In the blink of an eye he grew up and now has grown up responsibilities

Being a parent doesn’t stop the moment your child reaches 18; at least it didn’t with us. Our children may be adults, but they still need our guidance as they navigate the beginning of their lives.

Luckily, there are resources we can count on to help. Experts to help us support our children as they navigate these tricky years when they’re starting to make their own decisions. Insurance is a topic we covered with both of our kids, but what we found really helpful was an unbiased source that’s available online that helped us back up our recommendations.

We used InsureU recently when our oldest son bought a new car and his own automobile insurance for the first time in his life. Our traditional insurance company was much too pricey for him, so he found an alternative that provided the coverage he needed and more importantly, at the price he could afford. By using InsureU, he knew what type of coverage he needed and more importantly, the site provided information on how to checkout the company he wanted to purchase from

When his car was stolen and missing for almost a month just four short months after he bought it, he knew he was covered and that the company had a reputation for being very customer friendly. Thankfully, his car was completely restored to its new condition.

Insure U online resource for insurance information

Unbiased Help to Find the Right Insurance Coverage for YOUR Life Situation 

InsureU is an online resource for home, auto, health, and life insurance. They provide tips for young adults (and us older ones too) that are created and funded by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC); the organization of insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

The InsureU website provides information for every life situation – single parents, domestic partnerships, young families, singles, military, single parents, small business, and more.

NAIC’s Insure This? Campaign

But the company has a new campaign called Insure This? which focuses on college students and recent graduates to make them aware of some of the potential pitfalls they can fall into during this time in their life. This is a crucial period that can put them on the path to financial success or find them drowning in medical debt for lack of insurance.

The NAIC’s Insure This? Campaign includes some fabulous interactive guides to help you and your child. Here are our favorites:

  • Life Lessons Cards: Mini, real-life scenarios that encourage readers to “think again” about what they think they know about insurance.
  • Under-30 Quiz: Test your knowledge about insurance and check your insurance IQ with this fun, online quiz.  I got 100% correct – how did you score?

Plus they cover life events – like what happens when you decide to get married. What’s covered under your renters insurance? What to know about job hunting and health insurance benefits. What to do before you buy that new car or rent your first apartment. A go-to guide for every little adventure they’ll partaking in in the next few years.

Win a $50 Gas Card from NAIC and - ends 2/25/13 1pm PT

Win a $50 Gas Card from NAIC and – ends 2/25/13 1pm PT

Learn What the Under-30’s Need to Know about Insurance:

Visit the website to see if you’ve got it all covered. And if you think you’ve got years before you have to worry about it, let me tell you, it truly does go by in the blink of an eye and you’ll be shopping with your child for car insurance before you know it.

What major life event do you have on the horizon? Are you prepared?

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  1. Corey Olomon

    I’ve been lucky. insurance has always paid me relatively quickly and fairly.

  2. Rosey

    My two oldest turning old enough to drive (and yikes, borrow the car!).

  3. Sarah L

    I’ve been lucky in my 64 years that I haven’t had many insurance moments. A couple of mostly minor car accidents.
    Thanks for the contest.

  4. J

    Mine is when lightning struck our backyard and blew out electronics.

  5. wendy wallach

    hurricane sandy!

  6. Erica C.

    When a bumper came flying off another car and onto mine, I had a hard time with my insurance company and definitely re-evaluated my priorities.

  7. Lillian

    When a drunk driver “caressed” my car and a few others parked on the road at 7am.

  8. michelle king

    new car

  9. Breanne

    My sister crashing her car

  10. denise

    my life insurance moment is adding a child as a second driver.

  11. Brittney House

    I would like to leave my family with a piece of mind when I leave this earth, and not a pile of bills.

  12. Sarah Zaengle

    Though life insurance took awhile to get going for me, with physicals, and getting medical records, I found a policy that is affordable for me, and will take care of my family should anything happen to me. Peace of mind!

  13. Brittany Siders

    When someone totaled my car while I was asleep and because I didnt have vandalism coverage on my car I paid for it!

  14. Jill Myrick

    When my 19 yr. old niece came to live with us we added her to our car insurance policy. Little did we know that our premium would increase 330.00 a month.


  15. susan smoaks

    my insurance life moment is the realization that i could be gone in an instant and i want my family to be taken care of when i am gone!

  16. Kelly Britton

    My husband passed unexpectedly at the age of 47, three years ago this coming March. Our life insurance lapsed for two months and I ended up losing everything.

  17. michelle oakley warner

    i havent had an insurance life moment yet, hopefully i dont, but i want the best insurance for when my kids start driving having just the minimum is not ok sometimes

  18. Hesper Fry

    When I got in a bad car accident and totaled my car.

  19. Ari

    The day I became old enough that I wasn’t covered under my dad’s health insurance and had to pay for my own.

  20. Rosanne

    I’m a Top Dog according to the quiz but had a few accidents where I was hit by others and wound up in hospital

  21. James Beck


  22. Shar

    diagnosed with MS

  23. Lisa F.

    Having to have a sleep study done to diagnose sleep apnea.

  24. Susan Smith

    When I totaled my car in an accident.

  25. Shannon

    The diamond fell out of my engagement ring…

  26. Robin

    When a semi totaled my car

  27. Elizabeth Owens

    I am happy to say I have not had one!

  28. Gina H.

    Losing my job

  29. David Haug

    when i almost died from food poisoning at age 24.

  30. beth dunlavy hoppe

    mine is losing my job and needed health insurance

  31. Joni Owada

    Guess when I started paying for it myself, and was not on my parent’s plan anymore.

  32. Stephanie

    love this giveaway!!!

  33. Erin Collins

    Having dental insurance when I had a pricey procedure.

  34. Kelly D

    My insurance life moment was getting married, and now having 2 young children that will soon want friends to come along on car trips.

  35. When I wrecked my truck in the rain in 2007. That was a bad day.

  36. Jasanna Czellar

    Getting towed when I locked my keys in the car 3x! :)

  37. Louis

    getting a good insurance what doesn’t break the bank
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  38. Danielle Porter

    Just insuring my husband and I! Both under 25.

  39. ronnette gideon

    findting out i had breast cancer in 2011

  40. Donna George

    When my car was totalled by a 16 year old driver

  41. sandra davis

    losing my job and my health insurance and needing it so bad right now but cant afford an individual policy so just keep suffering till i find another job.

  42. kathy whitney

    How much is this going to cost me??

  43. Mary Wright

    Having a driver grow up out of the expensive ages is a real treat!

  44. Becky Richied

    That I have gotten to this age and the first of my daughters has the desire to drive. The two daughter older than her had no desire to rush to drive. It still gives me goosebumps and makes me jumpy

  45. Ronda

    Paying for 2 children at a time, then getting a year off and starting over with another child.

  46. Kyl Neusch

    paying for it

  47. Jannie Bryant

    My youngest daughter turning 14 and I realized she will be driving in a couple of years.

  48. Linda Brooks

    Mine is when I lost my job and lost my insurance

  49. Nancy Bowers

    My insurance life moment was having to insure a young driver.

  50. Cheryl Everitt

    Getting insurance on my house!

  51. Mary

    Once we had children, we decided we’d get life insurance as soon as we were able to.

  52. Wanda McHenry

    My insurance life moment was when my husband had a major car accident and had injuries.

  53. Nancy Sloan

    Buying a hone.

  54. Ellie W

    Helping my youngest son buy his first car and get his own insurance.


    When I bought health and life insurance. Now I won’t be a burden if I get sick or the inevitable happens.

  56. Susan P.

    My youngest daughter will be driving soon and she will be added to our car insurance – oh joy!

  57. sandra

    the births of our children

  58. Ashley Morrissey

    Good coverage is always a concern

  59. Katie Contests

    When I started footing the bill, rather than my parents

  60. McKim

    When our infant son passed away, I realized that you are never too young to have life insurance.

    • Connie

      I’m so sorry for your loss and yes, even our little ones need insurance. (((HUGS)))

  61. Nancy Bowers

    My insurance life moment is having a young driver insured.

  62. Aubrey

    my life moment is worrying about enough for retirement

  63. I do not have nearly enough. Savings is harder than anything in the times we are all having

  64. mine is that i need a lot more coverage than i have

  65. Sandy VanHoey

    I always worry about cost and having great coverage, is it ever enough

  66. Christine M

    the birth of my son changed everything

  67. rebecca shockley

    My insurance moment was when I started paying for auto insurance on my own, ouch

  68. Do we have an adequate amount of renters insurance?

  69. Connie Lee

    My insurance life moment facing retirement, do I have enough coverage and can I still afford it.

  70. Cynthia R

    mine is buying a house

  71. Julie

    my insurance LIFE MOMENT is driving around my 3 yr daughter:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  72. Denise L

    My insurance life moment was almost 21 years ago, when my daughter was born and I suddenly was driving around with a new baby.

  73. Rebecca Graham

    My moment is buying a new home soon.

  74. Jill

    My insurance life moment is having a son who is under 25 that drives.

  75. Mary Casper

    my insurance life moment is all my debt

  76. Suzanne K

    Mine was when my teen started driving (ouch!)

  77. Sarah Hirsch

    my insurance life moment is buying a new house

  78. Stephanie Phelps

    I have four sons driving and I have no plan

  79. MaryR

    My insurance life moment is having teenage drivers.

  80. My son just turned 16 yesterday, so this subject is just unfolding.

    My daughter passed away at age 11, so this was an entirely different conversation as it related to her life.

  81. Thomas Gibson

    My insurance life moment is everyday. Knowing my family will be taken care of if something should happen.

  82. Ellen B

    well right now we insure my son’s car but he wants to buy a “newer” truck so we told him that he now has get his own insurance

  83. Nora Driskel

    Son just turned 16

  84. colleen boudreau

    I don’t have an insurance life moment yet.

  85. Janice

    My insurance life moment was a car accident.

  86. Cynthia C

    My life moment was when I discovered how expensive health insurance is.


    insurance life moment in progress

  88. Myrna

    I don’t have an insurance life moment yet…

  89. Ann Fantom

    My insurance life moment was when a gentleman made an illegal left hand turn in front of me and I T-boned his car

  90. Janet

    My insurance life moment was when my car was rear-ended while I was pregnant. Talk about scary.

  91. melissa Resnick

    Our life moment is having enough life insurance.

  92. Katherine

    Checking our life insurance when our first child was born

  93. dan williams

    don’t have a insurance life moment

  94. Amy Orvin

    my insurance life moment was when I wrecked into a ditch. Oops!

  95. Margaret Smith

    Our life moment is having enough life insurance.

  96. Wild Orchid

    My moment was when my husband hit a deer!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  97. S Carter

    My insurance life moment was losing an expensive piece of jewelry. luckily I had good documentation and photos for my jewelry.

  98. Tammy S

    My insurance life moment was when my son had a biker pull right in front of him and he clipped her. It wasn’t his fault but it was a painful lesson.

  99. Thomas Murphy

    my insurance life moment was when I was in a bad car accident

  100. Caroline

    My insurance life moment is realizing how much insurance costs…

  101. Amanda Sakovitz

    my insurance life moment just happened a few weeks ago. I was parked and someone trying to pull in the space next to me hit my car.

  102. Tabathia B

    Knowing that eventually I will allow my two 18 year old daughters to get their license and drive unsupervised

  103. Jessica To

    My insurance moment was when my parents told me I was coming off of their insurance and had to buy my own.

  104. Lisa Brown

    email subscriber with: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com
    rss feed with google reader via email: lisa.brown24 at gmail dot com

  105. Lisa Brown

    My insurance life moment was when my husband was in a motorcycle accident and was in intensive care…scarey!

  106. Jessie C.

    My insurance ‘life moment’ is when we got our first car many years back, hubby and I were young and that was the moment when I realized our journey has begun.

  107. Elena

    My insurance moment was getting a life insurance after I got very sick

  108. Mary Beth Elderton

    My insurance moment was having my son…what if something should happen??? The next big insurance moment was insuring him to drive—holy moly!

    • Connie

      Holy Moly is right! Sending out my beloved child in my car was always scary!

  109. My insurance life moment was the first time I had to pay for things on my own. Car, apartment, health, and eventually life insurance. Major eye openers for an adult. Thank goodness we have a few more years before the oldest starts to drive – that will be the next one.