The Croods – My Favorite DIY, How To, and Printable Pins #TheCroods

DreamWorks Animation The Croods In Theaters March 22, 2013

DreamWorks Animation The Croods In Theaters March 22, 2013

The Croods, the world’s very first prehistoric family goes on a road trip to an uncharted and fantastical world on March 22, 2013. The film, directed by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders stars: Nicolas Cage (Grug), Ryan Reynolds (Guy), Emma Stone (Eep), Catherine Keener (Ugga), Clark Duke (Thunk), and Cloris Leachman (Gran).

To celebrate the release of this animated film, Dreamworks’ has pinned some fun DIY and How-To pins on The Croods Pinterest page. There are so many great activities, downloadables and printables, recipes, and art from the film to choose from, but these are my favorites. Some involve spending some time with nature, or creating it. Others inspire creativity and/or imagination. All are linked to this new animated family film that releases in theaters this month!

The Croods Pinterest Page Highlights

Source: DreamWorks on Pinterest

Source: DreamWorks on Pinterest

The Croods face the end of the world, but with this fun how to, you’ll build your own eco system! A fun art project for kids! Leaf printing! Pick uniquly shaped leaves and print on paper, fabric, t-shirts, etc. So many creative uses!

Source: DreamWorks on Pinterest

Source: DreamWorks on Pinterest

A few fresh (or silk) flowers and a few other details and you’ll have a sweet floral headband for yourself or to give as a gift! A fun and simple nail art application inspired by the movie’s iconic look and perfect for Easter!

Source: DreamWorks on Pinterest

Source: DreamWorks on Pinterest

An easy how-to for a fun and messy updo hairstyle inspired by teen daughter, Eep, who’s voiced by Emma Stone in this new movie in theaters March 2013. Meet The Croods in this fun trailer! You’ll fall in love with this prehistoric family which has many of the same issues as modern ones with the added stress of the end of the world.

Source: viaDreamWorks on Pinterest

Source: viaDreamWorks on Pinterest

Free downloads and printables! From dot-to-dot and color by number to free games to take on your next road trip!

Source: viaDreamWorks on Pinterest

Source: viaDreamWorks on Pinterest

Check out The Croods on Pinterest and you’ll find art from the movie, recipes, and more. I can’t wait for this film to come out in theaters!

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  1. T.h.Ransom


  2. Claudia

    email subscriber with email
    nclaudia 25 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. Claudia

    I Like Grug , I like the voice of Nicolas Cage,

  4. Kassie Jo Lauhoff

    I would have to say Eep!

  5. Virginia Rowell

    Have to be Gran.

  6. Tricia Andrews

    Just saw the movie this weekend. I am most like Gran even though I am 39 years old!

  7. Victoria R.

    Definitely Eep! We loved her!

  8. Dorothy Hubbard

    It would be Gran because I am a grandma.

  9. laura ari

    I love Grug.

  10. Kelly Britton

    I am the matriarch of my family so I probably resemble Gran the most.

  11. Sarah Hall

    Since I’m a grandma, I guess it would be Gran.

  12. Shannon

    maybe Eeep

  13. Leslie L. Stanziani

    I think I am most like Guy.He seems to solve problems and that is what I do bet.

  14. Debra Guillen


  15. nicole


  16. amy d

    i would say Grug

  17. Nicole C.

    Ugga, probably

  18. krystal wethington


  19. Corey Olomon


  20. Tonya Dean


  21. heather c

    I can’t see myself freaking out over shoes like Eep, so let’s go with Gran.

  22. Sheila Hickmon

    Probably Eep.

  23. Kayla M

    Probably Eep.

  24. Lesley F


  25. mary j

    probably Gran

  26. Maya H.U.

    Eep because my hair is always messy

  27. Kirsten


  28. Allison


  29. Sherry Conrad


  30. Kathy B

    I’m gran without a doubt

  31. Barbara Stenby

    Eep because my hair is always messy

  32. Elizabeth Miller


  33. DeeAnn S

    Probably Gran. She can drive everyone crazy! 😉

  34. julie murphy


  35. tracey byram


  36. Brian E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…Grug !!!

  37. Lily @Militaryfamof8

    I think Eeps 😉

  38. jen gersch


  39. Bella Taul

    I think I will love both Eep and Guy.

  40. Denise Donaldson


  41. Suzie Williams

    I think Eep.

  42. Christina

    I identify with Eep!

  43. Samii Meyer

    Probably Eep

  44. cassandra

    I like eep

  45. Gianna


  46. Kathleen S.

    Probably Eep!

  47. Kate S

    Definitely Eep :)

  48. Lisa

    I’d say eep

  49. Jason

    I think maybe grug.

  50. Pauline M

    Maybe Grug, but I’d have to see the movie first!

  51. Julie Harris

    Probably Eep!

  52. Lori Snyder

    I would say Ugga, without a doubt lol

  53. Kayla

    Probably Eep

  54. amberlyn johnson


  55. Eric Schultz


  56. Wanda Banks


  57. Melanie Montgomery

    EEP will be my fave.

  58. Susan Smith

    I’d say Grug

  59. Nancy Sloan

    I thnk Eepj

  60. Paula Tavernie

    I think Ugga!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  61. Mel Caluag

    I’d go with Eep. This character looks just like me right now!

  62. Kristi DeMaria

    I’ll identify with the little sloth 😉

  63. Tamara

    I would identify most with eep

  64. latoya

    Eep-..makes me think of myself as a teen.

  65. Jason

    I am going to go with Thunk!

  66. Rebecca Peters

    the girl with orange hair.. I am sorry I do not know their names

  67. Bonny

    Probably Eep

  68. monica meza

    Can I just choose Belt since he is so adorable?! I choose Belt!


    Can I just chose Belt since he’s so adorable?! I choose Belt!

  70. Julie Hawkins

    I think guy

  71. Michelle W

    I’m going with Guy

  72. Leslie J

    Probably Eep — I was so much like that back in the day!

  73. Mihaianu

    yeep Ugga seems nice for me too

  74. Erica C.

    Ugga seems nice.

  75. Gennie Lancaster

    I would identify with Ugga.

  76. Aubrey

    I would identify with ugga

  77. wendy rozema


  78. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  79. Derrick C.

    Grug because of him and I both being overprotective parents at times.

  80. Jill

    I’d identify with eep.

  81. stephanie fletcher

    I don’t know. I haven’t watched it yet.

  82. kathy pease

    I guess I would have to say Eep

  83. s riches

    I would say Grug.

  84. Jill L

    Ugga as I’m always the mom.

  85. Elaine C

    For me it is Eep

  86. Dorothy Sandman

    Eep for me!

  87. Karen Che

    I’m guessing Sandy, haha.

  88. Deb C

    Probably Ugga. I like her “cave design”

  89. Kathy D

    I guess Eep

  90. Jennifer Reed

    I am going to go with Gran played by Cloris Leachman.

  91. Jennifer Villanueva

    Eep all the way!

  92. amy pugmire

    my girls loved eb. They dance to their own tune! I was like that too!

  93. Leighann Platt

    I think Ugga since I am a mom, but I do crave to get out once in a while like Eep.

  94. Tabathia B

    I would say Eep

  95. wendy b


  96. Jeanna

    I’d would have to say Eep!

  97. Angela W

    It has to be Eep

  98. courtney b

    i like thunk 😛

  99. joni

    i’d say Eep

  100. Sonia

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’d say I’m like the teenage girl :)

  101. Derek Timm

    I would have to say Grug

  102. Robin

    It has to be Eep

  103. Brandi Gordon

    I guess I most identify with Eep =)

  104. Karen

    Probably Ugga.

  105. Shayne Carson

    Got to be Grug! Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. Alycia

    I’m not sure who I’d most identify with, but I really like Cloris Leachman, so I’m excited to see this!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  107. Chad H

    Grug, thats what the kids voted me as anyway.

  108. Debra Hall

    I think i can relate to gran

  109. Carla

    Eep, probably.

  110. MaryR

    Eep played by Emma Stone.

  111. Dan R

    I guess eep?

  112. Lorena Keech

    I won’t know until I see the movie, but probably the “nose picker!”

  113. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Definitely Eep!

  114. Ian Vill


  115. Susan Broughton

    I guess it would be eep

  116. Helen Stockwell

    Emma Stone’s character… being over-protected

  117. Lorrie Hart

    I identify with Ugga, she wants to give Eep opportunities but completely understands her husbands’ protective tendencies!

  118. Sonya Morris

    Probably Eep. :)

  119. Steve Stone

    I like guy

  120. Serena Powell

    Probably Belt the Sloth

  121. Emmy

    I heard an ad for this on the radio, and I would choose this one:
    “Look, I made SHOES!” – Man
    “I WANT THEM!” -Woman

  122. Carmen Van Deursen


  123. meme

    most likely Gran

  124. Alison M.


  125. Susan F

    Probably Ugga

  126. Kellie

    It would be Eep, because I have that curiosity factor about me too.

  127. Katherine H

    I would say Gran.

  128. Brittney House

    I think jammie

  129. Lillian


  130. Racheal


  131. kathy f

    Cloris Leachman as Gran.

  132. Mendy Dinsmore

    I think I’m Gran.

  133. Carmen Peterson


  134. Daniel M

    the new guy

  135. Jennifer

    ugga! who wouldn’t love a name like that!

  136. Candice

    I like the sloth.

  137. Kim Henrichs

    I’ll probably identify with Eep

  138. dan williams


  139. Terra Heck

    probably Eep

  140. Danna Wolf

    Probably the wacky grandma

  141. Ian Vill

    The monkey

  142. Kyl Neusch

    be Eep

  143. Annette Rosenberg

    I’m guessing Gran, but we’ll have to see!

  144. kim s

    Probably Belt… I’ve always been a little sloth-like :-) Thank you!!

  145. Crystal F

    I would have to say Eep. thank you!

  146. Rachael E

    sandy for sure

  147. Bo

    I think I’m most like Ugga!

  148. Emily

    I think it would be Eep.

  149. kim

    I think I most Identify with EEp

  150. Tammy S

    I would have too Gran she pretty cool says whats on her mind

  151. Geoff K

    I’d have to go with Sandy – I still have a bit of a wild child left in me!

  152. Cody Anderson


  153. Lauren

    EEP, can’t wait to see movie

  154. Jessica Rose

    Eep for sure!

  155. Nancy

    I think I would most identify with Eep.

  156. steve weber

    I would say Eep

  157. Terra Heck

    I’d say Eep, the rebellious daughter. Thanks.

  158. gina

    I think I’m most like Eep

  159. Kathie Craig

    Gran—I love Cloris Leachman

  160. shirley

    Eep, I think.

  161. elven johnson


  162. Wanda McHenry

    Definitely Epp!

    • Wanda McHenry

      I mean Eep!

  163. Terra

    The sloth…

  164. Michelle Z

    Eep and Gran! Thanks for the contest!

  165. Jennifer Cetoute

    Eep! This movie looks so cute!

  166. Jill

    I think I’m most like Eep

  167. Stephanie Larison

    Eep, I love adventure!

  168. Anastasia

    OH, it’d have to be the sloth lol :)

  169. Jacob LaFountaine

    I want to think I’m Guy

  170. casey everidge

    i would be more like Eep!

  171. kymi a

    I would identify more with Eep

  172. shelby brigham

    I think the main girl

  173. Theresa Shafer

    I like the monkey, what a sense of humore.

  174. John Stetson

    It’s Grug for me


    Hmmmm… Probably Eep !!

  176. Monica Nuss

    don’t know, I just heard about them

  177. McKim

    I could probably relate to Gran.

  178. Sarah

    Eep, for sure!

  179. Kathleen Downes

    Definitely Eep.

  180. Tiffaney Hackley

    Loving Eep !!!!

  181. mell

    Eep is who I am most likely to identify with.

  182. Linda G


  183. Jan Lee

    I probably identify most with Ugga, the mother :)

  184. Margot C

    Oh, Eep, my voice actually sounds a lot like Emma Stone

  185. Rebecca Graham


  186. kelly nicholson

    sloth me

  187. ron

    the sloth

  188. Gina Ferrell

    I am most likely identify with Eep.

  189. Russell Moore

    Probably Thunk.

  190. lisa lo

    ugga :o)

  191. katherine tino

    I’d probably identify w/Eep, the mom, because I too, like to try new things and I’m a mother w/ a crazy, loving family who always stick together.


    I identify with Eep :)

  193. rebecca shockley

    I’m an eep too

  194. alcee clayborne

    I love gran

  195. Linda Lansford


  196. Kiara

    I think Eep.

  197. lauren knott

    Eep I think, this movie looks great!

  198. Janice Whitaker


  199. Claire

    Probably Eep!

  200. Sarah S

    I think I will like Eep.

  201. Gina

    I think it would have to be Eep.

  202. Tara

    Probably Eep!

  203. Kate F.

    I think I’d most identify with Eep.

  204. Kim H

    I would have to say Eep


    Gran for sure!

  206. Amber

    I think I’ll most identify with Emma Stone’s Eep!

  207. I would have to say I most identify with Eep!

  208. Mia Dentice Carey


  209. Sunnymay

    Cloris Leachman as Gran is my favorite, because I’ve been a Grandma for 11 months.

  210. susan wiener

    Eeep is my fav. thx

  211. Melissa

    belt! :)

  212. Margaret Smith

    Eep Crood.
    Thanks so much.

  213. Tamar

    I think Eep!!!

  214. Cynthia C

    Probably Eep.

  215. Ann Fantom

    I think I could identify with Ugga

  216. Adrienne Gordon


  217. Amy Green


  218. Jessica

    I will probably like Eep

  219. Mary A

    LOL maybe Gran since I’m a grandma!

  220. Natalie U

    I identify wit ugga being a mom and all
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  221. tls simms

    probably Eep..gotta keep the hair looking nice :) thanks

  222. Danai


  223. Seyma Shabbir

    Grug the father

  224. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames)

    I’d have to go with Guy.

  225. Tammy Shelton

    I think I might like Gran.

  226. Kelly D

    I will identify with Ugga.

  227. Elena


  228. Michelle C

    Ugga, for sure. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  229. Ellen B

    I think Gran – thanks for the giveaway

  230. JenniferB


  231. Cheryl Abdelnour


  232. soha molina

    with Grug

  233. Barbara Montag

    Gran since I’m a grandma – thank you.

    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  234. Louis

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  235. Francine Anchondo


  236. sandra davis

    i think it would be Ugga Crood

  237. Jessica To

    I think I would identify with Eep!

  238. Eep! And also I love Emma Stone!

  239. Heather S.

    Definitely Eep.

  240. Wild Orchid


    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  241. Karen Glatt

    I Like Emma Stone’s character Eep! I have seen the reviews for this movie and it looks so fun to watch. Great movie to take the kids to see!

  242. Lenora D

    Probably Eep

  243. Mary Withrow

    Gran because I love to eat! Lol Super cute site for the children! Thank you
    When you hit, “Check out The Croods on Pinterest and you’ll find art from the movie, recipes, and more. I can’t wait for this film to come out in theaters!” (The link don’t work) The other one did though!

  244. melina r


  245. Jessie C.

    I’d like Eep

  246. Mami2jcn

    I think Ugga.

  247. Gran because at 50 I am so opinionated & outspoken & don’t care what other’s think at this point in my life.

  248. Thomas Murphy

    I think Grug

  249. Colleen Boudreau


  250. Mary Somerville

    I think it would be Gran.

  251. Sacha Schroeder

    Probably Eep.

  252. D SCHMIDT

    I think I would have to say Eep!

  253. Amanda Sakovitz

    I would mostly relate to Eep

  254. Shannon

    I’d relate to Eep

  255. harmony b

    Im more like Eep

  256. Lisa Brown

    Follow RSS feed with Google reader via email: lisa.brown24 at gmail dot com
    Subscribed email subscriptions via: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  257. Lisa Brown

    I can identify with Eep, the teenage rebel :)

  258. Cynthia R

    identify with Eep

  259. Janet W.

    Not sure what meal?

    My grandson would love to see this! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Connie

      Well that’s embarrassing! Someone (me) forgot to change the question :) Your comment counts and it’s been updated. Sorry!

  260. Tammy S

    Not sure on the meal. Something cook over a fire. My daughter would love the plush toy.

  261. Maryann D.

    The Sloth plush toy would be great to have for a collection.

  262. Sarah L

    Which Meal? Ihop again? Spinach one.
    Thanks for the contest.

  263. JD Northwest

    Not quite sure what recipe I’d try first. The kids would love the activities.

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