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Coconut Dulce De Leche Ice Cream Topping Recipe

This lactose-free Dulce De Leche Recipe post  is part of a sponsored program through The Motherhood. I have been compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

Dulce De Leche with Coconut Ice Cream Topping Recipe

I keep forgetting I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve only been so for the last year or two (around the time I turned 50), so it’s no wonder it’s not ingrained on my brain. It’s easy to forget, until I eat a dairy product and then suffer afterwards. (read: What is Lactose Intolerance? Lactose-Free Eating Tips)

I’ve been exploring some of the lactose-free products available – using supplements when a lactose-free alternative is not available – but I’m TERRIBLE at taking pills, so I prefer a product that’s ready to use. Lactaid has several milks that fit my needs from fat-free to whole (though I’ve yet to find an organic which is my preference).

I don’t drink a lot of cows milk, but when I do, it has to be lactose free. But I didn’t realize that I can cook with the Lactaid just like any other milk. I visited the Lactaid website to check out their list of recipes – there are savory recipes, sweet recipes, and everything in between available. I tried out their 3-ingredient  Dulce De Leche with Coconut recipe.

Here’s my version – Dulce De Leche Recipe

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Dulce De Leche with Coconut by LACTAID® Brand Products
This makes some amazing dulce de leche that's rich and has an intense caramel-flavor. I followed their recipe and it failed. Below are the changes I made and it was AMAZING! The resulting product is VERY soft. Next time I'll add chopped pecans then chill it. Once chilled I'll roll it in balls and dip them in chocolate coating to make candy. It would also be great on cupcakes (whipped first) or as cupcake filling (added after cooling). I used it as an ice cream topping on vanilla icecream with fresh strawberries and it was fabulous!
Yield: 10
Prep Time: 
Cooking Time: 
Total Time: 
  • 2 cups LACTAID® Reduced Fat Milk
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 cup unsweetend flaked coconut
  1. Spray a 3X5 inch loaf pan with cooking spray then line with waxed paper. Set aside.
  2. Warm the LACTAID® Reduced Fat Milk in a 4qt pot over medium-low to medium heat (don't try to use a smaller pan or you'll have find the stirring sends the liquid over the sides of the pan. Heat the milk just until it's nearly boiling and then add the sugar.
  3. You'll need to stir every 3-5 minutes to keep it from burning for the next 35-45 minutes. Keep your mixture just at a soft rolling boil, not a full boil. The milk mixture will thicken and turn caramel in color (you'll start to see the bottom of the pan when you stir).
  4. Remove pot from heat and stir in coconut. Spoon dulce de leche into prepared pan.
  5. Chill 50-60 minutes or until firm enough to cut into soft squares.

Looking for a lactose-free savory recipe?

Check out this chicken with creamy mushroom sauce by Melissa d’Arabian. She made this delicious and creamy entrée using LACTAID® Milk on The Today Showclick for the video. d’ Arabian the author of the best-selling cookbook “Ten Dollar Dinners,” a  TV host, a mother, and the Lactaid Regulatory and Nutritional Affairs Manager.

Lactaid brand  milk, ice cream, and supplements can be found nationwide at most grocery stores.

Are you or a member of your family lactose intolerant? What tips or tricks do you have for me to make this transition to a lactose-free life easier?


  1. Hi, Connie. This recipe is perfect as you are! Here in Russia strawberries usually filled with sour cream and add nothing more. I love fruit desserts, and I’ll definitely try your recipe. Now just the berry season.

  2. I could eat this gladly. It looks very good and with only 3 ingredients it’s easy to do.

  3. This is such a delcious looking topping, and I can not drink regular milk either. I have problems with the lactose in them. I would like to make this and put it on my fruit this 4th of July ! Thanks for the recipe, and I hope that you are having a Sparkling and Happy 4th!

  4. This sounds delicious I have been drinking Lactaid Milk for many years now. I’ve never tried cooking with it though. This recipe sounds so delicious and only 3 ingredients that’s nice.

    • I really loved it. A bit like sweetened condensed milk so I’m sure I could bake with it too. I’ll be doing some experimenting soon.

  5. Hmmm, this looks pretty good. I haven’t been diagnosed as Lactose-intolerant, but it does run my family, and I have some digestive issues (best left to the imagination). I always like Latin-style desserts, like flan, so this is right up my alley. And how can you beat only 3 ingredients? You’re trying to fatten me up, Connie! (and it’s working!)

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