Chrysler Town and Country Minivan – Ready for the Road?

The hubby checking out the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan we're taking on the road this weekend
The hubby checking out the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan we're taking on the road this weekend

The hubby checking out the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan we’re taking on the road this weekend

Do you believe in love at first sight? My husband and I both do, and we’re still married after 29 years to prove it! But just this week we both fell in love again; this time with a car! We’re trying out a 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan for two weeks to see how it fits into our lifestyle. But first, I have to tell you a little something about our car buying habits.

You see we’re not fickle people. When we find a car we love and we keep it. Forever. Literally. My husband still drives the 1982 pickup he bought with his first paycheck after he got hired by the fire department and he swears he’s not retiring it until he retires from the department. I’m not much different. I still drive my 1995 7-passenger van we bought to haul the kids and their friends to school in. So you can see, we’re not the kind of people to make changes just because a new car model is out. There has to be something really special about it and it has to please both of us, which is no easy task.

Chrysler Town & Country - key-less entry, auto start, and more.

High tech key-less entry, auto start, and more.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan: High Tech vs Low Tech

You see my husband HATES technology. He’s not a fan of digital anything (he says the Internet is a fad!) and he wants things to be just like his good old truck – manual, easy to use and understand, and dependable. Sure, he knows he’s giving up a lot of safety by driving a vehicle that’s so outdated; so much so that he won’t even allow me to ride in it, but that’s a small price to pay for a vehicle he understands.

Me? I LOVE technology. I love every little bell and whistle that makes my life behind the wheel better so bring on the navigation, synch my phone, and pamper me with zone heating. I want it all!

Because of our very disparaging needs and wants for a car, we haven’t been able to agree on one and since our cars are cared for well by my husband, they live on. Still, I’ve told him that as soon as we’re finished paying our son’s college loans, I’m getting a new car. At my age it’s very likely my last car purchase so I want it to be right.

Chrysler Town & Country Comfort - Easy to reach and use controls from the driver's seat

Easy to reach and use controls from the driver’s seat

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan: Fits Our Needs

The 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan has just moved to the top of the list because it’s one BOTH of us can love. It’s got plenty of low-tech features or features that can be turned off when my husband is driving and a plethora of goodies for me.

The dashboard is the first place you see this hi/low dichotomy. There is a digital speedometer next to a traditional dial model. There’s also a RPM dial which I NEVER look at and one he uses constantly. There are radio controls on the steering wheel as well as on the dashboard, and all the controls are reached comfortably from the driver’s seat.

Chrysler Town & Country Minivan - Entertainment for everyone

Entertainment for everyone – it looks like a fancy airplane!

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan: Comfort and Entertainment For Everyone

The seats themselves are very comfortable with electronic adjustments so moving the seat for the driver’s comfort takes just a push/pull of the button on the side of the seat. The mirrors are placed for optimal viewing, and there’s a child backseat mirror (though in our case a dog watching mirror).

The center console slides backwards to become available to the middle seats or slides forward for the front seat occupants. Cup holders are hidden in every nook and cranny and the entertainment system includes a DVD player with two fold down screens. Backseat passengers can watch DVD’s or play games and they can do it at the same time. I’ll have to tell you more about the system later. We likely won’t use the DVD ourselves, but it’s nice to know it’s there if we decide to.

Chrysler Town and Country Stow 'N Go Captain's Seats

The Sto ‘N Go seating is phenomenal. This is our first time driving a car with his amazing feature. The seats disappear into the floor which is pretty fantastic on its own, but the back seats do it electronically at the touch of a button. The amount of seating configurations attainable is staggering, and that’s one of the reasons this “family van” is perfect for us empty nesters. We never thought we’d consider a van again, but seeing how this becomes perfect for hauling items, it’s made us rethink our needs.

Chrysler Town and Country Electronic Stow N Go Seating

Chrysler Town and Country Electronic Stow N Go Seating

2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan: Hitting the Road

We love the understated look of the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Minivan and the way it just quietly goes about the business of transporting people in luxury. There are so many features I’ve just lightly touched on because we’re just getting to know this new car. We’re taking it on a trip this weekend and I’m sure we’ll have a lot more time to try out all the features. We’ll be on the road about 10 hours on Saturday as we drive down to the Oregon Coast on Highway 101. I’ve gotten carsick every time we’ve taken this trip before because of the winding roads….it’s a good test for both the car and me to see how we handle the curves!

Follow our journey this weekend. We’ll be tweeting and Instagraming the sights along the way and we plan to stop in Portland and check out their world-famous food trucks.

Got a tip for us on our trip? We’ll be leaving from Seattle and would love to know of some fun places to check out along the way.

Saturday bright and early we hit the road in the Chrysler Town & Country

Saturday bright and early we hit the road in the Chrysler Town & Country

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  1. cassandra

    I agree with you what is better than technology?! I can’t believe that this car has two monitors! I felt so high tech with one tv haha. I like the folding seats for big shopping trips!

  2. Michele P

    your hubby is like my hubby… he doesn’t really go for technology at all, and wants a good, dependable vehicle. Me? I like something that will keep me and the kids entertained during road trips. This really is a nice vehicle, I am loving those consoles and and DVD players!

  3. Katrina A

    I like how they keep a traditional dial speedometer next to the digital one. I’m like your husband on a lot of things, prefer low tech. To be able to fold up the back seats with the push of a button is quite a nice touch though!!

  4. Robin Wilson

    It is so great that your husband is able to work on your cars. My hubby used to be able to, but the newer cars with their computers make it too hard. We are beginning to wonder if we will ever get my son’s college paid for, so a new car is out of the question for us, but this one is nice.

    • Connie

      We’re in the same boat. With $1K a month going for the son’s college education it’ll be awhile before we can buy a new car. But the plus is that he’s just been hired for the job he studied for and we couldn’t be prouder!

  5. Maria Iemma

    We had a minivan once, a Dodge Caravan. I loved that car. This is amazing with all the new technology – I wish it was mine.

  6. Kat Riley

    I like the center console that slides forward and back, I never seem to have enough storage space in the front.

  7. Daniel M

    sure i like technology, wish I had a nav, back up assist, but it’s more to go wrong and often costs more too (like nav data only updated for 6 months then have to pay)

  8. Carolann Leibenguth

    Mom vans sure have come a long way. Used to be I would never be caught dead driving one. With age I have gotten wisdom lol. This sure does look great and has all the bells and whistles.

    • Connie

      This OLD mom would drive this one for sure! Who needs kids, it’s worthy of touring for one :)

  9. Sarah L

    So was the ride smooth enough for you and your tummy on the curves on highway 101?

    • Connie

      Yes! I didn’t get car sick the entire trip. I think the openness of the sunroof and the climate control really helped.

  10. Blessie Nelson

    Congrats on a successful road trip! I wont be surprised if you end up buying it :) You certainly found the vehicle very good in most aspects!

  11. Joe P

    Those screens would be a help for long road trips and great seating.

  12. dicran

    i love this minivan the technology in it is unique and make the car be more safe, do you think there are a car such like this omg i think, no.. the best.

  13. Kelly Falcone

    It may take me awhile to learn how to use everything, but this looks nice. i want it : )

  14. Susan Smith

    I like the radio controls on the steering wheel and all of the cup holders. My husband is really into technology and I’m not as it’s just something else for me to learn how to use.

  15. Maryann

    I love the stow and go options. We have put couches, loveseats, appliances and other large items in our van. We save so much on delivery charges and taking our merchandise with us from the store. We also get lots of suitcases in their too when we travel.

  16. Karen Glatt

    It is nice that there are so many cup holders because when traveling and there are not cup holders, pop and other drinks always get spilled. Remember when ashtrays were in every car! Now I would rather have drink cup holders!

  17. Robin Wilson

    My hubby feels the same way about technology. We don’t even have smartphones yet as he doesn’t think they are needed. Good Grief. But I will have the last laugh, because when we must upgrade ~ they are making you upgrade to a smartphone! :)

    • Connie

      Too funny! I’m glad I’m not the only one married to a technophobe!

  18. Raine

    I’m curious if you felt any difference in your car sickness ad what you have driven before that made you feel sick vs. this. I wonder about size, comfort, height-if anything helped or was the same.

  19. Sarah L

    You mean you didn’t have to pinch your fingers to get the seats down? Automatically? My fingers would appreciate it.

    • Connie

      Nope, best feature EVER!

  20. Raine

    I can now officially say I can relate to the excitement-I went with my mom yesterday and she bought a new Nissan Pathfinder, I know it’s quite obviously different in so many ways, but it’s new & exciting (and confusing lol) She went from a 2 seater to the SUV so we aren’t used to all of the room & bells & whistles. I can see now your how much anticipation you had to get going :)

  21. Taylor

    I love the interior. It is deceptively nice; you wouldn’t imagine an interior like that when you are talking about a minivan.

  22. Robin Wilson

    I think it is great that you still drive your 1995 vehicle! This one is awesome but wonder if it would last 20 years!!

  23. Robin Wilson

    I think it is awesome that your husband still drives the truck he bought in 1982! That is the kind of vehicle they need to make today!

  24. N

    I would sure love to have a vehicle like that when I go camping! I could fit a whole army in there.

  25. Donna George

    That does sort of look like the inside of an airplane. Lots of new toys to play with, and lots of room.

  26. Karen Glatt

    I always have to turn up the heat in the car when I am driving, but the other passengers that I have with me do not always like this. To have zone heating would be so nice! I could have it warm where I am and the other passengers can have it warm or cool as they want. Awesome feature!

  27. dicran

    where do you get this car (mini van)? its beautiful, and great for go camping omg, just imagine traveling to the mountains with that, so cool its perfect

  28. Robin Wilson

    I agree that purchasing something like a car as a couple can be so hard. My hubby and I have different needs and wants. Wouldn’t it be great if we could test cars like this always?

  29. Raine

    Even the center console moves-it’s a well thought out family vehicle, perfect for road trips. It would be wonderful with children (but I’m like you-my pets are my kids ) :)

  30. dicran

    yess, im ready for the road, a car its a great invertion because it will help a lot in work, i love this car omg is so cool and big, looks so confortable and smart, will love to see movies with friends in the car, family trips with that beauty will be so great.

  31. Raine

    I would be so spoiled having a TV/gaming system in a vehicle that I would let my husband drive while I watched movies lol. (That would be rude and ruin the road trip-but it just looks so cool in the picture showing the two screens) :)

  32. Robin Wilson

    I know that if I drove a car for 2 weeks it would be hard to part with if I liked it! Are you having any pangs yet? Will you be getting one? Curious!

  33. Karen Glatt

    Your husband liked this minivan, and even though he hates technology, he really liked a lot of the technology in this minivan. It was a comfortable ride for you and him overall, and I bet you felt you were riding in luxury! Nice Minivan!

  34. Raine

    Lots of cup holders-it’s something I would have thought overkill at one time, but when you have multiple people and each may have their coffee, a bottle of water, soda…I found myself wishing for more holders when I’ve gone on a fast food run alone and those cardboard holders are handy for carrying, but not for driving with. So-yes I like that there are holders in all the nooks & crannies!

  35. Sarah L

    The screen that shows the radio stations is large & clear. I can hardly read the one in my car.

  36. Robin Wilson

    I am like you ~ I like to have a car that I can depend on for years to come. I simply cannot afford to turn around and buy a car every few years. It is great to research thoroughly!

  37. Anissa

    Seats that disappear at the press of a button? Wow!

  38. Robin Wilson

    Hi there ~ did you get a chance to drive the mini-van or were you just the passenger? I hate to drive on road trips as I love to look at the scenery. But the best way to check out a car is to drive it I guess.

  39. Tracy Robertson

    Wow, I never even thought of disappearing seats, especially if they can be put down with the touch of a button. How incredible!

  40. Raine

    I would appreciate the traditional dial speedometer-I’m not a fan of digital, and I also always look at my RPMs, and is that an analog clock in between the center air vents? Strange but very cool.

  41. Donna George

    I didn’t realize that the seats folded into the floor. That is cool. My very old van didn’t. You had to actually remove the seats from the van all the way.

  42. Karen Glatt

    Another feature that I love on this minivan is the wiper blades. They sense when the need to go faster or slower for the rain and snow that is hitting the windshield! Love this feature!

  43. Lisa R

    two things I wish I would have gotten with my latest car is the gps and the dvd

    my gps is so old it needs to be updated real bad

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  44. Robin Wilson

    Looks like from the pics that it has some features on the steering wheel. I love being able to adjust the stereo, cruise etc from there as I think it is safer.

  45. Raine

    The Sto & Go would be a lifesaver, you should see us shopping for 2 households and finding great clearance deals (my mom & I get a little crazy when we hit Starbucks then Target :) )-and then we get to her little 2 seater with 4 carts full-we’ve had to get pretty creative, I can’t believe what we’ve fit.

  46. Sarah L

    I don’t understand this: “there’s a child backseat mirror (though in our case a dog watch mirror).” Where is it and what does it show?

  47. Donna George

    This is a a really nice ride. I love the leather seats.

  48. Karen Glatt

    I am hooked on this minian being such a great vehicle to own because of all the space and the comfortable feeling of the smoothness of riding for a long time! Would love to own!

  49. Susan Broughton

    Boy, you really like this van. It looks like it would be a great vehicle to own. I just worry about putting so much money into a vehicle

  50. Darlene Ysaguirre

    Its the opposite in my family my husband is really into all the digital and i like technology also but i like things that are too complicated and take forever to figure out the simpler the better for me.i do like the folding seats with 3 kids i like the t.vs great to entertain them while were driving were a military family that travels alot so this would come in handy

  51. Robin Wilson

    One thing that concerns me with all the technology is the cost of repairs. All of it runs on computer technology which is very expensive to repair. I learned that the hard way with “all touch” range/oven. Of course the touchpad went on the fritz just after the warranty was over!! :o)

  52. Sarah L

    I like the analog clock because I find it easier to tell time with than digital.

  53. Donna George

    I like that you get car sick. Well, what I mean, is, I do too. That is the worst when traveling, and the type of vehicle makes all the difference.

  54. John Hutchens

    very nice. having the entertainment system is great on long trips and keyless entry is a wonderful time saver

  55. Karen Glatt

    I love the plush inside seating are of the Chrysler Minivan! This van is well made and can be driven for years to come. I would take this comfortable van on vacations and to the grocery store where I can stock up on groceries and put them in the back. It is like having as much room as a truck!!

  56. Robin Wilson

    I DO believe in love at first sight! And I am loving the keyless entry! That is so super cool! What a timesaver from digging in the bottom of my purse!

  57. Carolann Leibenguth

    I love the features for my passengers, they can be entertained without disturbing the rest of the van.

  58. Raine

    I ended up reading the posts backwards, but still very enjoyable. I laughed about your husband-I an terrible with technology-I can do basic things with my laptop and I use my phone as a phone. I drive a 1974 Chevy Silverado 4wd p/u that my dad bought brand new the year I was born, and I ended up with it and wouldn’t part with it for anything! I am glad you both liked the Chrysler and had a great trip. Such fun and helpful posts, I really liked reading them.

  59. Sarah L

    I would think that this van would be hard to park, it’s so big and bulky.

  60. Kelly A. Tanner

    Two TV’s and third row seating?! Sign me up please! I need this.

  61. Donna George

    I love technology too. I believe that tech used the right way can be a Godsend. Having a vehicle that is safer because of it is jsut one example.

  62. Robin Wilson

    When I look at the picture of the screens up the middle of the van…it is a wow moment! No one riding in that van should be “bored”. Not the driver or the passengers!

  63. Karen Glatt

    I love all the cup holders in this minivan. plus the really plush seats in this vehicle. They really made this van to accommodate any type of family. To taking Grandma for a ride or taking the grandchildren for a ride. Plenty of room for everyone.

  64. Sarah L

    That looks like a roomy console next to the driver. My friend’s van has a big empty space there.

  65. Donna George

    Wow, two screens. That would be awesome for travel with kids. Mine always fight for the best viewing seat.

  66. Robin Wilson

    Those folding seats are pretty amazing! Being able to do that makes it somewhat of a hauling machine. I love to shop a Lowe’s for garden supplies so I need lots of space to transport!

  67. Courtney

    Wow look at all of the tvs and the navigation system. Those are on my list.

  68. Maria Iemma

    I wish I had GPS on my car and a TV/DVD player, that would make traveling so much easier. Love the car.

  69. Karen Glatt

    I like that the seats can be moved easily. Some minivans you have to wrench the seats to get them to move. Also, I like that the door is easy to open and close, and does not take so much arm strength to open and close!

  70. Sarah L

    I’d like to have seats that electronically adjust. I’m always knocking my fingers when I try to move mine.

  71. Donna George

    I love the dual sliding doors. I wish my old van had them.

  72. David

    This is very useful if you were going to buy this van.

  73. Karen Glatt

    I like that this minivan is ready for the road,and has everything that you need to have a comfortable trip. SO much room for everything and everyone.

  74. Anne

    I wish I could give you some tips for your road trip, but I’ve never been west of the Mississippi. Looks like you’ll be riding in comfort, though! Minivans have come a long way.

  75. Robin Wilson

    Hope that you didn’t get carsick this time! What a miserable feeling and way to spend a day in the car!

  76. Sarah L

    I think this is nifty: The center console slides backwards to become available to the middle seats or slides forward for the front seat occupants.

  77. Donna George

    You can’t beat a car with a lit of cup holders. They are my favorite.

  78. Carrie Phelps

    I would give anything to have that center console!!

  79. Karen Glatt

    I like the zone heating on this car! I would love to have a car where you can have the right amount of heat or cooling just for your area! What a really nice thing to have with this minivan!

  80. Cynthia C

    The van looks like a versatile vehicle that would be nice for families.

  81. Sarah L

    I would have to disagree with your husband that the internet is a fad. It’s here to stay.

  82. terri tillman

    with all that cargo space i could do some serious garage sale-ing and 2nd hand store-ing.

  83. Donna George

    I love the fold up seats. They are so cute and easy, not like the big clunkers in my old van.

  84. Janet W.

    Wow, two DVD screens!! I wish our car had that! What a wonderful feature to have!

  85. Robin Wilson

    Wow – what a gorgeous automobile! It seems to have something for everyone riding in the car! Luxury thy name is Chrysler!

  86. natalie nichols

    I love that the seats fold completely out of the way. I don’t even know what I’d do with all that space. I have a tiny hatchback!

  87. Karen Glatt

    Great that I can have family members sit in the back seat in this awesome Chrysler and have them watch a movie and not get bored on a long trip. Great feature added to this minivan, and I like that it gets good mileage!

  88. Blessie Nelson

    It nice to see that your husband also came to love this van as much as you do. I am impressed with the spaciousness and the feel of luxury in it!

  89. Kathy B

    What did you think of the stow and go seating? Is it as easy to use as they show in the ads?

    • Connie

      So easy even I can do it! The back seats are at the touch of a button….the middle seats take some lifting, but nothing heavy at all. I’m seriously in love with stow-and-go seating. Best invention ever!

  90. Karen Glatt

    I want to go on a trip in this minivan. I like the GPS system in helping you know where to go while taking a trip. A person should never get lost having this device to use. Great mileage and color that I like!

  91. Janet W.

    Wow! Two DVD screens! How nice! Looks like a luxury vehicle!

  92. Sarah L

    I wish my car had radio controls on the steering wheel. It would make it safer for me.

    • Connie

      They’re pretty perfect, that’s for sure!

  93. Mel Caluag

    I’m like you, I love high tech stuff. The more high technology in the car, the more entertaining it is. I do recognize that it also has its pros and cons.

  94. Kate B

    We drive our cars til the wheels fall off.

  95. Donna George

    I also keep my vehicles forever. I usually have a vehicle more than ten years, on average. So I like to buy quality to make sure I am getting the most for my buck.

  96. Karen Glatt

    Would like to own the Chrysler Town and Country minivan mostly because it gets good gas mileage, but because I love all the room in this van. It is such a comfortable ride, and the kids would love to travel in style!

  97. Sarah L

    This would be so nice to have: “The seats themselves are very comfortable with electronic adjustments so moving the seat for the driver’s comfort takes just a push/pull of the button on the side of the seat.” My adjustments are plastic handles that only move so much.

  98. Donna George

    I love that you both have different wants but still make it work. 29 years is a long time!

  99. Ellen B

    The vehicle looks very comfortable and I like all the storage! The color looks nice too. We usually get a blue vehicle but this time we bought gold.

  100. Karen Glatt

    I like the backseat movies that I can watch if I am riding along on a trip! What a nice minivan with this option. A person can keep the kids from getting restless by putting on a fun movie for them to watch. And when the back seats are not in use, you can store a lot of luggage for your trip. Awesome minivan and color!

  101. Sarah L

    I like the fact that you can haul a bunch of stuff and then very easily turn it into a passenger van.

  102. Donna George

    It looks like you are ready for the road. Nice to see that the car is ready too. I like that you can turn off any functions you don’t want to use.

  103. Ellen B

    The Sto ‘N Go seating is a great feature – stores in the floor! I also like the center console slides backwards – such great features on the vehicle.

  104. Lisa Brown

    I am that same way: If I love a vehicle, I do not want to part with it, ever. I have a ’92 Isuzu Trooper, old, needs constant TLC, but I love it.

  105. Karen Glatt

    The best thing about this Chrysler Minivan is its roominess and it also has room for so may passengers to sit in. If you are traveling and have other people going with you, they can sit comfortably and there is even room for your luggage because there is so much room. I like that it has a lot of cup holders!

  106. Sarah L

    I have never understood people who buy a car, drive it for a couple of years and then trade it in for a new model. My last car lasted 20 years and my current car is 2002.

  107. Ari

    It’s great that there’s the off switch so if you are not technologically savvy or just don’t want any of the bells & whistles, you can turn it all off. I was also wondering if you withstood the curvy roads of Highway 101? I hope you didn’t get carsick! I probably wouldn’t like too many curvy roads myself. Though, if I was driving through the Pacific NW and got to see the scenery, I could maybe distract myself. I just love the region,…so green and lush!

  108. Donna George

    I traveled with 6 people in a minivan before. It was still a tight fit. With the luggage and all the traveling detritis, it can be crowded. I like the movable console. That would be neat on trips.

  109. Sacha Schroeder

    This has a ton of room! I have a Windstar and we are soon going to be looking for a new mini van. This review and the pictures has given me something to think about. Thank you!

  110. Susan Broughton

    We are just like you and your husband. My husband is not a fan of technology either. We have been married 31 yrs and it would be hard to agree on a vehicle between us as well. We owned a Chrysler mini van back in the 90’s and after I owned it I never wanted to go back to a car. Of course we did when there was no kids left but I still miss that van. It was so handy

  111. Karen Glatt

    I like this Minivan a lot because it holds 7 passengers! And when you are not transporting a lot of people, you can put down the seats and go to Costco and have plenty of room to get all of your big items inside. My car can not hold that big of items. The room in this minivan is awesome!

  112. Ellen B

    I know what you mean when you say it will be the last purchase and you want to get it right. We bought a Jeep 2 years ago and I really love it but didn’t get the heated seats because it would have added a lot to the price but I really wish we had gotten them.

    • Connie

      I think sometimes we forget to balance out the cost over the life of the vehicle. I’m not making that mistake on my next purchase.

  113. Christine Mayfield

    Man you make me want to upgrade our T&C. But our 2006 T&C is paid for and well taken care of. We are like y’all we keep cars for a loooong time. Before that we had a 97 Dodge neon that we only got rid of because it got covered in mold while we were gone on vacation.

    • Connie

      Yikes! Was there a water leak? We like paid off cars as well, but we need something dependable for our last car.

  114. Lisa Brown

    Looks comfy inside. Love the drop-down screens for movie viewing, need that for road trips with the kids, and, yes, I immediately thought of the cabin of an airplane.

    • Connie

      Right! If I could sit in the backseat without vomiting I’d have ridden back there and watched movies the whole time. But I couldn’t chance it.

  115. Sarah L

    It has lots of cargo space when you put the seats down. Moving day, anyone?

  116. Donna George

    Did you get sick on your trip? Some vehicles are worse than others for this.

    • Connie

      You know, I didn’t! And they were windy roads. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  117. Karen Glatt

    I know that the Chrysler TOwn and Country Minivan is a real treat to drive and with all the extras you get it makes a person or family really feel like they are driving and riding in style. I would love to own one of these Vans. My car is so old that you can not open the windows on it because then it will take me 4 months to get them to close with the electronic windows not working. I bet you would never have a problem closing these windows!

    • Connie

      Yikes, that would be terrible to have the electric windows break! It was an amazing ride for sure.

  118. Sarah L

    I like the push button seats going down. Very handy.

  119. Donna George

    I keep my vehicles forever also. They are jsut too expensive to replace often.

  120. Sherri

    I love how roomy it looks. Would be comfy on a vacation!

  121. Ari

    I think I did mention how I liked how the console in front is large enough so it can hold lots of things, but I forgot to mention that I also like that it can slide between the back seats and the front. That’s an excellent feature for all the space options it can offer.

  122. Lenora D

    I love my 1998 T&C but this just makes me want a new one.

  123. Tammy S

    I really like that the center console slides backwards and forwards. That way you could push it out of your way if you wanted to have your purse or backpack in between you and the other front seat. That is a brilliant feature.

  124. Ellen B

    Amazing that your husband still has the 1982 pickup he bought I think that is awesome. I wish I had my firebird from way back. The vehicles today are crazy with equipment aren’t they?

    • Connie

      Yes, but crazy in a good way! They’re picking up the minivan tomorrow and I have to go back to my 1995 van…it’s not going to be easy!

  125. Karen Glatt

    I really love this Minivan because of the comfortable seats and the ease of driving. It looks like a person could travel on the road with their suitcases and have plenty of room. The safety features are great and you get a lot for the money with this Minivan!

  126. Tracy Robertson

    That is so interesting how they have the digital spedometer AND a classic one! By the way, I have never paid any attention to my RPM dial. What is the purpose of checking RPM?

    • Connie

      I have no clue Tracy, but people like my husband check it constantly. And he uses low and other features I never do. I’m a “D” and go girl! :)

  127. Cindy Merrill

    This looks like one freakin’ great ride, but with the price of gas going up, can’t help but wonder- how many miles to the gallon does this baby take?

    • Connie

      It’s 21 on the highway. It cost us $100 in gas to go 600 miles rt plus some touring time. I was bad and didn’t check the mileage. I haven’t done that in years so it didn’t even cross my mind. Would I prefer it be a hybrid? Sure, but until they come down in cost I won’t be able to afford.


    looks like a really nice vehicle!!!

  129. Sarah L

    I have to say that I’m closer to your husband when it comes to technology. Although I wouldn’t use the RPM gauge.

  130. Donna George

    I remember having a VHS player in our van for long trips. It was a life saver with 4 kids in the car.

  131. Ari

    I love how everything can be controlled from the same digital display that hosts the GPS, the ParkSense ®Rear Park Assist System, and the other navigational features through the Uconnect ® Voice Command, i.e the controls for the DVD player, phone (wow!) and radio! I’m wondering what it can’t control! I would feel like a pilot if I was in the driver’s seat! Speaking of the entertainment, how cool is that one display screen can be used to play a game while the other to watch a DVD? That’s pretty neat.

  132. Daraya

    Looks like a great car! And I love that it is so techy. Thanks for posting!

  133. Tracy Robertson

    I take my time to warm up to technology. I love that features can be turned off and I can turn them back on after I have plenty of time to learn about them!

  134. Karen Glatt

    This Chrysler Town and Country Minivan has a nice color! I like that it is easy to drive and has a nice DVD player and great safety features that make sure that when you are backing up that the minivan can see who is behind it! Great safety feature!

    • Connie

      I fell in love with the blue during the trip. It would never have been my first choice, but in the end if I was to buy one it’d probably be the blue!

  135. Ellen B

    I’m not much for technology either – so many parts in the vehicle that can break. I love that this vehicle has the DVD player – great for the kids.

  136. Sarah L

    I think this is a great idea:
    The center console slides backwards to become available to the middle seats or slides forward for the front seat occupants

  137. Donna George

    My favorite part is where you can have the auto adjust. My daughter loves to have her seat way back, and I like mine a little closer. What a good idea.

  138. Ari

    With the seats tucked in via the Sto’N Go, I noticed you are left with a lot of space. That would be very convenient for all sorts of occasions when a lot of packages need to be transferred! I’m thinking college move-in days, luggage from a visitor, furniture, cross-country traveling, camping, etc. A lot of possibilities and plenty of room to cater to them all.

  139. Sherri

    It looks like a great vehicle. Love that you can lay the seats down when you have to transport something bigger

  140. Tammy S

    I like that the seats have electronic adjustments. There are 3 of us that drive so it seems I always have to adjust the seat back to how I like it. I hate when you get in the car and can’t reach the pedals. It is a constant reminder of how short I am. :)

  141. charj

    It’s good that the tech features can be turned off when not needed. Bells and whistles can be distracting even when you intend to ignore them.

  142. Ellen B

    wow that looks unbelievable! Lots of room too – I never thought about buying a mini van before – maybe sometime we will look into it

  143. Karen Glatt

    This is a Minivan that can haul a lot of stuff when you put down the back seats. I like that because I always need more room in my car for groceries. It would be nice to have a bigger car!

  144. Sarah L

    It looks like an airplane with the video displays down the aisle. I think I’d want a vehicle without those. (but then I don’t have kids)

  145. Ari

    Other things I noticed: It’s cool that there’s a sun roof! Also, I really like the size of the storage and cup holder unit in front. Looks like you can fit a lot of items in there. And lastly, the buttons for various energy options under the radio and digital clock in front is pretty neat; so if you’re stranded you don’t have to use up all your power i.e. using the economy/green option is your best option in that case.

  146. Donna George

    I love the movable seats. When my kids were small, this would have been wonderful. I did have a minivan that I took the middle seat out of, to make more room in the middle.

  147. Amanda

    We currently have a 1997 Plymouth Voyager. It has served us very well. Unfortunately in our part of Canada we have to have what is called an e-test done every two years, and our van barely passed last time. If it fails the test, we either have to spend the money to repair it to pass (which could be costly) or look for another vehicle. My husband suggested a car, but we have two children and a large dog who go almost everywhere with us. I would love another van, and the one you talked about here looks awesome.

    • Connie


      Here they just stop making cars take the test when they’re too old….which is bad for the environment. I’m falling more in love with this van every day. Today I decided that two sliding doors isn’t too many… I love the 2nd slider. Here’s hoping you find something that fits your family soon!

  148. Shar

    I have always been a fan of the Chrysler Town & Country. This van just keeps getting better. I love the interior and all of the technology. The stow and go feature is fabulous.

  149. Deb

    LOVE the folding seats and tv screens. As far as I’m concerned those are a must!

    I’ve been following your adventure on Facebook and it has me dreaming of a few road trips of my own. I’m looking at planning a weekend (or longer) getaway with Alan. This year will be our 22nd wedding anniversary….somedays it feels liks its been that long since we had a weekend away–lol.

    Btw, we have a Chrysler Town & Country and we love it. I’ve driven it all over the U.S. from Michigan to Yellowstone and back and again to Florida and back. It ran like a champ no matter the terrain. We couldn’t ask for a better road tripping vehicle!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend getaway! Sharing your post across my social media sites :)

  150. You know I have always said I’d never drive a minivan, but the Town & Country looks awfully tempting. It looks so comfortable and I love all the technology. I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  151. The seats look incredibly cozy, you’ll have to let us know how they stand up after a few hours. I like the stow and go feature, it’s always nice to have extra room.

  152. Denise L

    Oh how I wish we were in the market for a NEW minivan! This one sounds perfect. And I love your low-tech vs. high-tech part of the review. My husband and I are exactly the same way. Glad to know this minivan satisfies both of you in that regard.

  153. Mandi

    Oh it’s PRETTY! It looks really spacious – we have 2 adults and 3 kids (and 2 are in car seats), so we definitely need room! I can’t believe I’m at that point where a minivan can be so appealing! 😉

  154. Karen Glatt

    This Chrysler Town and Country Minivan is so comfortable and roomy. That is what I like about it. I also like that the seats fold down so that a family can get more groceries in their car. Would love to own one!

  155. Tammy S

    Anther thing I like about this Mini Vans is the there’s a child backseat mirror. That would come in so handy when you have your kids and their friends in back. I have never heard of a car having one of these.

  156. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I like that it’s very roomy and can hold 7, and the fact that the seats can be configured in different ways.

  157. I’m the same way about my car. I drive a 1987 Volvo and love it. Lately I have been considering purchasing a newer vehicle just so I can travel without worrying about breaking down. This Van sounds awesome. I will definitely check it out when I go car shopping.

  158. Ari

    The van does look very spacious which is something I noticed looking at the photos more closely. Definite plus! Need all the extra leg room you can get when traveling for hours in my experience. I’m sure your dog would appreciate that extra space too!

  159. Donna George

    That is travelling in style. Imagine how jealous the first minivan owners must feel when they see this!

  160. We rented a Town and Country a couple years back when we went down to the Keys and loved it. I love the stow and go seats and all the storage room we had in it. I wish my husband was more like yours and kept a vehicle that long. He gets a new one about every 6 months. Just for an example, we have lived in Florida for 10 years and we are on our 15th vehicle. Brand new vehicle! He is a little crazy like that. I wish I could talk him into a Town and Country. My girlfriend just bought one and loves it too. Have fun on your trip.

    • Connie

      Wow, I wish my hubby would want a new car every few years…but your hubby…wow! That’s a lot of cars! We haven’t owned 15 in our lifetimes! :)

  161. Shop with Me Mama

    I LOVE the stow and go seats!! And it looks soo spacious! Definitely a vehicle me and my family could use. Great, thorough review. Love the pictures!

  162. Sherri

    I love that the seats fold down so you can carry larger items. Looks like a great vehicle with lots of really cool bells and whistles :)

  163. Beth Gallinger

    Those seats look very comfy!
    I love theblue you chose!

  164. Karen Glatt

    I like that this Chrysler Minivan can hold 7 passengers! I like that you can put down the seats and move large packages if you need to. The seats disappear with a tap of a button is so cool. Really like this Minivan!

  165. Tammy S

    My husband would love the Stow and Go. He is always going to Home Depot to pick up a few things and needs a lot of room to bring his goodies home. This is a great feature.

  166. What a beauty! I definitely believe in love at first sight. I remember years ago when we were looking at cars and we sat in a Town & Country minivan. It was FANTASTIC – even way back then. I love all of the features on this model, but I don’t know if I would ever be able to leave it :)

  167. Mandy

    I love that it doesn’t even look like your average minivan. It really does have an amazing interior as well. The controls look like lots of fun!

  168. Sarah L

    I’d like the radio controls on the steering wheel. I change stations a lot and this would be good.

  169. Don’t tell my husband this, but…this could totally make me go mini-van. No joke. This thing is awesome, and that coming from a self-proclaimed “NO MINI-VANS FOR ME, EVER” kind of girl. Looks pretty fancy. And I bet I wouldn’t bump my head getting the kids into the car EVERY SINGLE TIME I PUT THEM IN THEIR SEATS.

  170. We are in the market for a new van and have been considering a Chrysler. It’s great seeing such and in depth blog review. Thank you.

  171. Wow – that looks amazing! I have always liked the look of the Town & Country and honestly miss driving a mini-van! I never thought I would say that…but with all those beautiful features I would be thrilled to drive a Chrysler.

    (Also, can I just say that all my life I’ve thought it was “Chrystler”???? Thank you for enlightening me!!)

    • Connie

      I always thought there was a “t” too! I’m working on a post about our drive down. I’ve got to say, I was pretty impressed with it today! It’s filthy dirty….we worked it hard :)

  172. Oh my gosh. I laughed SO HARD at, “he thinks the internet is a fad!” HAHAHAHAHAH!!!True, one day it will look very different, and cease to exist as we know it, but technological advances…well, those are here to stay! :-)

    My husband and I are not as hardcore as you about keeping our cars, but we do keep them for a LONG time. So it takes something REALLY special to catch our attention, too.

    I am definitely swooning over this vehicle. Understated luxury…that’s definitely my style! My husband likes things simple…I go for a little more bling (like those beautiful leather seats!). I love hearing that it can accommodate different tastes so well.

    Be sure to stop in Centralia on your way up to check out the outlet malls. That’s where my husband grew up!

    • Connie

      We didn’t stop in Centralia on the way down – too rainy and since we’ve never been to the house, we wanted to find it in the light. Good thing, we missed it twice!

  173. Ari

    Wow, so many cool and innovative features! I love all the high-tech stuff, but the Sto ‘N Go seats are really what’s got me liking this van already! But then again, two DVD screens? Awesome. And that digital speedometer? Even more cool! I have a feeling the van will ease the curvy roads you’ll be driving through! Have fun on your way to Portland!

  174. I think I’m in love! This minivan would be perfect for my family! I love all the bells and whistles!

  175. This would be perfect for us! I’ve never owned a Chrysler before, but I will definitely be looking close at the Chrysler Town & Country! I’m curious to what kind of mileage you get, too? :)

  176. Love the TVs…my kids have been begging for those on our car reviews and we haven’t gotten one yet!

  177. Wow! What a great minivan! I love the Stow n Go seating! I’m in the market for a new vehicle, so I may have to show my husband this post and see if he gets the hint!

    Enjoy your trip!

  178. Wow! You sure are traveling in style this week! Have fun on your road trip- can’t wait to follow along for the ride!

  179. Karen Glatt

    The Chrysler Town & Country Minivan is a classy and well designed! I like the color and the dashboard is so nice. I like the comfortable looking seats and a family would be very comfortable riding in this with kids. Great idea to have a DVD screen so it will not be boring on long trips!

  180. Denise L

    We have an older Toyota Sienna and I’m drooling over your review. My favorite feature? Sto n’ Go! Getting the seats out of our current van in a test of the strength of our marriage 😉 Have a great time on your trip!

  181. Tammy S

    My husband would love that it has a a digital speedometer next to a traditional dial model. The kids would love the DVD player. I would love the zone heating and the Stow and Go Seating. I always seem to carry a ton of stuff in the car with me. You just never know what you might need. :) thanks for the review.

  182. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!

    I drive a 96′ Mazda that is being held together with duct tape and a prayer. I couldn’t even imagine what it’s like to drive a car like this – especially with all the “bells & whistles”.

    Oh the places I would go! I’m stuck locally since my car can’t be trusted to go too far. If I had a car like this I would travel to visit friends and family in Long Island and Pennsylvania.

    Awesome car. Thank you for the detailed review.

  183. Marina

    We’re in the market for an SUV /minivan but haven’t found something we both like…yet. I have to show this to Hubs when he gets back from work. Love the roomy, classy interiors. What sort of mileage do y’all get on this?

  184. Nice! I love how ‘open’ it looks with all the large windows. Those seats are fantastic and I love the DVD player. We so need this for road trips. Our CRV only has a 800-lb max, including passengers and luggage, which means none of the people riding in our car can be over 120lbs…yeah, right. Being in California, we drive all over the state. I can’t wait to read more about how you like it.

  185. That car looks so amazing for families! I love the keyless entry and all of that space, and I know my son would love the entertainment!!

  186. WOW that is so roomy!!! We drive a 7 passenger SUV right now and I don’t think it looks that roomy. They just don’t make Mini vans the way they used to . That’s a party van not a soccer mom van. Luv all the gadgets and upgrades to take you into 2013 and beyond.

  187. Danna Wolf

    It seems like a really great family van. I know family trips would have been a lot more peaceful as a child if I had movies to watch in the back, haha.

  188. What an awesome vehicle! Plenty of room for the two of you that’s for sure! I love it, too many cool things to pick just one favorite!

  189. I’m in love already I love the DVD and the fold down seats. I’ve never test driven or owned a mini van but with three kids (and sports) it would be perfect for us. My daughter says she wants one. That looks great!

  190. Sarah L

    I’ve never been to the West Coast so I have no suggestions for you. Looks like a comfortable car to take a trip in.

  191. Dee

    Thanks for the review. We’ll be in the market for a new car in the near future. Right now we’re a 1 vehicle family with a 2005 Dodge Caravan with over 100,000 miles but we won’t be getting rid of it, we’re just finding that there are times we need a second car.

    I’m like you though, I love gadgets and technology.

  192. You’re like us! We drive a 1997 and 2001 vehicles. Mine will need replacing soon, and I just don’t know what to get, I’m hung between something good on gas mileage and something roomy. We road trip too, so both are important.

    I love the way the back has cargo room and it’s easy to accomplish with the seats going down so seamlessly. We always have to ask someone to get big purchases from the stores for us, because our trunk space in either vehicle just doesn’t have the room!

  193. What a great van!! I love that it has high AND low tech features! It would be a great new car for our family! Thanks for sharing!!

  194. The hubs and I are planning to do some car shopping in the very near but never did the idea of a minivan ever crossed mind, so thanks for the wonderful review. I will have to add this to my list of cars to test drive! My husband LOVES Chrysler btw!

  195. leah- diaries of a domestic goddess

    This is my dream car. I want a van so bad. My lease is up in a few months…

    • Connie

      I’ve never leased a car. I often wonder if it’s the better way. My only worry would be damaging it I think. Has it worked out well for you?

  196. hairstyles for girls

    Hey, that’s my van! We actually have a Town and Country… except ours is a 2008. Absolutely love it. My favorite feature are the dvd players for my kids, and the gps navigation.

  197. Those seats are so nice! I remember with my family’s minivan, you had to pull the whole seat out of the car if you wanted to haul something. This is much better. I hope you have a great trip!

    • Connie

      That’s the way our van is and the seats are too heavy for me to remove so it can only be done when the hubby is offshift. And then you have to store the seats. NOT convenient and I always worry they’re going to get dirty in the garage.

  198. I love the Town and Country – I have a Ford Windstar but Chrysler is the best minivan ever!

  199. I love it! This is just the type of vehicle we need– I think we would take a lot more road trips if we had a minivan with extra space and features.

  200. Kelly @ A Girl Worth Saving

    My husband and I are the same way with cars. We both drive older cars that we have kept forever however my 96 Honda Minivan is starting to slowly succumb to old age and I’m going to be in the market soon. I can’t wait to see more about this minivan as honestly, I’ve never heard anything about Chrysler’s minivan and I’ve always bought Hondas/Toyotas. I can recommend some yummy places to eat in Portland too since I’m a local :)

    • Connie

      Kelly – I’d LOVE some recommendations! We thought about hitting the food trucks either on the way down or back. I’m not sure why I didn’t realize we’re so close!


  201. I learned to drive on a Town & Country van when Chrysler switched from a station wagon to the this model. Just before our first little guy was born, I traded in my Neon for my own Town & Country to carry all of the baby items. Now all these years later we have a lot of memories in the van. Love all of the new features that Chrysler has added.

  202. We are actually shopping for a new car/suv right now. I asked my facebook page what brand people recommended and this one was mentioned a LOT. I test drove a Sorento and a Ford Escape today. I just dont know what to do. Buying a car is such a big decision!!


    • Connie

      Buy a car is always hard – it’s like picking a husband! You’re going to have to love it for years. Good luck with your decision!

  203. Hanan

    This is one of the models we looked at last year, when looking for a minivan. We ended up buying something else, but this is one of my favorite models. The new ones are especially awesome, love all the features.

    If we could afford a new car, this would be top on my list!

  204. OH! I would love that car! It would haul my grandkids around when they visit, but then I could hide the seats and go antique/thrift store shopping with room for whatever I found. Gotta love it!

    • Connie

      That’s a great use for all that cargo area. I wish we had better junk stores up here – it’s all junk :)

  205. It sounds like an awesome van! We are in need of a new vehicle and while we weren’t considering a mini van, you’ve made me wonder if we should be! Our current van has something wrong with it and is a 2000 Dodge Ram. My husband is considering junking it if it is too expensive to repair.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your road trip!

  206. Seems your family is similar to mine as that we drive our cars forever (both my car and my husband’s truck are 13 years old) and aren’t into having a lot of built in high tech. But boy isn’t it nice to try out a car with all the bells and whistles? I could get used to that!

    • Connie

      That’s what makes this so perfect. The last car we tried out I loved and he HATED. There weren’t any options for him – it was all high tech. This is a great mix.

  207. Carolyn G

    Wow that is one nice car. I love the entertainment aspect. I love the central panel with all that space to put items. And I love the ease of the folding seats.

    • Connie

      It’s it cool! I’m thinking maybe I’ll try syncing my phone with it tomorrow to play the music I have on it. I don’t mind Syrius, but I like my personal playlist better :)

  208. I LOVE that the middle seats fold! We love our current van but only the third row folds into the bottom. Having the middle seats fold would be wonderful. Thanks for sharing all of these features!

    • Connie

      I thought that was an awesome feature as well. We didn’t even notice it at first. I happened to see someone mention it online so we checked it out. It makes me wonder what other surprises we’ll find on the road tomorrow!

  209. I never imagined myself as a minivan type person but this is an amazing minivan. I could definitely use all of that legroom.

  210. We have a Town & Country now … it’s getting a bit ragged from the abuse of three kids but it was the first time I actually enjoyed owning a minivan. I love that center console with the touch screen! I just wish we could have gotten the DVD players, that would have been such a life saver on vacations.

    • Connie

      Kids can do that to a car, can’t they! :) My minivan is ENORMOUS. It cracks me up that’s it’s called a minivan….it’s and extended king cab and harder than heck to park! I hate taking it downtown. This is much more like a car.

  211. You know, I never thought a mini van would appeal to me, but I do like this. It seems to have a lot of the features I like in my SUV, only more comfortable looking. Of course, it has far more features than my aging vehicle.

    • Connie

      I never thought I’d ever own another minivan, but the cargo hauling capabilities have got me rethinking my ban on minivans :) Glad to see I’m not the only one!

    • Connie

      I love that the backseat is electronic – no having to push and pry the seats into position! But one does have to refrain from playing with the buttons :)

  212. Karen Glatt

    I also have an old car that is 18 years old and someday I want to get a new car like you and your husband are doing. I really like the Chrysler Town and Country Minivan. I like the color that is displayed in the picture. I like the comfortable seats and front console. This minivan looks roomy and well made that you can drive it for years. The movie viewing is a nice feature, too! I see that you are traveling on your journey to Portland, but if you were driving East, I would tell you to visit Spokane and walk through Riverfront Park. But there is not much going on there right now, but in the Summer there are a lot of different activities!

    • Connie

      I’ve only driven to the airport in Spokane. My son went to school in Pullman and we drove there several times, but never made the rest of the trip east. We thought about heading that way originally, but decided we didn’t want to deal with the pass again this winter. We’re looking forward to rediscovering the coast. Neither of us can remember the last time we went there.

  213. Sarah L

    I think it’s great that this has high and low tech to make each of you happy. Love the magic disappearing seats.

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