No Text is Worth Dying For

Scosche CellControl Safe Driving System

My husband is a firefighter and I suppose even before I married him I was a bit of a safety nut. Perhaps it’s because of this that I love to champion businesses that are doing good. I’ve written about this program before, but I want to remind you again about the fabulous program sponsored by AT&T. It’s the “It Can Wait” campaign.

No, it’s not about losing your virginity, it’s about distracted driving. It’s about making driving your focus, not who’s on Facebook or who’s texting to see where you are.

I think we sometimes get so complacent behind the wheel with eating, drinking, switching the radio, tending to the kids…we forget we’re driving a deadly weapon. One distracted second and we can plow into an innocent person. Can wreak so much havoc. Can kill. All because we couldn’t do the one job required of us at that moment – to drive safely.

Take the Pledge to NEVER Text and Drive

AT&T wants people to Take the Pledge to NEVER Text and Drive – by taking the pledge, you agree you won’t text message, email, surf the web, watch a video, etc., while you’re driving. Ever. Why? Because drivers are 23 times more likely to get into a wreck when they’re distracted. Notice I didn’t say “accident?” That’s because it’s no accident when someone makes the decision to put a text over someone else’s life.

Scosche CellControl Safe Driving System

Want some help in the texting and driving issue? There’s a fantastic device called the Scosche CellControl Safe Driving System. It works on any car manufactured after 1996 and with over 1,200 cellphones. It disables the cellphone from being able to text, access the Internet (including emails), make or take calls, run apps, and more while the car is in motion while still allowing access to the user’s music library applications. But the best feature is that if you have a compatible Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile phone, the system will warn you if it’s tampered with or removed.

As parents with former teenagers, we’d have loved to have had this device available to us. At just under $75 (regularly $99) from the AT&T website, it’s an inexpensive product that provides peace of mind for any parent of a teen or spouse of a text-addicted driver.

There isn’t a Text Worth Dying Over

Tell your family, your friends, your kids….stop the distracted driving. There isn’t a tweet, a text, or a viral video that’s worth dying over or worse, killing over. If they won’t listen, share the video below with them. Then visit the It Can Wait website for a texting and driving simulator and other tools to show them the importance of stopping their destructive behavior.

Dangers of Texting and Driving — AT&T Commercial

Win a Scosche CellControl Safe Driving System

One lucky reader will win the Scosche Safe Driving System a $99 value (with an online discount of $24.75 from AT&T).

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  1. James Beck

    Scosche CellControl Safe Driving System

  2. Jill Myrick

    I would love to have this to use in our vehicles.
    My son started driving this year and my daughter will be driving next year.
    And I would feel so much better watching them pull away if I knew that this was indeed protecting them.


  3. Trisha Dowling

    i am interested in this device, with 2 teen drivers and 2 about to start i am a worry wort!!

  4. cathy henatyszen

    this sounds like such a great system… and YES texting or talking without hands free while driving is NOT a good idea…

    Scosche Safe Driving System

  5. Tamar

    I am definitely most interested in this system. I just watched a really scary video about the dangers of texting and driving. I saw it before, but it is a scary reminder of how dangerous these things can be.

    It’s more graphic than the AT&T commercial above. Link below:

  6. Tammy S

    This is a great idea! People don’t realize how unsafe driving and texting is. It amazes me when I see adults texting or talking on their phone with their kids in the car. Come on! Go hands free!!

    • Connie

      It’s scary, isn’t it. As much as I know I still picked up my phone while I was using GPS today and I could have killed someone. Stupid….

  7. Sandy VanHoey

    Love the idea of the Scosche Cell control. I worry with my son as old as he is doing this and I know he does. If it can stop texting and driving, I love it!