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Yopa! Authentic Greek Yogurt Promotion Sponsored

New Yopa Authentic Greek Yogurt

New Yopa Authentic Greek Yogurt

There are LOTS of reasons to love Yopa! authentic Greek yogurt. The first reason is an important one for me – it’s vegetarian! You’d probably be surprised to know that the vast majority of yogurts sold in grocery stores are not, and as a vegetarian who LOVES yogurt, that can mean having to shop at specialty stores.

The second reason to love new Yopa! Is because of what it doesn’t have – there are no preservatives or artificial colors in any Yopa!, and only one has artificial flavor in the form of vanillin. Over the past few years I’ve become keenly aware of artificial colors and flavors and have worked to eliminate them completely from my diet.

In fact, this little pot of Greek Yogurt is made from regionally-sourced milk and paired with 9-whole grain granola, toasted Blue Diamond Almonds, or dark chocolate to create a balance of yogurt and topping – you know, balance perfected!

Thick and creamy Yopa! by YoCrunch is available in several flavors

Thick and creamy Yopa! by YoCrunch is available in several flavors

But why eat Greek Yogurt? For one it’s a great source of protein. Each little 3.50 oz cup packs 16% of the recommended daily requirement for protein – that’s a great little afternoon pick-me-up! The larger 5.3 oz cups have 26%. Plus they’re a good source of calcium, have no cholesterol or trans-fat, and are made with 5 cultures and 3 probiotics, all things your body will thank you for.

Yopa Greek Yogurt Facebook Contest and Coupons

Yopa! Contest and Coupons

Yopa! authentic Greek yogurt  is brand new on store shelves and to celebration, they’re running a “Like Us on Facebook and you could win $10,000!” contest! Enter daily for your chance to win cash as well as prizes like an autograph autobiography by Gabby Douglas and free product vouchers.

Eating healthy helps me balance my life. How do you balance yours?

Speaking of balance, gold medalist Gabby Douglas is an expert, and she’s challenging you to take the Yopa! Taste Challenge where you can win a variety of prizes, including $10,000! Just “like” Yopa! on Facebook for a chance to win and to grab a coupon for $.50 (or more!) off one cup of Yopa! Authentic Greek Yogurt.

I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.


  1. Yopa’s yogurt with almonds is my all time favorite yogurt, but it is so hard to find. The one store that carries it only receives a few each week and 8 times out of 10, they don’t have it when I am there. Why is it sold in so few stores?

  2. YOPA is delicious yogurt I love it plain but have been known to put a few grapenuts cereal on for crunch. Now regulafr yogurt will never be the same..

  3. It’s good that they keep the granola separated from the yogurt. Won’t get soggy.

  4. The fact that they use local milk shows they care about the environment

  5. I like that the yogurt is vegetarian and is made through five cultures and three probiotics! I also appreciate that the milk is regionally sourced.

  6. I like that they use regionally-sourced milk. There can be a huge difference in the milk available from different farmers. It’s nice to know that they know exactly where the mil comes from.

  7. I like that there are no preservatives or artificial colors in any Yopa! I also like that it is a healthy greek yogurt that I would love to try. I am going to be looking for this yogurt today!

  8. i love greek yogurt can’t wait to try this !

  9. I didn’t know that some yogurts are vegetarian and that some aren’t. Glad for you that this one is vegetarian.

  10. Those three probiotics would be great in a yogurt.

  11. I didn’t notice before, but it’s great that the toppings include more than just granola. It’s actually 9-grain granola, which is amazing (didn’t even realize granola could come like that). And then there are the vanilla with the option of almonds or dark chocolate! Yum! I think I would actually eating vanilla with the Blue Diamond almond pieces, and would unquestionably enjoy it with the dark chocolate bits. These topping options just make the yogurt that much more appealing.

  12. Thanks for posting! The granola on top looks super yummy :)

  13. I think that I am going to try the Blueberry Yopa. I like that there are crunchy granola on top to add a nice change. I also like that it is Greek yogurt! Very healthy yogurt!

  14. I like that it has 3 probiotics, too. I just could do without the granola.

  15. If I got this, I’d probably eat all the granola and leave the yogurt.

  16. “Each little 3.50 oz cup packs 16% of the recommended daily requirement for protein – that’s a great little afternoon pick-me-up!”
    This is so great since I need all the protein I can get! I also like that there’s no cholesterol or trans fats!

  17. I saw a coupon for this in the Sunday paper. I just wish I could tolerate the taste… :(

  18. I like that this yogurt has 3 probiotics. Most yogurts on the market don’t have any or only have one. When you have digestive problems you really need a yogurt with probiotics. It helps a ton.

  19. I have a hard time eating yogurt – I just don’t care for it. I can eat the ones for kids in the tube though.

  20. I like this yogurt because it is made with a good deal of protein, and it has healthy probiotics. This is good for my digestion and this yogurt has so many delicious flavors.

  21. Does this company make yogurt without the granola? I like Greek yogurt, but not the granola.

  22. I’d love to enter this contest, but there is no way I am eating yogurt. I jsut can’t handle the taste.

  23. I just love that it comes with granola…it would make a great quick snack for the kids.

  24. I tried a generic Greek yogurt today that was ‘just ok’. ……gotta’ try the Yopa!

  25. This yogurt looks delicious and I would eat this and try it. I will be looking for this yogurt when I go grocery shopping this week!

  26. I would love to try the blueberry flavor first. It looks like fresh blueberries and I love blueberries. I only like when they use fresh fruit.

  27. I don’t want this granola yogurt. Want plain.

  28. I love the variety of fruit flavors they have! I’d be grabbing the black cherry first!

  29. It sounds great. I do not like yogurt though. I’ve tried multiple times to, but I just can’t

  30. Loving Greek Yogurt these days. I have been on a health kick since the beginning of this year and this has been a biggy for me.

    Never going back to non greek yogurt.

    Kevin Linkie

  31. I love Greek yogurt and Yopa is one I haven’t tried yet, but will look for it at the grocery stores I frequent. I like having a small container of yogurt after strenuous exercise to help my muscles rebuild and because it tastes good.

  32. I found some coupons to try out this new Yopa product. I like that it does not have dairy because I am sensitive to dairy products. But this new product looks like it is so healthy and the flavors look yummy!

  33. I really like that the granola is made with with 9-whole grains. I also love Blue Diamond Almonds, it sounds like a great mix. I hate when granola is to sweet. I printed my coupon so I can give it a try. Thanks.

  34. I like Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, too. Creamy & just a hint of tart.

  35. I wish I liked greek yogurt. I am not a fan of yogurt period, but greek yogurt is so sour-tasting that I can’t make myself eat it. Suggestions on how to get past that or mask the sourness of it?

    • Keep trying brands until you find the right one. For me, my go-to yogurt is Yammi Organic. It’s perfect. For you it could be another brand. Get used to regular yogurt first and then go to Greek. Good luck!

  36. I have to try the new Yopa yogurt! I liked that it is greek yogurt. I like the flavors and really think that this is an awesome healthy product to eat every day!

  37. I buy the regular YoCrunch yogurt and love it. We haven’t tried the Yopa yogurt yet. I would love to get my kids to eat it since it has so much protein. We have been working hard to get more protein into their diets. The smaller cups would be perfect for their lunch boxes. Thanks for sharing.

  38. I’ve found that greek yogurt makes a really good substitute for sour cream.

  39. I prefer Greek yogurt to the regular kind. I don’t want granola in mine – fruit is good.

  40. This Greek yogurt sounds wonderful to try. I hope my stores carry it, but I do not think I have seen it as of yet. I will have to keep looking. I only eat Greek Yogurt now and I love that this one is very natural and has delicious toppings too!

  41. I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. I love what it ‘doesn’t have’ – no preservatives or artificial colors. I hope I can find this at the store!

  42. I am a daily yogurt eater, and for some reason I never realized that there is vegetarian yogurt. I really think that I would love this yogurt. I am going to try it! I drink soy milk in my cereal, and I like greek yogurt so I am sure that I would love this yogurt!

    • It’s amazing the food items you’d *THINK* were vegetarian but aren’t. It makes it hard to eat processed food.

  43. My sister likes stuff in her yogurt so I’m sure she’ll like this.

  44. I love Greek-style yogurt! I’ve never heard of Yopa, but since it’s vegetarian I will have to scope it out soon. I like that it’s non-fat AND comes with granola. That’s really nice! That’s great that they’ve collaborated with Gabby Douglas. She’s such a talent and just a overall nice girl!

  45. I’ve never tried Greek yogurt. Looks like it would not be gelatinous like the regular yogurt that I had in the past.

  46. I must try this greek yogurt! I am picky when it comes to greek yogurt, but this looks really yummy!

  47. Just printed coupons for this too. Looks great. I best check into that sweepstakes. Thanks for info!

  48. I like Greek yogurt and eat it frequently. I don’t care for granola in mine. I entered the sweepstakes. Thanks.

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