My See's Candies Favorites
My See's Candies Favorites

My See’s Candies Favorites plus a fabulous reusable tote!

See’s Candies have been a favorite in our house since I was a child. I remember their iconic white boxes on special occasions and holidays and even now, when I see their kiosks at the mall at Christmas, I know that I’m in for a delicious treat! I usually stop by and pick up my favorites – I don’t wait for them to be gifted, I buy them for myself!

See's Candies Nuts and Chews Candy

One of my favorites from the See’s Candies Nuts and Chews Candy Assorted Box

My picks are their Nuts and Chews which include the most amazing caramel wrapped in chocolate, plus nuts and nougat in chocolate, mmm…..  I also love their Little Pops which are small stick-less versions of their lollipops (I get the pack with all the flavors – delicious!).

But what would I choose if I could only choose one sweet treat from their vast array of goodies? That’s easier than you’d think, because my hands down my favorite are the See’s Candies Toffee-ettes®. These little nuggets of flavor are so amazing that I have to enlist a family member to hide the can from me and ration out my servings or I could quite easily eat them all in one day! They are the most delicious pieces of buttery toffee, concealed inside smooth and sinful chocolate, and then completely covered in chopped almonds. They are simply the best chocolate covered toffee bites around.

Sees Candies Nuts and Chews Box of Candy

See’s Easter Gifts

See's Candies Easter Favorites

See’s Candies Easter Favorites

See’s Candies makes specialty chocolates and sweets for every major holiday so if you’re looking for a fabulous gift, or a special treat for yourself, check them out! See’s Easter gifts include decorated eggs, foil wrapped Easter Bunnies, and baskets of assorted chocolate.

Ya I know, Easter is a time when bunny and egg shaped chocolates are available everywhere, but if I’m going to eat that many calories, I want it to be worth it! I’d rather have one really amazing piece of chocolate than a bag full of chocolate flavored treats. Yuck

Behind the Scenes at See’s Candies

See’s Rocky Road Eggs are here! from See’s Candies on Vimeo.

Win a $25 Gift Certificate from See's Candy at MiscFinds4u.comSee’s Candies Fundraising

Need a new idea for fundraising? Check out their fundraising site. It’s an easy way for schools and groups earn money! Their fundraising specialists work with you to make your event a success. Wouldn’t it be nice to sell something people want.

See’s Candies are available online and it stores nationwide. Follow them on Facebook for updates and special promotions.

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  1. Tammy Greer

    A box of assorted truffles and some lollipops!

  2. susan smoaks

    if i won, i would get the Easter surprise basket!

  3. Erica C.

    I like their soft center chews.

  4. Sand

    I would purchase the toffeettes.

  5. Kathleen S.

    Some butterscotch suckers and their California Brittle, yum!

  6. Susan Smith

    I would get the toffettes

  7. Tara Woods

    I would purchase walnut fudge.

  8. sarah koerner

    i would love to get the nut and chews as this is my favorite candy!

  9. Monica P

    I would get the Easter Surprise Basket

  10. shawna

    I would like the toffettes.

  11. Crystal

    I’d buy anything caramel!!!

  12. Brittney House

    milk chocolate nut and chews

  13. Robin

    I would get the Easter Surprise Basket

  14. Susan Broughton

    I would get the box of assorted chocolates. I like to be surprised everytime you bite into the candy!

  15. Jennifer Reed

    I would get their Scotchmallow Eggs.

  16. Robert Pyszk

    I would get anything with peanut butter and chocolate in it

  17. James Beck

    Milk Chocolate Nuts and Chews

  18. pu ye

    The dark chocolate raspberry creme….yummy

  19. I think I’d get myself the California Brittle! Yum!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  20. sandra

    i’d get the Milk Chocolate Nuts and Chews

  21. Mel

    I like assorted chocolates

  22. Nancy

    The dark chocolate raspberry creme….yummy!

  23. David Rainey

    I have tried many different types of chocolate. Both Hershey’s and Nestle’s make awesome candy. But hands down, See’s Candy is the best chocolate I have ever eaten. Better than any Swiss chocolate!

  24. David Rainey

    I would love to buy some California Brittle, Toffee-ettes, and lots of milk chocolate mixed, some with nuts, others without.

  25. BonnieP

    I would choose the hand picked box with a favorite of everyone in my family included

  26. Elena

    I would get blueberry truffles

  27. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    Pecan Buds
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  28. ferriz

    lots of suckers. i am addicted.

  29. Lucy Nguyen

    I like the See’s Candies Toffee-ettes

  30. Bo

    I would get a box of their custom mix for my husband!

  31. dawn k

    Chocolate wih coconut.

  32. Tracy Robertson

    I would hand pick a box of my favorite soft centers!

  33. Mary Calabrese

    I’d get their peanut brittle

  34. Kyl Neusch

    Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs

  35. David Haug


  36. amber

    i would buy buttercreams, or might save for thanksgiving time for the pumpkin pie truffles they had this year

  37. Allie

    I would pick their peanut butter patties

  38. Stephanie Larison

    I’d love to try their Orange Cream Lollypops, yum!

  39. Rachel G

    Chocolate and jelly bird eggs for my nieces and nephews Easter baskets.

  40. Katherine

    CHocolate covered cherries

  41. Josie Hink

    Easter chocolate without nuts!!!

  42. Pearl

    Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs or bordeux egg.

  43. Monica Nuss

    don’t know, I like chocolate in general.

  44. Brynn

    Some of the Easter egg chocolate candies!

  45. mell

    I would buy some nuts and chews and a Rocky Road egg.

  46. Rebecca Graham

    I would buy the sugar free peanut brittle.

  47. Sonya

    I would get my husband his favorite…Molasses Chips

  48. Amy G.

    I would buy a box of dark chocolate Bordeaux.

  49. Stephanie V.

    milk chocolate buttercreams, bordeaux, toffee squares, some bunnies and eggs – oh how we love See’s and it is a part of our tradition every year!

  50. lisa lo

    Scotchmallow & Mayfair eggs look great.

  51. Sue Ellison

    I would buy a box of Nuts and Chews.

  52. Julie Lynn Bickham

    I would get the Springtime Truffles.

  53. Daraya

    I would love to try the Raspberry Truffle! :)

  54. Sarah S

    I would buy some butterscotch squares.

  55. Sunnymay

    See’s Candies just moved in by the food court at Beachwood Place and I’m going to splurge on chocolate pieces as I need to get in my chocolate fix daily.

  56. Cynthia C

    I would get some dark peppermints

  57. Molly

    The chocolate covered cherries are calling my name. Yum!

  58. Katherine

    CHocolate covered cherries forsure

  59. Ann Fantom

    I would love to try the 1lb. Dark Nuts and Chews chocolate assortment.

  60. Dk chocolate mint crispies, dark peppermints, molasses chips, Dk chocolate foil eggs, a couple of the tote bags.. so that way I could share!
    (LOVE See’s candies.. I could spend $100 in a cpl mins there! and happily!)
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  61. JenniferB

    I would get mayfair egg, jelly bird eggs and sour bunnies

  62. I’d buy chocolates to gift to a couple important people in our lives who have helped us immensely in the last year.

  63. Louis

    I love the Strawberry Truffles

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  64. Meryl

    The nuts and chews!

  65. Francine Anchondo

    Bunny Hop Box

  66. Kristen

    Polar Bear Paws

  67. Connie Lee

    I would get the box of Pecan Buds

  68. Jennifer sitz

    Something with caramel

  69. I would get the happy Easter oval fancy and the small lollipop box to share with my son.

  70. charj

    I would get a box of dark nuts and chews and a pound of key lime truffles

  71. Michelle H.

    I would probably purchase the springtime truffles.

  72. Shelley P

    a box of raspberry chocolate truffles : )

  73. Kate F.

    I would purchase molasses chips and bordeaux bars.

  74. tara b.

    i don’t know what i’d get…….i’ve never tried their candy before :(

  75. Jessie C.

    I ‘d get Toffee-ettes, we love them!

  76. Heather S.

    Chocolate Butter Eggs

  77. ELIZA E

    the chocolate brittle..chocolate covered peanuts and maybe the carmel nut clusters.

  78. Wanda McHenry

    Springtime Truffles

  79. Lenora D


  80. Ruth Eisen

    Just give me lots of really dark chocolate!! Thank you very much!!

  81. sandra davis

    Springtime Truffles look soooo good

  82. Kathie Craig

    Sugar Free Peanut Brittle

  83. Carol K.

    See’s Candies Toffee-ettes®.

  84. deb p

    peanut butter egg. yummy. 😀

  85. Sacha Schroeder

    Coconut haystacks!

  86. Sarah L

    Springtime Truffles
    Thanks for the contest.

  87. Christine Mayfield

    I would get Toffee-ettes I love toffee candy!


    I would purchase the Springtime truffles

  89. Diane Cooper

    Lots of Toffee!

  90. Lois M.

    Hi! :) Oh lord have mercy – I haven’t a clue, short of one of everything… but to give you something, I wouldn’t mind just the regular plain bunny – but the large one, of course. Nothing wrong with the small or medium – but large, lots of chocolate there! :)


  91. Christy

    The Rocky Road egg. My mom would love it.

  92. Karen Glatt

    I would love to get the East Rocky Road Egg! Looks delicious!

  93. Maryann D.

    I would purchase the Easter Surprise Basket.

  94. Sarah

    Some candy for my son’s Easter basket and a little treat for me!