Home Decor – Mom Caves: My La-Z-Boy Dream Makeover #MomCave #cbias

Our "kids" playing a game in the living room. #Cbias #momcave

Our “kids” playing a game in the living room.

It seems like just yesterday I was complaining about our “empty nest.” One son was away at college and the other living with a friend. After being a little depressed about it for about 3 years, I finally decided to move on with my life, and create my dream sewing and craft room. The first step was to finally start using my oldest son’s large bedroom which was empty.

But then came the news my youngest son would be coming home for the summer (read: Bedroom and Sewing Room Remodel Takes a Step Back, But I’m Happy About It). That was April 2010 and a lot has happened since then. We had the house to ourselves again for a few months after that summer semester, but it wasn’t long before my oldest son asked if he could move back home. Of course we said yes.

The oldest stayed with us a year and then moved out. Again I thought about starting on my ultimate mom cave and that’s when my youngest son asked if his girlfriend (now fiancé) could stay with us while he did his internship in another state. Of course we said yes.

#Cbias #momcave "Before" Mom Cave Makeover - The only space left in the house for me and my office

“Before” Mom Cave Makeover – The only space left in the house for me and my office

Now it’s two years later and both boys are living here as well as the fiancé! The oldest moved home again because he realized he’d rather spend his money on worldwide travel instead of a house he never sees and the youngest is at Park Ranger Academy. He’s gone for 4 months, and then he’ll be back while we’re still hosting our future daughter-in-law. She’s been here since October 2011. Of course we said yes.

But our little house is having trouble making room for 5 adults, even if one is rarely here. But more importantly, I’m going to have to be creative in digging out a little bit of room for myself and it seems I’m not alone. Mom caves are hot right now in the design world. Many are craft and sewing rooms like my first inspiration, but others are like mine; rooms that have to pull double-duty and function as an office/craft room as well as a family area.

Mom Cave Wish List – Demi Sofa and Love seat in Camel and Bree Stationery Chair covered in Rouge fabric (there are 100’s of colors/patterns available for all of these pieces)

The one room where there’s still space enough for me and my stuff is  the living room, so that’s going to be MY space. But first I have to make it comfortable. We do have one “good” chair, a Lay-Z-Boy leather recliner chair we bought years ago when our son had back surgery. He needed a chair to recover in and it had to be sturdy. It’s held up beautifully, but it’s leather and I’m a vegetarian. Yea, I don’t like to sit in it.

The sofa is faux leather and purchased when our poor pup was dying of bladder cancer a few months ago. He accidently ruined our old couch, so I had to buy something quick and cheap. And that it was. The center section broke down in less than 3 months.

Mom Cave Wish List – Hidden Treasures Printers Cabinet

So now it’s MY turn and I recently went to my local La-Z-Boy showroom to see what they had in store for my proposed new mom cave. Though after I get done with it, it will no longer look like a cave! I’m doing away with the dark furniture and dated drapes. I may paint the wall the same silver paint color as our bedroom (or similar) and I want to lighten it all up. I’m done with the dark, rich colors I loved LAST time I redecorated.

I found so many possibilities at the store and I LOVED the accessories available. The Hidden Treasures Printers Cabinet above would be an amazing storage for crafts, office supplies, etc. Of course it could be used in a nursery as well, but I think it’d look fabulous in my living room!

Mom Cave Wish List – Bree Stationary Occasional Chair covered in Birdsong (one of many choices available for this chair)

I fell in love with a overstuffed  Bree Stationary Occasional Chair covered in Birdsong (one of many choices available for this chair). My son worked on a crane wildlife refuge last year – talk about kismet! I love the natural look and it could be combined with so many other items. Maybe a bit kitschy, but I don’t mind a fun theme. Plus, we’re very informal people. Our living room is our family room. Our actual family room is a game/computer/TV room. And I like a print. We still have 2 small dogs and a print will hide their paw prints better.

Mom Cave Storage Options – Storage doesn’t have to be ugly! Room for my office and craft gear to be hidden away

I loved the storage options I could use to keep my office clutter hidden away. I need access to a printer and scanner but I don’t need to look at them every day. I also need a place for my TV, I watch while I work, and any of these solutions could do double duty for sure. The floral painted chest has the most elegant shape to it. It’s really stunning in person.

Dare I say that storage solutions can sometimes be elegant? This mirrored storage cabinet is right on trend – mirror and cutaway. It’s sleek enough for the bedroom or living room and I can imagine storing Blu-Rays inside of it.

Mom Cave Wish List – Elegant Storage Solutions Mom Cave Wish List – th red floral pillows keeps this from being too manly

It wasn’t the only mirrored piece. This very chic mirrored coffee table looks so elegant.  I think the area rug is too busy, but the table is stunning. It’s topped with glass for light and brightness. Granted, no kids allowed around this one!

And remember I mentioned accessories! There were plenty, but these are the ones that caught my eye. Granted, most of them are too large for our little room, but a girl can dream, right? There were so many more than I didn’t have time to snap. You’ll really just have to go take a look at the La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Online Catalog or website  yourself to see how cute they are.

Mom Cave Accessories Wishlist from La-z-Boy Furniture #Cbias #momcave

Mom Cave Accessories Wishlist

I was impressed with the quality of fabrics and the selection and was mesmerized to see so many stylish and up-to-date options. I loved that if I found a set I wanted but needed a different color or print, they could do that – truly custom furniture! The selection was huge (900 covers and 200 frames to chose from) and I picked out a few that I loved.

La-z-Boy Fabric Selections

So what did I decide on for my mom cave makeover? I decided first that I need to save more money. I originally was just going to replace the sofa, now I realize I want it all. Over the years we’ve added things when we could afford it so it’s mishmashed ..but not in a fun, eclectic way. This time I want to have a spot that not only works for me, but I want it to be cute. Let’s be real, at 51 this may be the last furniture I buy for the living room and I want to still love it in 10 years.

I’ll definitely be keeping many of these pieces in mind. I have my heart set on a sectional and I don’t think any of theirs will fit in our tiny living room. I need to rethink my choices, but you may just see a few of these in the final design! But don’t expect it anytime soon,  it’s going to take me some time to save up what I need to make my mom cave dream a reality.

Mom Cave Wish List – Kennedy Supreme Comfort Queen Sleeper sofa with silver accents. Time to get the bold color off the wall an onto the sofa?

La-Z-Boy Pin it to Win it Mom Cave ContestWhat would your mom cave look like? Where’s your spot in the house?

See the rest of my photos from my shopping trip on Pinterest  on my HOME: La-Z-Boy #MomCave Inspiration pinboard

Pin to Win Your Dream Mom Cave!

Enter the La-Z-Boy Pin It to Win it Contest to win your own mom cave goodies! On super lucky person will win $5,000 in La-Z-Boy furniture! Just participate in the Pinterest Party and your pin could make you the grand prize winner.


I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries. #MomCave #CBias #SocialFabric – all opinions and photos are my own.

Author: Connie Ott

A mom and wife, Connie blogs about entertainment, travel, living green, products, technology, DIY home remodeling and decor, and more. She's a vegetarian and animal lover and lives in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA. Find out more about Connie and all the bloggers here at Baby to Boomer Lifestyle on our About Us page.

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  1. I love the Hidden Storage Printers Cabinet !

    I hate the empty nest feeling. Even when my children are just away for the night.
    And am not looking forward to it being permanent at all.
    I sometimes do long for my own space but would much rather have my kids around every day.


    Post a Reply
    • I HATED the 3 years we were here alone…it’s crowded with 5 adults, but I know it’s only temporary and I’m already missing them and they’re still here :)

  2. I would love to have a Mom Cave – so awesome and la-z-boy has great stuff!

    Post a Reply
    • I’m saving up…they’re having a sale this weekend and I’m sooooo tempted to go buy one piece…but I’m really focused on getting it all so I’m being good :)

  3. In my dreams. privacy? what is that….LOL

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

    Post a Reply
    • I’m happy to give up a little privacy ’cause I know they’re not going to be here for long. The 3 years they were all gone were HARD!

  4. wow… I want a mom cave for me !!!

    I like this…. Mom Cave Wish List – Hidden Treasures Printers Cabinet

    Post a Reply
    • I completely agree.

  5. I live in a small, one bedroom apartment that is full of yarn, scrapbooking supplies, and other crafts. I definitely need more room, and I’m looking forward to the day I can move into my own house and have a space for all of my craft supplies. For now, I do what I can. :) I love all of your choices. Good luck on making your mom cave a reality!

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Stephanie! I know some day my kids will really leave, for good, so I’m being careful to pick pieces and I move into their rooms some day. :)

  6. My whole house is a Mom Cave as I am divorced.

    Post a Reply
    • I guess there’s a silver lining to divorce :)

  7. My place is too small for a mom cave. Lazy boy chairs are comfortable.

    Post a Reply
    • You only need a corner to have a mom cave. Get a comfy chair, add a light, a soft throw to keep you warm and claim your space! :)

  8. I love the things you picked out for your Mom Cave. For mine, not sure, I would definitely want it to feel cozy and relaxing, and a lock on the door, is a must :)

    Post a Reply
    • Good idea about the lock :)

  9. When I bought the house where we live now, I told my daughter that the 3rd bedroom was mine… ever since I was a little girl I wanted a library. Wall-to-wall bookshelves, nice cozy place to sit and read. Well I have the bookcases reaching up to the ceiling on 2 walls, and she insisted on keeping our ratty old loveseat when we got a new couch, so that is on another wall. And my computer, the desk, filing cabinet, all that stuff takes up the other wall. But when/if she ever decides to move out and get her own place, the ratty loveseat is outta here, and I am replacing it with a comfy oversized recliner…. :)

    Post a Reply
    • Sounds fabulous Sherri! A library would be amazing.

  10. I get the whole nesting thing. I’ve got to say – WOW you did a megga change. Good for you!! We are at the start of our change too – wish us luck!!

    Post a Reply
  11. I love that storage cabinet! The chair is wonderful too. Such a different & unique fabric.

    Post a Reply
    • I know, I fell in love with the cabinet as well as the mirrored one. And yes, I didn’t even sit in the chair and I MUST have it!

  12. I love La-Z-Boy furniture. My mom bought a sofa from them about 2 years ago and it still looks great. I love the Hidden Treasures Printers Cabinet. That would look awesome in my family room.

    Post a Reply
    • Isn’t that an awesome piece! I’d LOVE to have that in my living room stuffed full of my craft stuff.

  13. I love the Bree Stationary Occasional Chair covered in Birdsong! Such a neat chair!

    Post a Reply

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