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IHOP Griddle Melts – Available Anytime

Lunch out with the hubby - checking out the IHOP Griddle Melts IHOP #griddlemelts

Lunch out with the hubby – checking out the IHOP Griddle Melts

I’m stuffed! IHOP wasn’t kidding when they said their new Griddle Melts were “large” and “hearty!” Now that I’ve enjoyed one I can attest to that!

The hubby and I took a rare afternoon off together to head to the paint store for a project but alas, neither of us thought to check to see if they were open. Turns out they take Sunday’s off. So putting our project on hold gave us the chance to do something we rarely get to do…have a leisurely lunch out together.

We went to our local International House of Pancakes (IHOP) located in a large shopping mall about 10 miles from our house. The location is convenient and it’s part of a nice little subdivision of shops and restaurants. We expected to have to wait for a table because we arrived just minutes behind the after-church-crowd and the restaurant was packed. But luck was on our side and a very large booth was available for us and we were seated immediately

IHOP Griddle Melt Sandwiches Spinach, Roasted Pepper and Cheese and Ham & Egg Melt IHOP #griddlemelts

IHOP Griddle Melt Sandwiches Spinach, Roasted Pepper and Cheese and Ham & Egg Melt

Win a trip to the Caribbean from IHOPNew IHOP Griddle Melts

Our server was friendly and as we ordered he teased us a bit about the amount of food we requested. My husband assured him he could eat it all. The server just grinned.

When the new IHOP Griddle Melts arrived we found out the server was right – we ordered WAY too much food! We each ordered one of the 3 new sandwiches – I chose the vegetarian-friendly spinach, roasted pepper and cheese (less the peppers) which arrived piled high with onions, three cheeses (provolone, parmesan, and pepper jack), on top of the equivalent in eggs to a large omelet with fresh spinach leaves on grilled bread. The only thing that could make this sandwich better would be fresh tomatoes ….it was delicious!  I made the mistake of getting a whole sandwich. I was barely able to finish half and I was hungry!

Sadly I didn’t think to take the bread off the sandwich and bring the filling home so half of my sandwich went into the trash; what a waste. I received a small bowl of fresh fruit with my meal which had a nice selection of melons and citrus fruits.

The hubby ordered the new Ham & Egg Griddle Melt, thankfully just a half sandwich, because it was about 4” high and piled with an omelet, ham, and American cheese on grilled sourdough. He opted for hash browns, cream of broccoli soup, and a side salad.

Paying the bill was painless - $4.99 and $7.99 for our sandwiches IHOP #griddlemelts

Paying the bill was painless – $4.99 and $7.99 for our sandwiches

Prices for the new IHOP Griddle Melts are a reasonable $4.99 for half a sandwich and $7.99 for a full sandwich each served with your choice of fresh fruit, French fries, or hash browns.

Definitely take a friend with you and share a sandwich. My husband and I both enjoyed the food and the banter with the server. I was a great afternoon and much more fun than painting.

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