Wit this Belle Etoile Love Enamel Necklace from MiscFinds4u and Kranich's Jewelry - $150 Retail Value

My Valentine Jewelry Picks
Kranich’s Jewelers has been in business since 1903. They have several locations in Pennsylvania, and while I’d love to visit someday, as of now I’ve never been to the Keystone State. But I can shop their store online and so can you! Kranich’s Jewelers carries designer jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings. They also carries birthstone jewelry; pearl, silver, and enamel jewelry; and of course wedding bands and engagement rings.

Swarovski Peter Pan at Kranich’s Jewelers

Kranich’s gave me the opportunity to giveaway one of their signature pieces so I chose their Belle Etoile Love Enamel Necklace. It’s a sweet enameled sterling silver heart pendant necklace with the word “LOVE” spelled out with Cubic Zirconias. The hand-painted red pendant is presented on an 18-inch black cord so it’s both trendy and sturdy enough for every day wear. It’s likely that the pendant can be easily removed and you can replace your own sterling silver chain for a dressier occasion.

The piece is timeless and could be worn by any woman and it’s just one of hundreds available at the site. It retails for $150 and would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, birthday present, or a gift to yourself. It’s perfect for anyone in love or someone who believes in love. As a married woman of 29 years I certainly do!

Check out Kranich’s great lines like Gabriel & Co, Swarovski (jewelry and crystal figurines), Disney, Hershey Kisses, and more.

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Wit this Belle Etoile Love Enamel Necklace from MiscFinds4u and  Kranich's Jewelry - $150 Retail Value

Win a Belle Etoile Love Enamel Necklace – $150 Retail

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  1. Alicia Keen

    never heard of Kranich’s. thanks for sharing!

  2. meme

    my God daughter who.s birthday is coming up

  3. cassandra mccann

    i would share it with my oldest

  4. Vikki Billings

    I would keep it for myself because I really love it!!

  5. crystal allen

    i would give it to my daughter if i won thanks

  6. Kari Flores

    I would give it to my mother, she deserves something nice.

  7. Kat Emerick

    This would be for my beautiful granddaughter.

  8. Charlene Shaver

    I’d be greedy & keep it for myself :)

  9. Angela W

    I would give it to myself

  10. gina

    I would give it to myself

  11. Michelle Tucker

    It would be all mine:)

  12. Lucy Schwartz

    I would giver this to my daughter for her Birthday.

  13. Gaye M

    If I won, I’d give this to my granddaughter for her birthday.

  14. My HU

    i would keep it :)

  15. chantal h.

    My best friend.

  16. Candice Hull

    I would give it to my husband to wrap and “surprise” me with it. We do stuff like that all the time…takes the stress out of gift buying and we get laugh

  17. Carla

    I would keep it

  18. Desiree Dunbar

    I’d keep it to enjoy!

  19. diane Baum

    so cute-share it with my daughter

  20. steve weber

    I would give this to my girlfriend.

  21. sandra davis

    i would keep it for myself

  22. courtney b

    i would! its gorgeous!

  23. elven johnson

    I’d give it to my girlfriend for her wedding.

  24. brandy

    I would give this to myself.

  25. Mary Withrow

    I would totally keep it for myself!!! Thank you, Awesome Giveaway and Thank you Kranichs!

  26. I would give this to my daughter. She is under a lot of stress right now and this would perk her right up!

  27. kim c

    I would give this beauty to MYSELF!

  28. katrina yendes

    so pretty!!

  29. Howell

    I would give the necklace to my wife.

  30. Eugenie

    I would keep the necklace for myself.


    It’s just too nice to give away. I would keep it for myself.

  32. Chelsea Korth

    My younger sister- she loves accessories way more than I do!

  33. joni

    I would give it to my daughter. Love it!

  34. Emily Rangel

    I WOULD!! And i would wear it proudly every day!!! Its georgeous and would go with anything

  35. Kelly D

    I would keep this for myself. Thank you!

  36. Evelyn B

    Myself its too cute :)

  37. Sunnymay

    It’s for my niece-in-law who’s expecting her first child in July. She has fair coloring and would look good in the Daisy Pink color of the Belle Etoile Pearl Collection Pendant.

  38. Wanda McHenry

    Me :)

  39. Jeimy

    I would surely keep this for myself…it´s beautiful =)

  40. Noor Unnahar

    It’s so for Valentine <3 I really want it :)
    Noor @ Noor’s Place