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This Refresh Your Space challenge was sponsored by Kohl’s. I was provided a promotional item for sharing my decorating dilemma with you.

Refresh Your Space with ColorWhen my son and his fiance moved in April into their new home we gave them the vast majority of our furniture. That meant that we needed to replaced our couch, accent chairs, dining table and chairs, and more all at once. Good for them, but really expensive for us – talk about refreshing your space! We’re starting over with a nearly clean slate.

Our first purchase was the couch below. We have a small living room but we’ve always wanted a sectional so it was an easy purchase. Next we painted the walls Gray Marble (well most of them – there’s still some painting to be done). We also purchased a white dining room table with dark gray upholstered chairs with white legs and that’s where we stopped.

Decor Reuse, Repurpose, and Remake

We have some leftover decor we may remake and reuse like our table lamps which are Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB) with gold shades (leftover from our previous burgundy and gold decor scheme) which match our dining room chandelier. I’m OK with the ORB and with the charcoal gray couch, but the gold has to go. I’m over it.

We also have glass end tables and a round glass coffee table, but the glass coffee table base is gold. It’s gotta go, too.

Refresh Your Space with Color

Purple & Charcoal

So here I am now, stuck with very sparse furniture because I can’t decide what to do but I know that I can make a huge change by adding color.  I’ve considered going completely monotone gray and bringing in color in cheap accents that can be replaced when I get bored. The problem with that idea is that the hubby HATES “stuff”, including pillows. I think I’m going to have to pick a color for something more substantial like an accent chair or window treatments to have color.

The grouping above represent my first option – purple. I love the idea of it but wonder how long I could live with it. The pillows above are expensive but they’re embroidered and down-stuffed. I’m not sure how long they’d last before the hubby put them in the garage in the accent pillow graveyard, but they’re stunning. I also love the ottoman – it has a slight pattern and exposed legs so it’s not too much fabric. The clean lines would look great with the skirted couch. And the purple chair? LOVE it! The size, the shade, the fact that it’s armless – all pluses. Then there’s the console table set – they’d be like jewelry in the room – shiny and silver (but the ORB would likely have to go). They’d sit behind the couch which separates the living room from the dining room so they’d be a perfect buffet table.

So many choices! But I’m not ready to commit just yet. I’ll post some more color and whimsical print options soon and I’m hoping you’ll help me decide which direction to go. If you were stuck in my decorating dilemma, how would you refresh your space? What would you pair with the charcoal gray couch?

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  1. I have to say I like this one better than the other. The purple and gray really go together to give a clean, chic feel. My daughter did her bathroom in purple and gray, and we get a lot of compliments on the color choice.

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  2. I’m more of a plain Jane, some purples are OK, most aren’t.

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  3. I like the color purple in my décor as long as it’s not too bright.

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  4. I like the idea of changing colors to enliven spaces, but must admit charcoal and purple would not be my choice!

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  5. i try to change things up with the seasons with warmer accent pillows and blankets for the winter and lighter colors for the summer

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  6. Beautiful furniture. My first choice would have also been purple as that is my favorite color.

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  7. I think colour is important in a space, it can put you in a great mood. It can also be overpowering if it’s to much, a great coloured accent wall is all you need.

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  8. i would so like a refresh but it seems everything i do clashes

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  9. I LOVE THIS! I would never in a million years have dreamt of adding purple to my decor, but this works!

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  10. To refresh my space we rearrange the furniture and buy a couple of new wall hangings. I would definitely go with a deep purple to match the charcoal.

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    • I love the purple and now that teal and charcoal is a thing, I may go with the purple just to be different.

  11. We a re not allowed to paint the walls anything other than the off-beige color they are – and no furniture looks good against that. (IMO, anyway). Our apartment is furnished in Early Goodwill style, anyway.

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  12. I have quite a few purple clothes but I can’t think of any item in my house that is purple. I’m more into blues & sand colors

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  13. The purple is pretty. If I was going to redo my living space I would use greens, blues and teals.

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  14. This is so gorgeous! At first when I read that purple was the color, I was doubtful about it working. But after looking at the color of the purple items, I am in love with all of them. The couch, the chair and the curtains all go together, and they would look so nice in your home and mine! I hope you get some of these awesome items.

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    • I love the purple too – I worry that it’s too trendy and would be dated rather quickly, but it’s always been a favorite color.

  15. love color but always hesitant to use strong vibrant colors. love the purple.

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  16. I think I would like some bright accent colors to go with the charcoal couch.

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  17. I”m terrible with colors, but luckily my wife is there to help our house out with these things.

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