Delta Corrente Toilet: Water Saving and Easy to Install

DIY Delta Toilet Installation - The hubby appreciated the easy-to-install fixture

DIY Delta Toilet Installation – The hubby appreciated the easy-to-install fixture

Update 3/27/13: We have tried to clog this toilet every crazy way you can imagine….it’s uncloggable! Seriously! Our old one clogged several times a week. We’ve had this one for over two months, and the plunger has been retired. My only tiny complaint is that the seat back knocks the back of the tank off slightly if you’re not careful. Minor flaw and one most people won’t notice. I never thought I’d be so excited about a toilet! But not cleaning up after on that clogs continuously is priceless. All of our toilets will be switched out to this one  as soon as we have time.

We moved into our starter home 25 years ago this April. When we moved in the house was already over ten years old, and much of it was out-of-date. Additionally, it was cheaply built and with except its location, it was a bit of a junker.

We always intended to fix it up and flip it. But life got in the way, and we decided that this house would be ours for much longer than we’d intended. And now almost three decades later we’re looking at finally fixing it up so we can move on and retire somewhere else.

We’ve been working on upgrading the house slowly as time and money allows, but there’s one room that’s been neglected for 25 years. That’s the master bathroom. It still sports the original 1970’s patterned linoleum floor and until today, the 35-year old toilet. We’ve tried over the years to make it more water efficient with add-ons and tank ballasts. But none of that worked and worse, it’s started clogging quite often.

I did a video interview with handyman Chip Wade few weeks ago about some problems we were having with the toilet, and he recommended that we replace it. (read: HGTV’s Chip Wade Answers My Questions about Holiday Home DIY.) So today my husband took about 5 hours and slowly pulled the old toilet out of place (the bolts were rusted in place and the flange took some time to dislodge) and soon the ugly old toilet was gone and in its place now sits a sleek, modern, and water efficient Delta toilet.

Offering you maximum flush power while saving you money, Delta® 1.28gpf WaterSense® labeled toilets are virtually clog-free and offer savings of more than $90/year in reduced water bills.*

Delta C43904 Corrente Elongated Toilet

Delta C43904 Corrente Elongated Toilet

We installed the Delta C43904 Corrente Elongated Toilet, which has their WaterSense® feature which will save water without sacrificing flush capacity. It also features their SmartFit™ Tank-to-bowl connection which is designed to reduce potential leak points and keep you from over-tightening the fasteners and thus cracking the toilet.  The other interesting thing about this new toilet is how tall the seat is. It’s designed that way to make getting up and down easier, and it’s compliant with the ADA requirements.

Installing the Delta Corrente™ Toilet

But what about installation? That’s the beauty of the Delta Corrente Toilet. It’s meant for the home handyman. It comes with most everything you need to remove the old toilet – disposable gloves, toss-away scraper, a sponge, and a cloth for cleaning up the floor and for plugging up the sewer hole while the toilet is removed.  This makes removing the toilet easy.

The installation is simple as well. There are no tools needed with the exception of the SmartFit™ Multi-Tool, which is provided and fits the bolts. It also has a 2-in-1 screwdriver adapter to secure the other components. There are step-by-step, illustrated directions so you know you’ll be able to complete the job on your own.

Special Features

This Corrente™ model also has a special feature that makes cleaning easier. The toilet seat unlocks so you can remove it to clean completely under the latches. The elongated bowl shape is perfect for small areas like ours, but there are traditional round bowls as well.

Buy a Delta Corrente™ Toilet

These toilets are available at The Home Depot and range in price from $189 to $315 depending on the features.

Video: How to Install a Delta Toilet

Delta Faucet


We received a sample to facilitate this post; all opinions are our own.

Author: Connie Ott

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  1. Good information! We moved into our house ~11 years ago. Our house was built in 1973. Although we have made a few updates, we have not updated our bathrooms —-yet! We really need to do this when finances permit.

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    • This is the best toilet ever. Seriously! We’re going to replace the other two in the house with this one as well. It’s unclogable! :)

  2. My toilets are 30 years old and do need replacing. This looks like a good replacement for them. Thanks for the info.

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  3. This doesn’t sound too bad to install at all! That’s something we could easily do ourselves.

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  4. I never would have thought about installing a toilet by myself or with my husband, I would have had it professionally done but this makes it look as if my husband and I could do it ourselves. Thanks so much for the post/blog, it’s information like this that will be helpful when we buy our house.

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  5. love the easy clean feature thanks

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  6. This Delta toilet seems great. I recently had a new toilet installed also. It also states that it saves water and it does flush different then the old one I have, so I am glad of that. Hopefully it is made better then my last one that gave a lot of trouble.

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    • As weird as it sounds, I’m LOVING the new toilet! For one thing it’s pristine. Ours was stained when we moved in and we lived with it for 25 years. We should have replaced it a long time ago.

  7. I never would have thought of installing atoilet without a professional, but this makes it look very managable.

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  8. I never would have thought of installing atoilet without a professional, but this makes it look very managable.

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    • It was so simple! Granted, it’s HEAVY so you’ll need some lifting help. But it comes in 2 parts to make it more manageable. Our old one did as well, but the bolts were rusted so the hubby had to carry it out in one piece. He’s a super-fit firefighter and he huffed and puffed a bit under the weight (and down the two flights of stairs :))

  9. Love the easy clean feature.

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  10. This is really a highly engineered toilet! Love that it is easy to clean and the water saving is invaluable!

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  11. I love that the toilet seat unlocks so you can remove it and clean under the latches. That is a major plus in my book. I worst job in the house is scrubbing the toilets. Yuck!

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  12. I’m so glad you got the help you needed with your toilet. I don’t like those ADA-compliant, tall toilets though. We recently needed to purchase a new toilet, and it seemed like so many were that kind, we had difficulty finding one we liked that wasn’t. I’m only 5’2″, and I find those tall toilets horribly uncomfortable.

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    • Jemima,

      They’re made tall so your bum is the same level or higher than your knees so you can get up easier. They are tall, I’m 5’10” and I haven’t gotten used to it yet. 25 years at the munchkin height means I’m going to need some retraining 😉

      I guess it’s hard to make a toilet one-size-fits-all! :)


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