Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System Giveaway #giveaway #winI’ll be sharing a lot of great fitness and wellness info, tips, ideas, and products in the next few weeks as I embark on making health and wellness a priority in my life. But for today, I’m joining forces with some other great bloggers and we’re pooling our resources to give one of you a new start in the New Year!

I’ve never tried Zumba fitness myself, but so many of my blogging friends have and they love it. It’s fitness done through dancing and it’s one of the workouts I plan on trying myself. This complete kit includes everything you need to get started but it’s also perfect for when you’ve become adapt at it – it won’t get too easy for you as you get stronger – the movements change to challenge you more.

Here’s what’s included in the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System:

  • 4 DVD Set, plus a Bonus 5th DVD – Rush, an energizing 20 minute workout! Over 30 dance styles are included – salsa, calypso, hip hop, merengue, and reggaeton are a few. The systems has varying levels of intensity so it’s perfect for a beginner as well as someone with previous Zumba fitness experience.
  • Maraca like Zumba Toning Sticks
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  1. Marcy Strahan

    I want to loose more weight & get more active!

  2. Marshall Moens

    Do more walking.

  3. Heather Wine

    I’d like to tone up and look great in my bathing suit this summer.

  4. Coriander Warren

    I want to get control of my diabetes and lose some weight

  5. Derek Timm

    To eat healthier foods and build muscle.

  6. Sand

    I would like to lose thirty lbs.

  7. Kim W

    Lose weight and increase my endurance

  8. Mary Cloud

    To loose weight and build my muscles back up, eat healthier
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  9. Al Aler

    I Need to lose 45 pounds this would help

  10. Danielle

    My goals are to lose 50 pounds, eat healthier and MOVE around. Whether that means walk, ride a bike, ZUMBA or just play with the kids.

  11. diane Baum

    to add another day of pliates classes and lose weight

  12. Tracy

    To get into the best shape of my life.

  13. Jeni Lutz

    I need to tone my body and drink more water

  14. sara kover

    I want to lose about 15 minute pounds and get more muscle tone

  15. alisa

    to lose 20 lbs and to eat healthier!

  16. Laura Bradley

    i need to lose severalllll pounds lol and hubby and I are planning to begin to go vegetarian

  17. brandy

    to lose weight and get healthy.

  18. danica

    to lose weight!

  19. Valerie

    I want to FEEL fit!

  20. ashley wood

    to trim down with my boyfriend for his races this year :)

  21. TERI

    Lose weight stay positive

  22. Sandra

    I want to maintain my weight run another half marathon and I would love to try out Zumba!

  23. Danielle V

    My goal is definitely to maintain a healthy body weight after leaving college!

  24. Dani

    My goal is to complete my first half marathon.

  25. Tabitha

    go to the gym more often and choose healthier food choices more whole grains and veggies

  26. Stacey B

    To eat healthier and be more active

  27. Jen

    to stay the same, I go to the gym 3 times a week and I eat healthy except on some weekend meals :)

  28. Daniel M

    wanna pare down the spare tire

  29. Rochel S

    Definitely want to lose my baby weight! Been wanting to for a while now (my daughter is over a year lol). I hope to exercise and attempt to eat healthier!

  30. Ani

    I want to try to eat more fruits & veggies and less sweets.

  31. dawn reid

    I really need to get it together and lose some weight! I want to be healthier!!

  32. Carly

    Nothing specific–just want to get more exercise in general.

  33. Tara

    I need to exercise more. I had lost 100 pounds as of March 2012 but have really gotten out of the habit.

  34. Michael Capp

    Nothing new. Just keep on track.

  35. Ellen S

    I\’ve lost 55 lbs in the last year and a half and not done yet, another 25 lbs to go. But I\’m stuck and I need to change my workout. I\’d love to try Zumba in the privacy of my own home.

  36. janice

    I need to lose about 50 lbs.

  37. angie

    My goal is to gain strength and tone up.

  38. Elizabeth Ray

    Righ now, my goal is to lose the weight I gained after my son died 2 years ago. (Comfort food does not comfort, but that didn\’t stop me from stuffing it in my mouth.) Anyway, it means I need to lose about 35 pounds to get back to where I was then. (Of course, I need to lose more from there, but one step at a time.)

  39. Kathy Luman

    I would like to loose about 15 – 20 lbs. I would like to get more strength in my arms and legs.

  40. Desiree Dunbar

    My goals is to make healthier decision about eating and plan out meals better so I am not tempted to get Fast Food. I also want to learn to enjoy fitness and not procrastinate working out.

  41. Candis Binkley

    To start up exercising again and to lose weight. (oh, and balance my budget. Yeah, balance.)

  42. Caitlin McClure

    I want to stop eating junk

  43. Jennifer B

    lose 20 lbs and get training for my race

  44. I want to be consistent and exercise daily.

  45. Julie Jones


  46. Denise m

    workout at least three times a week and lose 12 lbs

  47. Kimberly

    To stop drinking soda and walk 4-5 days a week.

  48. I plan to continue doing my Zumba® classes and adding some more dance fitness to my schedule!