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Parking Spot 15% Discount Through Labor Day

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Parking Spot for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Landing in Cody, Wyoming

I travel quite often for my blog and thankfully we live about 20 minutes from the airport. While my husband is usually my driver of choice, he’s not always available because of his work schedule and worse, he hates the craziness at drop off and arrival. To save him the stress when I know it’s a busy travel time, I sometimes drive myself.

Airport Parking Options

But driving myself to the airport leads to more issues. The biggest is where to park. At SeaTac, my home airport, there is short-term and long-term parking available right at the airport so the last time I flew out on a Thursday and back on Friday I used their parking. While I knew it was going to be expensive, I was still shocked when the parking machine told me I owed $56 for parking – ouch! I posted the following photo on Instagram that day with a note saying that I hoped that my van had a nice time.

My Seatac parking reciept

Airport Parking Solution – The Parking Spot

But there are better options. Twenty two airports around the US have The Parking Spot available nearby. This full-service parking lot provides 24-hours/7-days a week fully-fenced lots that are well lit for both you and your car’s safety. Plus they have shuttles available to/from the airport every 5-7 minutes, chilled bottled water, and complimentary newspapers – now that’s service!

Some locations have covered and open-air options as well as valet parking. While your car is in their care, you can opt for additional services like having your car washed or your oil changed at some locations.

I could have saved big with The Parking Spot and hope they’ll put one near my local airport soon. I can’t afford the rate I paid for my next trip.

The Parking Spot – Spot Easy Savings Promotion

For a limited time, save 15% OFF PARKING at The Parking Spot through Labor Day at select locations. Visit their website or complete details.

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  1. The Parking Spot sounds like a great service! I don’t travel that often but I will definitely keep it in mind next time because the airport parking prices are out of control!

  2. Wow for what you paid for that one night you could have put your car in a hotel room lol. I hope they put a parking spot near you soon.

  3. I wish we had one of these near by! Airport parking is so expensive, it really discourages me from flying! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I was just thinking if we ever sell this house and move I want to live much closer to an airport than we do! We travel quite a bit too and I’m happy to hear about this service.

    • We’re about 20 minutes away from the airport – I can’t imagine driving for hours to get to the airport and then spending hours on the plane. I guess we’re spoiled!

  5. I don’t drive due to epilepsy, so this wouldn’t apply to me.

  6. Great deal. I love to save money!

  7. You have enough to worry and spend money on when traveling…adding parking is just another hassle. It’s great that there are cheaper and convenient options out there.

  8. Wow that is really something to know about when traveling. Thanks for all the information and savings. Too bad you had to pay so much.

  9. Is there on of these in Philly? What a good idea.

  10. awesome! love saving money!

  11. I’ve never used Parking Spot before. I will look into the next time the family travels!

  12. Neat idea!

  13. Those airport parking fees are so expensive. We have used The Parking Spot when we have gone on vacations. It’s a lot cheaper than parking at the airport.

  14. When I was doing a lot of traveling for work, I found that it was often both cost effective and less traumatic to use a shuttle service, even though I lived far enough away from the airports (I had 3 that were fairly easily accessed) that I was often first picked up and last dropped off!

  15. I do not fly, but if I did – this would be extremely helpful! I cannot believe the ridiculous amount one must pay to park their car at the airport! Thanks guys for this find!

  16. I need to let my parents know about this, they are always traveling and looking for ways to save money.

  17. I wish we had one of these near by! Airport parking is so expensive, it really discourages me from flying!

  18. I saw the guys who run this on 20/20 about a month ago! What a great idea!

  19. Wow, that is alot of money. What a great service, I would definitely use it to save money!

  20. What a great deal to help with the ancillary costs of travel.

  21. So now not only are airfare rates pricey; I have to spend even more on parking! 15% off would be awesome

  22. everything is so amazingly overpriced these days

  23. Wow! $56 for parking, that is insane. I don’t travel much but will definitely be looking into this option when I do. I really like that you can opt to have your car cleaned too!

  24. I checked their site and Denver does have a Parking Spot. In my case I have a friend who LIKES to drive out to the airport so she always takes me when I fly (every other year or so).

    • I wish we had one. I have to park at the airport on Sunday because there’s no one to drive me. I won’t be home until Tuesday night so there’s no way I’m parking in the airport parking lot – I’d have to mortgage my house to pay for it!

  25. The Parking Spot is a great convenience. Plus saving 15% is great too!

  26. this is good to know about i never knew it before thanks

  27. I rarely park at the airport but this is good to know about in a pinch!

  28. We always opt for the Shuttle Express since they’ll pick you up from your home. We live about 15 miles away from the airport, but if I can avoid leaving our car exposed in the hot Arizona sun, I do. But good to know should we need on-site parking.

  29. It would be a lot cheaper to park close to the airport and shuttle in. Better yet, grab an airport shuttle right from your house. Looks like the price would compare to 24 hours worth of parking

  30. I like to have family/friends bring me to the airport, but if no one is available, this would be a great option!

  31. Oh interesting! I haven’t really had to deal with airport parking but I imagine it can get pricey. Like your comment, hope your car had a good time! I like the idea of the option of tacking on extra full-service options so your car’s stay is worthwhile. And the airport shuttle!

  32. That is a shocker! Plus, when you park at the airport there is no security and you usually get a spot that takes you very far from the check-in. This sounds like a great service and I would be happy to use it.

  33. This is an answer to a prayer for a lot of frequent flyers.

  34. Wow that is a high price! At our last base the airport had free parking. I haven’t checked out the airport yet in our new town but I will look to see if they have the Parking Spot.

  35. Great post! I can’t believe how expensive airport parking has gotten over the last few years. I, too, have to travel a great deal on business — I’m just glad that my employer pays for my parking expenses.

  36. I will have to keep this in mind if I take any trips, I don’t have any plans at the moment.

  37. Why can’t w e do this in Alberta..I see where we could save alot

  38. The Parking Spot is amazing. I used it at LAX. Here in Louisville we have to just pay the fee, but thankfully it’s not too terribly expensive.

  39. This is a much cheaper alternative to paying for expensive parking.

  40. nice to know. Philadlephia airport is the worst with costs and aggravation.

  41. That is quite a bit of money to be spending on parking. Someone’s making a good living with the parking areas. There has to be a better way for you to get in and out of the airport with more money in your pocket and less in theirs. I have never flown but by the sounds of all I hear and see, I’m not sure I want to be going to an airport anytime soon. Hope you can find a better way.

  42. Airport parking is always a challenge. I wonder if the Parking Spot is available at Canadian airports. It sounds like a great solution.

  43. I just went on a trip and wish I’d read this earlier. I could have used it.

    • Time to plan the next one! :)

  44. Wow, that is really great that you can have your oil changed or car washed while it is sitting around. That is really maximizing the downtime for your car!

  45. That’s an awful lot of money for 24 hours…. but it can cost more than that for 6 hours in Midtown Manhattan – in an outdoor lot.

  46. WOW! That is too much money for you to pay for parking at SeaTac! I am glad that there is another alternative and that it costs less because who can afford to park for a short period of time for $56 dollars! It is nice to know that they are giving a discount through Labor Day!

  47. This is such a wonderful idea. I love being able to save money when I can.

  48. Cool, we should try this the next time we travel. Nice to see that they are local to my airports.

  49. This sounds like a way better option than parking at the airports! Can’t wait to try this service!

    • So much cheaper, too! I’m still mad at myself for the $50 parking fee.

  50. i ;like that you can put your car in a fully-fenced lots that are well lit for both you and your car’s safety

  51. I like that they offer water and a newspaper. This is a great service to have.

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