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Crochet How To: Mix and Match Free Patterns for Unique Hats

Crotchet How To: Child size bucket hat or adult small cap - free crochet pattern

Crochet How To: Be Fearless

Don’t be afraid to make changes in printed patterns and mix and match pieces of different patterns to make a unique hat. The hat above is a creation of the two patterns below plus a few changes. It’s shown on an adult head where it can be worn as a cap or on a tween, teen, or child as a bucket hat. Another version is below without adornment.

Free Adult Hat Crochet Pattern

Free Adult Hat Crochet Pattern

This free crochet hat pattern is available from the Caron Yarn website and was created for their Simply Soft line of yarn.

Called “Elegant Hat,” this hat is worked in single crochets in the round until you get to the band when it’s  worked in the back loops only and then crab-stitched over after finishing the hat (reverse single crochet). The single layer bow is then created as three pieces, sewn together, and then added to the hat.

Here are the changes I made:

  • I tried the crab stitch on the hat several times, in different colors, and with different size hooks. I just didn’t like it. The plain horizontal stitches used to anchor the crabstitch looks great, so I opted to skip this step.
  • I did reverse single crochet on the brim – it just looks more finished to me.
  • I substituted the flower below for the bow Caron created and I left one hat without any embellishment at all.
  • I crochet tightly so I went up one hook size and still created a small adult hat. With the hook size they recommend, I got a child-size hat.

Use a measuring tape and check your gauge if you’re trying to fit a specific size. Mine are being donated so it’s perfect that they’re for girls of all ages.

Free Flower Pattern & Video Tutorial

Crochet How To - Free Bucket Style Crochet Hat Pattern

Yarn Used in this Project

More free Crochet Patterns and How To Tutorials

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  1. I would like the pattern

  2. Once I am finished working on more crocheted granny squares (on a roll here), I am going to test out a hat. I have always avoided them with knitting, but thing this would be fun to try.

    • I have it easy, I’m making random sizes for people I don’t know :) It’ll be a little harder if you need a specific size, but I have no doubt you can do it! I’m going to add some zebra striped ones I did last night. I finished two kids’ size hats in about 4 hours!

  3. This crocheted hat is so cute the one that is gray! I like crocheted hats that have different designs and colors. It is so original to make and wear your own hat. I am getting the supplies to make my own hat and one for my sister! Thanks for the information on this!

    • I’d love to see your finished projects!

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