by a developer bent on building luxury condos in his backyard.

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Starlight Afghan Kit

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