Color Combinations – Use Crochet Stitches to Change the Look

Same Yarn 3 Looks

Same Yarn 3 Looks

Caron Flowers Pattern

The blanket below was made with the Caron Flowers Pattern (shown right). I wanted a more boyish version so I made up the striping pattern below.

It worked up quickly, about 8 hours total for a 3′ by 4′ or so blanket. The weight is fabulous  and the holes  are not too big for a hospital afghan (the nurses prefer blankets without holes so the leads and whatnot don’t get snagged in them). Instead of the scalloped edge I did 6 rows of single crochet for a striped effect.

I love this half double crochet pattern and I’ll be making it agains soon (now that I’ve finally found the pattern I used!). Special thanks to the reader who encouraged me to keep looking for it. This pattern is a keeper and so easy to make your own.

Race Stripe Afghan

Kids Race Strip Afghan Orange Buff Teal Afghan - color combinations

Free Baby Afghan Pattern - Make it yours with a few simple changes

Color Combinations – How to Change up the Look

I also wanted to show that if you find a great deal on yarn, like I did on the turquoise, that it’s possible to use it in different ways so you don’t get bored with the same colors. The photo below shows another blanket that I have in the works (the color on the photo is off, it’s the same as the turquoise above – it’s also the blanket on the upper left in the top photo as well).  I made the base blanket in my favorite stitch, the half double crochet, in the back loop only pattern and then finished it by doing 1 row of single crochet and then one row of triple crochet to make the ruffle.

The blanket is complete, I’m just trying to decide on how to embellish it. I can’t decide if I’m going to crochet and then sew on some appliques or use yarn to do some needlework embellishment. I do know the colors will be pink, purple, green, and yellow to show of the turquoise.

Half Double Crochet with Ruffle Afghan

I’m using the same color combination as the racing strip afghan to make one of my favorite hats (I shared the pattern here: Crochet How To Video: Free Hat Pattern for Using Up Scrap Yarn). I love how different it looks while using the exact same color combination.

Orange Teal White Half Double Crochet

So what do you think? I’m looking for other color combinations and I think teal and leaf green will be making an appearance soon! Have you ever gotten a deal on yarn you just couldn’t pass up? What are your favorite color combinations?

Yarn Used in this Project

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  1. Did you have a pattern for the Half Double Crochet afghan? If not, how many did you chain to start with? And how exactly did you do the border (love it!)…in one part of the picture it looks like just one row of sc around the outside put another part – it looks like maybe more thank on e row of sc around. thanks.

    • Connie Ott

      I found it! Your request encouraged me to look again. The original is a pick blanket with flowers – no wonder I didn’t recognize it! Enjoy!

  2. Robin Wilson

    This is really making me want to run out and get some yarn in a bad way! If you don’t mind me asking…where do you find has the best prices for yarn? On a budget I want to get decent yarn (I can stand when after one wash it gets all frizzy and/or pilled) without busting the bank. I have loved some patterns, but I cannot afford to crochet an afghan that costs $100 to make! I really love the Half Double Crochet with Ruffle! That’s the one for me!

    • Connie

      I really like the Read Heart Soft yarn. I haven’t washed it yet, but I love the feel of it when I’m working with it. I hate their Super Saver yarn – yuck! I’ve been using a lot of cotton yarn this summer. I think Walmart is one of the cheapest but I buy mine online at Amazon. I’ve found a great accidental deal on the teal yarn three times and I have about 12 skeins left. I keep hoping they’ll mess up and put another color on sale half price. :)

  3. I really, really, really wish you lived closer. I can not even imagine the fun we would have crocheting and trying different yarn arts.

    • Connie

      Isn’t that the truth! I’d love a crochet buddy!

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