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Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR

Seattle to Seal Rock, Oregon in a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan #chrysler

Seattle to Seal Rock, Oregon in a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

We made it! We left Seattle under stormy skies and dealt with heavy rain much of the way, but the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan took it all in stride and got us here safely! We arrived at Seal Rock, Oregon at sundown, perfect timing since we missed the driveway to the house twice in the daylight, I can’t imagine how many tries it would have taken at night.

We traveled about 310 miles and it took us approximately 8 hours. We had several pit stops along away – travelling with two small dogs is very reminiscent of our days with toddlers. They are never on the same potty stop schedule and someone’s always hungry, thirsty, or whining.

Taking time out to walk the dogs - Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

Taking time out to walk the dogs

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan Features

We made use of the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan navigation system along the way using the Point of Interest (POI) feature to find gas stations and food. I wish there was a choice at the top for “Fast Food.”  Not because we wanted to eat there, but we prefer a chain fast food restaurant’s bathrooms to most. Unfortunately, the POI wants to know what cuisine first and by the time I’ve put in “American” and scrolled through the list, the hubby would have spotted one. That wouldn’t be a problem but he likes to prove that maps are faster than GPS. I say no, but several times he beat me.

Navigation features overview - Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

Some of the features of the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan

Still, we appreciated the GPS and Navigation, especially when we took an off ramp and couldn’t locate the corresponding on-ramp which was actually blocks away. So much for a quick stop! We also enjoyed the extra light provided by the sunroof (or perhaps moon roof, I’ve never had one, so I’m not sure but my next car WILL have one!).

I love the sunroof! It made the otherwise gloomy day bright!  Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

I love the sunroof! It made the otherwise gloomy day bright!

We did gas up once before leaving Washington (hubby hates that you can’t pump your own gas in Oregon) and filling the tank was about $75 (about 7/8’s). We didn’t think to track our mileage and it’s too late now, but I’ll let you know if we make it home on that tank or have to fill up again. I’ll know how much it cost for the trip.

The Chrysler Town & Country Minivan handled the on again, off again rain well. There were some torrential downpours through a few places on the freeway and it stuck to the road like a champ. The automatic windshield wipers sensed the amount of rain and sped themselves up, or slowed themselves down, as need be. For the Pacific NW, that’s one feature that would get a lot of use.

Rain to showers about 90% of the trip - we made good use of the automatic wipers! Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

Rain to showers about 90% of the trip – we made good use of the automatic wipers!

I did sync my cellphone with the entertainment system so we were able to listen to an audiobook as well as music I had stored on it. It was a nice change from the satellite radio. Pairing my phone was easy and I was able to make and take calls though the system as well for a hands-free call. We’ve just begun to explore all that the entertainment system can do.

Synching my cellphone was painless! Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

All-in-all for spending 8 hours in the car we were pretty darn comfortable. The seats didn’t have any pressure points that irritated, the seatbelts didn’t bind (and are height adjustable), there were plenty of cup holders (I think we filled them all), and the comfort system worked beautifully. The dogs in the back liked their zone at 65, I liked 69, and the hubby enjoyed 72. I loved that I didn’t feel guilty at all in turning my side up or down at my own whim because I knew it wasn’t affecting his enjoyment.

We LOVED the comfort zones! It's the first time I didn't need a blanket on a long drive. I was so comfy! Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

We LOVED the comfort zones! It’s the first time I didn’t need a blanket on a long drive. I was so comfy! Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #Chrysler

Our Challenges

We had just a few minor complaints about the Chrysler Town & Country Minivan. The armrests on the driver and passenger’s doors are HARD. Driving 8 hours in the car and resting the hubby’s bony arm on it made a sore spot. I used a pillow so I didn’t have the same problem. Another problem for us is that the navigation voice is extremely hard to hear. The system turns off the radio when it’s speaking which is nice, but it can’t be heard over the road noise on the freeway and try as we might, we can’t find a way to turn up just the navigational voice without having to have the radio higher than normal listening levels. On side streets it was fine.

Hubby's left arm became sore - some extra padding would be great! Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

Hubby’s left arm became sore – some extra padding would be great!

Another minor issue was finding out what the power button on the review mirror does. After scouring the manual very kindly left for us in the glove box  we still don’t know what it does. I’m guessing something to do with night driving. Remember, our newest car is a 1998, we don’t have power buttons on our review mirrors.

There were also a few things I need to get used to. The first is opening the side doors – it’s so easy. Just pull on the handle and it opens/closes automatically for you. But I’ve been driving a van with an enormously heavy sliding door so my body automatically gets set for battle and yes, I broke a nail. Retraining myself to gently pull, stand back, and wait for it to open will happen about the time I have to give the van back. I can already see myself staring at my own van door wondering why it’s not obeying my gentle tug.

Vacationing with the Chrysler Town & Country

We arrived at Seal Rock just as the sun was setting so we stopped to take a few photos. Our house is just south of the rocks and tomorrow we’ll be venturing out to check out the beach, weather permitting.

We arrived at sunset to this stunning view! Chrysler Town and Country Minivan: Seattle to Seal Rock OR #chrysler

We arrived at sunset to this stunning view!

Got any ideas of what we should do here? I’d love to hear them! Also, if you own a Chrysler Town & Country Minivan can you help me out with the navigation issue? I’m sure it’s something we’re overlooking.

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Loving the view at Seal Rock, OR

Loving the view at Seal Rock, OR

“This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Chrysler. All opinions are 100% mine.”
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  1. i like that you can sync your phone to the raadio! i never knew that was even possible. I like it also because having it plugged in is often annoying and too many wires everywhere!!

    • Yes, the Bluetooth for the phone is fabulous!

  2. Hard armrest are a downer but at least it has armrests I guess. I love the sunroof option! I’ve never had a GPS system so that would be a real treat!

  3. I love how large the clock is on the dashboard! I am surprised that it is not digital. You don’t see those on cars very often nowadays.

  4. We drove our minivan across country and it was the best trip ever! Your car is much nicer and fancier than ours but I am sure you enjoyed the trip too – I hope you’ve cleared the issue of the navigation.

  5. The button on the rearview mirror usually turns on/off the automatic dimming feature at night so you don’t have bright lights in your rearview. We don’t have an onboard navigation system as we prefer to put POI’s in our gps by hand as we geocache and we usually have a lot more than what is preprogrammed in a vehicle’s gps system.

  6. I was wondering if you ever found out how to make the GPS voice louder so you could hear it over traffic.

    • No, but then we had to give it back :) If it was ours, we would have figured it out.

  7. Impressive features! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos and your honest opinions about this vehicle!

  8. Those are some great features. I would need them for going on a long trip with the family.

  9. i will love to be in that car omg its so cool the sits look so perfect and confortable, will be fun to do some camping with that minivan, it will be so cool

  10. I really want one of these. My family is getting big, and I could use the space!

  11. I wish I could afford one of these. It looks so high tech and fun, something you wouldn’t mind taking a cross-country trip in.

  12. I love all the bells and whistles this van has. I wish our van had gps and navigation. I like that it lists the nearby food choices. I am sure my kids would be asking for McDonalds on a long road trip!

  13. Another feature that I thought was great is the Sunroof. I could just fall in love with having a Sun Roof on a car so I could feel the breeze. The color of this car is so pretty,and I know that I would love to ride in this minivan!

  14. OMG, how fancy! Are all vehicles computerized like that one? I’m impressed! (I never learned how to drive, and don’t have a car – so I’m CLUELESS!)

  15. I agree with your hubby about the pumping gas thing in Oregon. Would help if gas was cheaper there, but it is not. We have to pump our own gas here in NC too. But still takes about that much to fill our van as well.

    • I love someone else pumping my gas :) I miss the old days when they pumped my gas, checked my oil and tires, and gave me great service with a smile. Goodness I’m dating myself, huh!

  16. I wish I could help you out with the navigation issues, my mom took her new Pathfinder out today and tried getting used to hers. She only went to local places she knew, but it was for ‘practice’, being her 1st day with it, and never having it in a vehicle before it is something that’s odd to get used to.

  17. I like that the seat belts are height adjustable. My friend is very tall and this would be great.

    • I loved this feature – I’m tall and plus size and I was able to make them completely comfortable for me.

  18. My mom just bought a new Nissan Pathfinder yesterday and we have very similar technology in it, it was late, and we were tired by the time we drove off the lot so we didn’t get to play around with anything. It’s exciting, but a bit overwhelming too. I don’t live with her, but we do everything together so I’ll be learning with her- I don’t get along with technology, but she’s going to love it. Now I can appreciate all that you have on the Town & Country since I’ve experienced similar things.

  19. Those are some awesome features. That minivan should be on a list of top road trip vehicles or something! The restaurant-finding feature would get used a lot by me.

  20. I think I’d be a little afraid of the navigation system. I’d probably get distracted and run off the road!! :)

  21. This minivan has a lot of safety features that make me feel that I would like to get one of these vans. They make sure to add good airbags and I feel comfortable knowing this and would love to take a long road trip in this awesome Minivan!

  22. your eyes are blue?, love everything in this car, i can find it in another colour like blue omg? that would be great, i want it so bad.

  23. Taking an off-ramp that is not on your list of stops can be so aggravating! We have done that before and had to go around and around trying to find the right exit as well. GPS would have helped!

  24. I’ve never heard of automatic windshield wipers, how handy-especially in the North West. I imagine it would take some getting used to, but it had to be nice. I’m curious to hear more how well and quickly they worked.

  25. it active by voice? omg thats neww hahaha so cool, i hope the car understand me, i have a very bad pronunsation, the gps is very important too me because i get lost so easily, so i will use it a lot, i love family trips so much and i think this car will help a lot because its so secure and smart, you can see movies in that sreen?

  26. The sunroof is a great feature that I have had and/or been in a vehicle with one and got to enjoy it-I don’t think of a minivan and sunroof together I like that Chrysler has that as a feature on the Town and Country.

  27. Sounds like the navigation system has it good and bad points. I agree with you about the fast food chains. But your husband has a point, they have many signs along the highway with that info. So I would say the nav is a winner still.

  28. The Chrysler Town and Country Minivan in the picture has a nice color. I am going to look up and see what other colors they have. This van has so many safety features that are great in helping avoid accidents. They did a good job with the back up safety feature.

  29. Too bad about the volume on the navigation system-that seems pretty important, it should have a nice clean/clear voice that you can easily adjust to hear well on the highway or a noisy part of a city. Was it a male or a female voice I wonder, it would seem a female voice may be more pleasing to listen to all of the time but also softer and harder to hear. I’ve never used one so I can’t say what I have heard to compare.

    • It was a female voice. I didn’t get the chance to really look into it to see if it could be changed or improved.

  30. I like how large and clear the GPS screen is. I can’t read the fine print any more.

  31. It would have been nice to know the actual mileage, I agree. But you guys did great and we both know that it is the city mileage that really hits hard in the pockets at any rate!

  32. I think I see an antennae on the mini-van. Is it automatic (up and down) or standard? I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten about mine and driven through a car wash to find out that it was bent! :)

  33. That would be a nice, safe feeling car to have here with the California traffic jams. It’s pretty easy on the eyes too.

  34. I do like that the navigation system tells you about food gas and points of interest, I would have liked to have heard more about how good it worked: accuracy, choices, etc… I’m also curious to know how well it navigated-especially if it’s up to date with construction and if it takes you on the most direct route. Very cool though, I’ve never used anything like it.

    • Hey Raine,

      The GPS appeared to be up-to-date, even in the remote areas of Oregon that we traveled. We only used the POI for gas stations and found it very useful.


  35. I’ve never had a moon or sun roof. That is so sad, but I hope to have one in my next smaller car.

  36. The Chrysler Minivan navigation system is such a great feature of this minivan because I would never get lost again on taking a trip! I like that it is easy to use and that it is so handy!

  37. I have never owned a vehicle with a sun roof either. I was always afraid that they would leak! Silly I know, but that’s the way my mind works! :)

  38. its a nice van but I decided to go with the Honda crv…I wish I would have gotten a gps though mine is outdated

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  39. It sounds very safe and stable, yet with the NY winters I’m not sure I’d pick this over a more ‘beafy’ 4wd. I had to smile about the rearview mirror button mystery-my mom has has her convertible for a few years now and she just found buttons behind the seat and we have no idea what they do-we pushed them so who knows what we did lol.

  40. I wonder how the automatic sensor wipers do with snow? It’s been snowing all day here in Denver.

  41. That is funny about your dogs. I’ve traveled with 4 kids, so I know what you mean.

  42. This is such a nice vehicle to take on long road trips because of the comfortable seats and the comfort zone heating. Also the children and dogs will have a lot of room riding in the back!

  43. Yes. the van is great. I love Seattle. I use to live there yeara ago. I really like the weather there. Theres a lot of rain but you don’t have to deal with all the big weather swings of other places.

  44. You cant pump your own gas in Oregon?? thats good to know lol.I Love that you were able to sync up your phone also give you a little variety when traveling in the entertainment department.

  45. Upon looking closer at the first pic ~ wondering if you found that there were any blind spots? Traveling on the freeways / changing lanes can be hazardous. Hope that was not a problem. :)

    • None at all and the mirrors are amazing.

  46. I would like to have the comfort zones feature. When I ride with my friend she’s always cold & I’m hot.

  47. It sounds like the van lets in a lot of road noise on the highway. Not sure that that is a nice way to travel.

  48. looks like a great auto with many features for enjoyable and easy use. The amount of space makes it great for long trips. the easy entry side door is really useful with small children. great review

  49. The Minivan is a van that I would love to own, mostly for the room that it provides. It is spacious and allows a person to carry a lot of stuff at one time. The seats can be easily put down!

  50. I know that 8 hours is a long time to be in a car/van traveling. But how nice to do it in such a nice vehicle! Traveling with pets isn’t easy either. But, it is nice to know that they were safe and comfortable in the van!

  51. Sounds ‘OK’, I read the other detailed post and overall it is a nice vehicle, but not a great one for such a big investment. My mom is looking for an SUV or similar 4WD vehicle, but this just isn’t for her. Nice features, but nothing that she would consider priorities. Thank you again for the honest opinions and pictures.

  52. I’m so used to driving small cars I don’t know if I could get used to such a big one.

  53. The Chrysler Town and Country Minivan looks like the ideal vehicle for a road trip. Super comfy with plenty of extras.

  54. I think the wipers that figure out how hard it is raining is a cool feature. I would get a lot of use of it during summer showers here in sunny Florida.

  55. I love the comfort zones that it has! I am always either too hot or too cold in a car. My husband and I can never agree on the temp! This would be great!

  56. I like the different temperature zones that you can have in this minivan. I would not even know what that would be like to ride in style like this! I like the music that you can listen to and I like the overall look and color of this minivan!

  57. I was in my friend’s van today. Have to do a hard pull to get the back door open.

  58. It’s nice to have those comfort zones. I am always warmer than other people, now that I hit menopause.

  59. Seal Rock is just a lovely, lovely place to visit! So sorry that the sun did not cooperate for your adventure! At least you were traveling in comfort and style!

    • Isn’t that the truth! Such a good trip. I can’t believe it was only 3 weeks ago.

  60. A lot of people like flying when going on a trip – I love the car, not only are you in charge of where/when you stop it gives you the ability to see places people and things that you would not enjoy if you were in a plane.

  61. I would like to take this great Chrysler minivan on a vacation to California around the coast. With the navigation system, I would be able to get clear concise help finding the locations. Great minivan, and I would put a cushion in the back to rest while traveling! It is that roomy!

  62. I didn’t know that you can’t pump your own gas in Oregon. Very strange.

  63. It sounds like this is pretty fuel efficient for a van. Nice to know that gas money can go farther.

  64. This would be a great minivan to use on trips, camping, grocery shopping, or just doing some driving, if you don’t have anything else to do.

  65. I like that when it rains bad in the Pacific Northwest that the system knows how fast to make the windshield wipers go. This is such a neat deal to have. I never know when to set the windshield wipers on my car!

  66. I love the size of the screen on the Nav menu! I don’t want to have to squint to try and read something like that. I also am amazed at windshield wipers that can sense the amount of rain! Crazy cool!

  67. I never knew they could do that: The automatic windshield wipers sensed the amount of rain and sped themselves up, or slowed themselves down, as need be.

  68. I love that ability to sync up to the sound system. Great idea.

  69. What a luxurious trip! I haven’t been to that part of the country and it certainly looks as though you made the trip in style!

  70. If your dogs liked this van, I think it is because it is so roomy and they did not feel cramped. I like the seats that you do not get uncomfortable on a long trip. I would have a problem on a long trip if the seats were not comfortable!

  71. I think the comfort zones would be wonderful. It would avoid a lot of arguments!

  72. I’d love a vehicle that I could sync my phone with, but I’d have to get a new phone first.

  73. i do like that van and would love to have one. but, mine would have to be plain and simple with out all that technology stuff. no sense in having it if i am not smart enough to use it….lol.

  74. This would be wonderful to own. We currently need to seat 7 if my husband and I want to vacation with my daughter and grandsons family. I love the space this vehicle has!

  75. How were the dogs in the van? Did they have enough room? At any rate, I lived in Eugene and Portland, Oregon for 10 years and the pics of Seattle bring back fond memories! Except for the rain! :o) The issues you have seem minor, except for the GPS volume…that could be an issue when traveling at highway speed. Be safe and have fun!

    • The dogs LOVED the van. They each had their own bed but they spent most of their time in the same one.

  76. Oh what I’d do for comfortable seats like that. I have a car with hard seats that make my right leg fall asleep. It’s awful!

  77. I like that the Chrysler has a comfort zone for everyone in the minivan. If some like it cooler where they are sitting than you can change the comfort zone. I also like all the extra room you can get in the back of this minivan when putting down the seats.

  78. I also find that my car has many buttons that I haven’t found a use to! Its too bad that the padding is too hard. It can be a deal breaker esp for the comfort of long rides.

  79. I love the idea of the zone air conditioning but have never used it. Can you really feel a difference in that small a space?

    • Yes! Once adjusted we never touched them again the whole trip. We usually are fighting over heat (him) and air conditioning (me) the whole way. Unbelievably good zone comfort.

  80. I really like the Chrysler Minivan because you can fit a lot of people and luggage into this van because of all the room, and the seats are so comfortable that you can take long trips with the kids and they will not get bored because of the overhead movie screen!

  81. This Chrysler Town and Country Mimivan sounds like a good one to look into when buying. I’m not ready Yet but I’ll save your review and come back to compare to others when the time come. Thanks.

  82. The navigation looks really easy to use. I like that you can set your favorite POIs.

  83. Did you ever find out what the power button on the review mirror does? Was it hidden in the book?

    • Yes….overlooked by us :) It automatically changes to night mode. I can’t remember all the things it does, but I remember being impressed. Turns out we never drove it after dark so we never used it.

  84. This was a pretty cool trip you had. Your writing actually made it feel like I was somewhat part of the trip. The GPS vs maps issue, I wouldn’t pick a side. I think they both have their pros and cons. Overall, I like the sense of comfort you conveyed for this trip using this minivan. Bravo!

    • Ah, thanks for the compliment! Yes, you were on the trip with us!

  85. I love that you were able to go through such a downpour in safety. That really is the most important consideration.

  86. This is a great well made minivan that anyone would love to take on a road trip. It got good gas mileage and there is plenty of room for luggage and kids to fit into this 7 Passenger van. Very comfortable ride!

  87. GPS vs maps: GPS usually have more up to date info on places. Maps work even if the power is off.

  88. That looks like such a beautiful place to visit. And it sounds like you traveled in style!

  89. The navigation system looks confusing to me but I have never really seen one before. I wonder if my husband would like that. We don’t do much traveling.

  90. I am glad that you enjoyed the trip that you took in this awesome Chrysler Minivan. This minivan has so many features that I could certainly get spoiled. I like the seats and how comfortable and the roominess in the back. And the comfort zone for how warm you want it for each person is really nice!

  91. I wish my windshield wipers were as smart as yours. I finally have intermittent wipers on my newest car.

  92. I just noticed that it has AC zones. Very nice to have in a minivan. My old van had a separate AC in the back that we could turn on or off, but not set the temp.

  93. I just love the navigational system and built-in GPS. It would make life much more easier! It’s not hard to come by a GPS today, no matter how old your car is, but in this case, the van has it right there in front so you don’t get distracted by trying to look at an itty bitty screen or trying to hold the GPS steady or propping it up somewhere. The Points of Interest would be a great feature to use as well if you were just looking for a specific location or just wanted an assortment of choices.

  94. The automatic windshield wipers sensed the amount of rain and sped themselves up, or slowed themselves down, as need be. I have never heard of this feature – very interesting. I guess Seattle gets a lot of rain from what I hear.

  95. A very well made and nice looking Chrysler Minivan. This van I could take on long trips to the ocean or even take this van and be very comfortable to a drive to California. I thought the comfort zone was a really great feature and everyone can feel comfortable while enjoying their ride!

  96. I think the comfort system is a grand idea. Having different temps for different parts of the car is wonderful.

  97. It’s great that you do have those windshield wipers that can sense rain impact. A great feature to have in the Pacific Northwest. I would love to live in the region, but I do know that lots of rain comes with the territory. But I don’t really mind rain just as long as I saw the sun every now and then.

  98. I had one of those old pull hard on the door type vans. You had to really put your muscle into it. When I go with my friends and they have this type, I take a long time to get used to it.

  99. This looks like an awesome mini van! It also looks like you had an amazing trip! Thank you so much for sharing!

  100. I think that it would be really comfortable traveling in that van. It really looks like it would be. I miss Washington state. I lived in Puyallup just outside of Tacoma. I loved that area. The view is so peaceful there with the mountains. But I do remember that rain!
    It sounds like you had a really nice trip!

  101. Another thing I read is that this minivan door opens easily! I can not bear the thought of having to open a big door on a van. This is so important to have because women can not be opening big heavy van doors. I know I can’t. Great minivan to own!

  102. I like that the side doors open for you as I have a shoulder injury and I find it hard to work the latch on our rear door on our Jeep. The pictures are really nice and I hope to see the West Coast someday. I have a friend in Bremerton so maybe …

  103. I love your honest reviews that show the plus and minus side. I have to admit the armrests are pretty hard. We have traveled all over the US in our T&C (we are military) and have spent a ridiculous amount of time in our van. If not for pillows I think it would have made it more annoying and painful drive.

    • Good to know it’s not just our old bones causing the problem :)

  104. I can see where the sun/moon roof (what IS the difference?) would be good where you live, but it’s a bit too much here in Colorado.

    • I’d use it all year round here, granted actual days I could OPEN it? About 10 a year :) but the rest of the time I could have the liner slide back and enjoying the extra light for sure!

  105. Laughing over the competition with the GPS. It’s nice to know your options when you can not take the time to search.

  106. I like the that the windshield wipers only come on and are used when the rain comes down hard or softly. What a nice feature because I do get a lot of rain sometimes and it can be hard to see when the wipers do not work well!

  107. I understand the similarities between traveling with dogs and with kids. Very true.

  108. I just noticed the automatic windshield wipers. What a fabulous idea for them to dense the rain. That is a cool feature to have.

  109. Did you ever discover if you can adjust the volume on the GPS? That would be annoying if you couldn’t hear what it was saying

    • No, but there must be a way. It’s going back tomorrow so I didn’t search too hard. So sad to see it leave.

  110. It’s nice that the seatbelts adjust for height! those can be annoying if they cut into your neck or shoulders in an awkward way. I also appreciate the ability to sync the audio system with a smart phone, ipod or other tablet. That would really come in handy for long trips. No more having to take CDs.

  111. How cool is that that the navigation system has Points of Interest. I would love that feature when we are taking a road trip. We traveled the Oregon Trail last summer and the POI feature would have made our trip so much easier. Great feature.

  112. Comfort zones are great! I’m always cold and hubby is always hot but I do miss my heated seats that I had with my other vehicle. I would love to visit the west coast one day – looks awesome.

  113. The GPS navigation system is a must when traveling so you do not get lost! I like that this is such a great feature! I would love to travel in this Minivan and Chrysler sure knew what it was doing in making a great touring van!

    • I love the “Where Am I” feature. I used it a lot :)

  114. What a beautiful trip! I’ve never really had much experience with vans but it seems like they’ve come a long way since the last time I rode in one. There are so many features and conveniences.

    • Kelly,

      This one is SOOOO comfortable. I’m usually squirming and trying to find a comfortable position after an hour or two (like on airplanes…their seats are the worst!). I spent 8 hours in the front seat on two different days and was amazingly comfortable. I’m plus size, hubby’s not, and we both felt great. My Honda is SOOOO uncomfortable for a plus size person – the seat belts cut into my hip terribly. That’s why my son has driven it since we got it and I kept the older car.

  115. I love a minivan and this one has so many features it looks really great!!

  116. I would like seat belts that adjust for different heights. Mine often cuts into my shoulder.

  117. I love the syncing with your phone or Ipod. It would be great to listen to my own music when travelling.

  118. Hopefully you can figure out what that button on the rear view mirror does. And somehow maybe there’s a way to not have to increase the radio volume in order to hear the GPS voice over the loudness of driving on the high way. That kind of occurrence sounds weirdly counter-productive and would really be a sore point when it comes to all the other high-tech perks the van model possesses.

  119. Thanks for sharing! I love that the Chrystler has a GPS feature! How cool!

  120. I did notice that this post says the armrests are uncomfortable. I think they need t0 make sure to change the arm rests because I can not stand getting sore elbows, but I really like the features on this Chrysler. The best feature for me is all the room in the back after the seats are put down!

  121. Wow so much in this vehicle – seems like it would take forever to find all the features! I can’t believe that you could sync your cellphone with the entertainment system. So many features to explore here!

  122. Did you ever find out if you can adjust the GPS volume without having the radio level too high?

  123. I love the sun roof. That is a great addition to any minivan.

  124. Ooo I like the individual temperature zones. It always seems like I’m too cold while someone else in the car is too warm. The options to control temperature for each seat space would be very accommodating, and make for a less stressful trip.

  125. I like that it has a comfort system. My daughter and I battle it out over the heat and air in my car… it would be so nice if everyone could be comfortable :)

  126. Oh I think I am in love with this mini van now. I can’t believe it has windshield wipers that automatically sensed the amount of rain and sped themselves up, or slowed themselves down. I also live in the PNW so I would love that feature. I don’t need and umbrella but I need wipers that can sense the rain. Amazing! Great review.

  127. I really like that you can sync your cell phone to the audio system! That is a feature I have been telling my husband that I want in my next vehicle. The sliding doors are amazing too!

  128. I’ve never been to Oregon. I like the comfort zones feature of the van – I am always cold and hubby is always hot – haha. The sunroof is a nice feature to let some light in too!

  129. I liked seeing the really nice picture of you in this post. I am glad that you able to travel safe in this awesome Chrysler Minivan. I like the sunroof also. It is a nice thing to have with letting in the sunshine and fresh air. Also, the navigation is such a terrific thing to have when traveling. Great feature on this minivan.

  130. I am totally in love over the concept of comfort zones! My husband keeps the car much warmer than me…this would be SO nice! :-) And I really love the color of the car, too. Looks great against that gray background!

  131. I’m of two minds on the sun/moon roof. Here in Colorado sometimes there’s just too much sun.

  132. I like your photos! The last two in particular are really pretty! That’s unfortunate about the arm rests. I’ve noticed that they are hard in many cars. I’m so impressed about the wind shield wipers! That’s pretty awesome that there are sensors to detect the rain impact. I like the navigation & GPS system, I would be using that all the time, maps be gone! Another feature I noticed is the clock right underneath; it’s such a nice throwback to an earlier retro style (classic Town & Country perhaps?) . I like automatic doors but I have to say, they do take their good ol’ time in closing. I don’t blame you for pulling hard per habit cause I would have done the same. Those side doors are just too slow!

    • I love the nod to nostalgia in the clock as well and I have now fallen in love with the automatic doors and who knew I’d decide I NEED a driver’s side slider? I can see I’m going to be lobbying for a new car….a lot! :)

  133. Other than the hard armrests, it sounds really wonderful. A nice way to travel witht he dogs or family..

    • The dogs love it and I love that they can’t ruin the seats!

  134. Glad you made it! I love that pic of your hubs taking the girls for a potty break. :) That navigation system looks so amazing – has me thinking it’s time to upgrade the vehicle.

    • He adores his “girls” but he’ll NEVER admit it! :)

  135. We’re actually talking about taking a road trip out that way this summer. I love the Oregon coast! I like Sunny’s idea of bringing a couple of towels or small pillows to make it a little more comfortable. As far as the door, does the key fob not have a button for that? Ours does, and it makes it so simple!

  136. There is an awesome sushi restaurant in Seal Rock, so eat there often! It looks like neato ride and I love that it has a sunroof. It’s the biggest thing that I miss in my current car.

  137. We have a Chrysler Town & Country, but sans navigation system. Wish I could be more help. Gotta say though that the “guide me home” option would come in pretty handy for me since I tend to go off the beaten path more than I should.

    I adore the retro looking clock on the dashboard.

    Besides beach combing (my favorite thing ever) I have no idea what you should do while visiting Seal Rock, but whatever it is be sure to share lots of photos. I’m living vicariously through your photos. (It’s snowing here. Your photos reminds me that Spring will eventually be here)

  138. Oh now I feel a little cheated. We have that screen in our T&C minivan but not the navigation part. That climate control system is amazing because my husband is always cold and I’m always hot.

  139. I like that the wipers can sense the amount of rain and adjust for it. My previous car didn’t even have intermittent wipers (1989 Toyota) and after 20 years when I got my current car (2002 Hyundai) it was great to have them.

  140. Minivans are family friendly and hold a lot of gear. I think your idea of a pillow, or even a towel, to help “pad” the armrests makes for a more enjoyable trip.

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