Park Assist Warning Object Detector on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan - the lines tell you how close and which side...the change, blink, and send an audible alarm if you get too close
She's beautiful on to look at, but it's her safety features that makes her attractive to us.

She’s beautiful on to look at, but it’s her safety features that makes her attractive to us.

According to the Chrysler website, there are 42 safety features on the 2013 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan we’re driving. Most of them have just been there working quietly in the background to keep us safe. A few others have let us know they’re there by beeping, flashing, or sending us a message.  I like a car that can communicate!

Key Has Left the Vehicle Warning on the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Key Has Left the Vehicle Warning on the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Some of the  Chrysler Town and Country features we discovered by accident:

  • Key has Left the Vehicle – if the car is running and the key goes too far from the van, a warning light lets you know.
  • Seat belt warning – an audible alarm and text tell you the front passenger’s seatbelt is unfastened. The car has to be in drive and going over 5 miles per hour to get the alarm.
  • Auto Lock – All of the doors of the van auto lock within minutes of being put in drive. This is especially important to both keep kids in (child safety locks are also included) and to keep others out.
  • Door Alarm – when the sliding doors are opened, the 4-way flashers come on for a few minutes while you load and unload.
Side Door Alarms - 4-way flasher let others know loading/unloading is happening on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Side Door Alarms – 4-way flasher let others know loading/unloading is happening on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Uconnect ® Voice Command

This is another way Chrysler wants to keep us safe on the road. It allows the driver to control the radio, phone, DVD player, and navigation system by voice. The driver simply presses the Uconnect button on the steering column and then follows the voice prompts to control these features. It keeps the driver’s hands and attention on the road where they should be. As an extra safety feature, the navigation system cannot be manually changed while in drive and voice commands need to be used or the driver must pull off the road and put the car in park to manually input an address.

Hands Free Calling via Uconnect on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Hands Free Calling via Uconnect on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Active Head Restraints

These are not in all models but were included in the model we drove on both front seats. They automatically move forward and up during a crash to cradle a passengers head and neck.

Avoiding Backing Accidents

My favorite safety feature is the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System. It’s more than just a backup camera which I’ve gone on record as saying should be mandatory equipment on all cars (our old van has been retrofitted with one). The ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System goes further though by detecting objects you may not be able to see. With icons and alert noises, it tells you which side of the van is getting too close to the object. It’s brilliant! The closer you get the faster the icon flashes and the alert sounds.

Park Assist Back Up Camera on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Park Assist Back Up Camera on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Park Assist Warning Object Detector  on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan - the lines tell you how close and which side...they change, blink, and send an audible alarm if you get too close

Park Assist Warning Object Detector on the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan – the lines tell you how close and which side…they change, blink, and send an audible alarm if you get too close

Rear Cross Path Detection

This is a feature of the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System. It smartly identifies parked cars but warns if a car starts to cross your path so you can stop to avoid a crash. That’s some pretty amazing technology!

Blind Spot Monitoring

This is a brilliant feature that the hubby thought was overkill. He believes the driver should be capable of checking. I disagreed and reminded him that it’s a tool. It doesn’t replace looking for yourself, but if you’re thinking about making a lane change and you see the light on, you know to keep your attention on the road in front of you instead of checking repeatedly to see if you can move over. I won this augment and now he loves the feature.

Blind Spot Monitoring - Chrysler Town & Country Minivan #chrysler

Blind Spot Monitoring – Chrysler Town & Country Minivan


Thankfully we haven’t seen them in action, but as we head home tomorrow I feel safer knowing they’re there. But what I didn’t know was just how “there” they are. There’s more than the airbag for the driver and passenger, in fact, there are seven total in the 2013 Town & Country Minivan. Beyond the standard steering wheel and dash mounted airbags, there’s also a knee airbag for the driver, multi-stage front airbags, and side-curtain airbags for the front and rear passengers and all of this is standard.

But why is this coverage so important? Because cars aren’t only hit head-on or from the rear; car crashes can happen anywhere and from any direction and passengers need full protection to survive.

My husband, who’s a firefighter with 32 years on the job, hasn’t seen the particular model in an accident, but he did note that since the implementation of side airbags and the newer sophisticated airbag systems, they find  fewer major injuries involved in car accidents. In fact, he believes that airbags are miracle workers in keeping occupants safer.  “You would be amazed at the number of accidents I’m called to where the front end is destroyed…pressed into the fire wall…and people walk away from the accident. That’s not the way it used to be.”

And this is the catalyst for many people like me who are driving older models to finally upgrade. Sure, the technology is fun and it makes life easier, but the airbags and other safety features can save a life.

These are just the highlights and the safety features I found interesting or that we used during our trip. The majority of them are new to us and we love that they’re available. It’s definitely a bargaining chip in replacing our old vehicles.

Two of our important passengers checking out the front seat.

Two of our important passengers checking out the front seat.

Heading Home

We’re packing up in the morning and heading home. We’re looking forward to 8 hours in the car as we head north. It’s been a great trip and we’re a little sad to be heading home. We’ve loved the Oregon Coast and feel like we’ve just gotten a little taste of it. My hubby reminded me that 32 years ago we drove through here right after he bought his truck on a trip to California. I remember Seal Rock from that trip and I remember telling him that someday we need to come back and stay here. Who knew it’d take us so long!

It's hard to say good-bye to Seal Rock. We've had such a great time.

It’s hard to say good-bye to Seal Rock. We’ve had such a great time.

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  1. cassandra

    these safety feature are awesome compared to the car i have now! i especially like the blind spot technology. this would ease some of my fears of driving since i am a fearful driver

  2. Michele P

    wow, tons of great safety features! I am loving all the photos showing the different features, it certainly has all the bells and whistles needed to make a Mom like me happy!

  3. Katrina A

    Really impressed with that active head restraint feature. I also love the auto lock feature….very safe with the kids and in bad neighborhoods. Backup camera is always a plus. But it would take me awhile to get used to a car that talked to me.

  4. Julie G

    While I think many of these features would be useful, I question the effect it will have on people’s driving. Will people think it’s okay to talk on the phone, text, and do other equally distracting activities because they believe they have an extra layer of safety built into their car?

    • Connie

      Possibly, but I think it’s better than the alternative of doing it with a smartphone in their hand. Idiots who do distracted driving will do it with whatever’s available to them. I remember when it was a book or a map on the steering wheel. Some people just have no regard for the safety of others. At least hands-free there’s hope they’re under some control.

  5. Kat Riley

    Looks like a great family and safe vehicle. Great for a long trip! The ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System sounds like great idea, I know in my current vehicle I could use one.

  6. Daniel M

    not sure if i’d really want a minivan but all the features sure sound great, feel like i’m in the stone age with my 1999 car that only has the bare basics

  7. Joe P

    This looks like a safe car for my family if I take some trips like this.

  8. Susan Smith

    I like the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System and Blind Spot Monitoring. These seem like great safety features.

  9. Maryann

    I love the Rear Park Assist safety feature. We have a 2009 Town and Country and we dont have this feature. This would really help to promote safety.

  10. Taylor

    Safety is always one of the most important things to look for when buying a car. The Town and Country seems to have some pretty impressive features.

  11. N

    The seat belt alarm is a really good idea! I mean my friends have a bad habit of taking it off if it gets uncomfortable mid-trip and this would let me know when they did.

  12. dicran

    omg this car is perfect i love it, and your dogs because i used to have one but he died :( i miss him so much… anyway, obviusly air bags are important, THEY SAFE LIVES xd, i will trip with that car a lot. its safe, beautiful, and inteligent. :)

  13. Chavonne H

    I love the key and seat belt warnings. That’s pretty neat and very useful to have for sure!

  14. Anissa

    The back up camera is my favorite of the ones you list.

  15. MonaG

    My mom has rear park assist on her car but I can’t get out of the habit of looking over my shoulder. On the other hand, my dad has these blind spot mirrors attached to his side mirrors and I love them.

  16. Lisa R

    I love the back up camera feature. I wish they came out with that many years ago before I ran over my sons bike leaning against the back of the car

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  17. Susan Broughton

    Yes, this is a great vehicle. But I want to comment on the cute dogs you have in that vehicle. They are so cute. I also have a dog. They are definately mans best friend

  18. Darlene Ysaguirre

    This is brilliant its constantly working to keep you safe.I especially like the autolock my daughters are always trying to open the car doors and it makes me feel a lil safer knowing my doors lock.this car has some great features.

  19. John Hutchens

    some very good features , makes it user friendly and helps when one is forgetful. Great safety features and back up assist is very nice

  20. Carolann Leibenguth

    I think the back up assist would be very helpful as sometimes you just can’t get an accurate visual on how far back you really can go.

  21. Raine

    A lot of great safety features, but also many that are standard in so many other new vehicles. The electronic system looks a bit ‘cheap’ to me-I’ve seen others that look like a quality tablet computer. All in all it seems good, but not overly impressive. All of your posts on this vehicle have been a huge help as I continue to pass on info to my mom for her next purchase. I’m also glad you enjoyed your trip. I’m from NY, but I LOVE Oregon and Seattle is one of my favorite cites to visit. Thank you and your husband for the pics and opinions.

  22. Kelly A. Tanner

    I am loving all the special features like the back up camera!!

  23. Courtney

    The key thing is cool. I love all of the new gadgets they put on cars.

  24. Robin Wilson

    First ~ so glad that you were able to stop by Seal Rock ~ it is lovely! Okay ~ I love this mini-van and I didn’t go on the trip! The safety features are awesome! Now if it has good cup holders I am sold! :)

    • Connie

      So many cup holders, but I think we managed to use them all with our Big Gulps :)

  25. Maria Iemma

    I had this van several years back – of course it did not have all the bells and whistles but it still performed wonderfully. Wish I had one again but our family is smaller now and don’t need one.

  26. David

    The two passengers are so cute, and the van looks really modern, and high-tech.

  27. sandra davis

    i love that the doors automatically lock. i am the worlds worst on not locking my doors when i get in my car and the crime rate around where i live is going up everyday and it has so many other great features on it as well

  28. Carrie Phelps

    I would love a car that could talk to me! This really is one incredible van!

  29. Cynthia C

    I wish my car had the Blind Spot Monitoring. I like to be extra careful about lane changes.

  30. Sarah L

    I’d like a car that would communicate with me. Mine just rings a bell if my seat belt isn’t fastened.

  31. terri tillman

    ok. i drive an 89 ford taurus. no bells and whistles. it would take me forever to figure out all the gadgets in this van. heck, i could not even find reverse in my daughters new hyundai veloster….lol. although, this is one very good looking van.

  32. Donna George

    Travelling with kids means you leave the keys inthe car a LOT. This would be an awesome feature for me

  33. Janet W.

    I could really use that back up camera. What an awesome feature!

  34. Kate F.

    I love all the safety features. Thanks for the vehicle review! Your dogs are adorable :)

  35. sherry butcher

    I think the backup camera so a driver can know if there is a child in the way of backing up is the most important safety item. There are children killed every year by being accidcently drive over we have had 2 so far this year here in Las Cruces..

  36. natalie nichols

    I love that you can check the surroundings around the entire vehicle. That is so amazing.

  37. Karen Glatt

    This Chyrsler minivan really did a good job in having this many safety features! I applaud Chrysler for taking the initiative to put in back up system so a driver can know if there is a child in the way of backing up! There are children killed every year by being accidently drive over. And to help a parent or grandparent not have this happen is such a great safety feature!

  38. Blessie Nelson

    I am literally loving all the safey features in this van!! I really appreciate the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System and the rear cross detection system!

  39. Sherry Butcher

    Would love to have a backup camera, also this would have room for everything when I went on vacation to visit family.

  40. Janet W.

    I love the backup camera! How nice! For me nowadays, that is a must have!

  41. Thomas Murphy

    very nice vehicle! thanks for the review

  42. Mel Caluag

    Awesome info on this vehicle. My favorite part is the features you discovered by accident. The seat belt warning needs 5mph to start pinging? I wonder why town and country can’t just have it ping soon as the car starts.

    • Connie

      We actually found the pinging annoying and would have it turned off. If we still had little kids and it worked in the backseats, that’d be great. But it’s adults in the front seat and if I’m unbuckled I know it. We’re seat belt crazy but every once in awhile it takes me a minute or two to put it on.

  43. Your dogs are so cute! I’m loving the voice command features.

  44. Sylvia Zajis

    I would definitely like to have some of the amenities afforded by this vehicle. It also appears very safety oriented, which is important.

  45. Elise

    Wow, this looks like a big improvement from the older models- my parents used to own a Caravan and it’s amazing how cars now come equipped with so many features. This looks like an excellent family car, definitely something I would purchase in the future… when I have my own family! Love getting personal reviews on cars too.

  46. Diane O

    We have an older version of the T&C. I am excited about these new features!! Especially love the voice activation!!

  47. Sacha Schroeder

    I love the voice activated command system. I didn’t know the Chrysler Town and Country had that. Thank you for sharing all of these awesome safety points!

  48. Susan Broughton

    I think that the backup warning would be the absolute best feature. When your trying to back up and looking out the back you can not always see what is directly behind you so I really like this feature!

  49. Christine Mayfield

    In our Chrysler the passenger beeping will go off even when the passenger has exited the car and I keep on driving. It stops after a while not like if the passenger is in the car without the seatbelt on. I wish I had the rear cross path detection that would be awesome and would help make me feel even safer driving in the van with all my babies.

    • Connie

      I read that if there is something heavy in the seat it could think there’s a passenger. Also, you can have the beep disconnected at the dealership. The light will still flash.

  50. Lisa Brown

    That seat belt warning alarm would be annoying, great reminder, but I can’t stand extra sudden noises in a car.

  51. With kids and dogs, all of those safety features really provide a peace of mind about your security while on the road.

    • Connie

      Trust me, if my hubby approves the safety features they’re pretty awesome. He’s a tough customer, but he sees people mangled every day. He’s definitely in a weird business.


    love the voice command feature

    • Connie

      Me too. It’s so much safer than pushing buttons while you drive. I’m a huge proponent of not driving distracted. Ever.

  53. Daraya

    I am in love with the Backup camera! I would love that feature! :)

  54. Ari

    So many advanced technology in all the features! I would be most excited about the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System because I hate backing out when I’m driving any kind of van. It’s just a guessing game sometimes, but with the assist system sensing anything in your path, you will be able to back out and get going quickly.

  55. Donna George

    There are so many thing s I like on this van. The blind spot monitoring is my favorite, just like the other commenters. I think that it would be great. I also like the door alarm. As a mom of 6, this would be awesome.

  56. Sherri

    I like the Uconnect voice command. That would definitely be a plus, especially with a new driver (my daughter). BTW… your dogs are adorable! What kind is the white one? Makes me miss our westie even more… she passed away in January.

  57. Tammy S

    Some of these features are amazing. I love the blind spot monitoring. My daughter is just learning how to drive and even though she looks, it would be so nice for her to be able to glance first to see if the light is on. I love that!

  58. Hmm are some of these features new to the 2013 model? Because now I’m wanting to trade ours in.

    We have the parking assist (a God send for me) but it doesn’t have any audible alert. We don’t have the door alarm either.

  59. Ellen B

    Safety should be number one when buying a vehicle. I love the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System feature! The picture of your dog by Seal Rock is very nice – I would love to visit there sometime.

  60. Karen Glatt

    I know why I need this minivan because my elderly father always forgets to put on his seat belt and this safety feature has a alert to know when a seat belt is off. Also it is so important to have a back up feature to help a person see when backing up. This will help so many people to not run over people, especially kids. Great feature that is so important!

  61. Denise L

    I find some of the safety features kind of annoying, but I’ve only used them briefly on a rental car. One that find extremely useful, however, is the blind spot monitoring. That should come standard on every car – happy to see it on the Town & Country!

  62. I seriously need a parking assist feature. This was such a great post! It made me really excited about this minivan. And in general, I DON’T get excited about minivans, so that’s really saying something!

  63. Sarah L

    Those are some great safety features. I like the Blind Spot Monitoring and the extra air bags.