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Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL – New Poster Released

NEW Disney's OZ Great and Powerful Movie Poster

NEW Disney’s OZ Great and Powerful Movie Poster

I love Disney movies and always look forward to their release into theatres. But there are some movies that I can hardly stand the release date anticipation and with each knew clip, poster release, or interview, I get more excited.  Disney’s OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL is one such film! While it doesn’t open in theatres until March 8, 2013, I’m already planning on seeing it the moment it comes out.

The new fantasy/adventure film stars James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, and Zach Braff. This is a cast that should make this story into one memorable film. But what is the storyline that has me so excited? Consider it a prequel to the other famous film from the Land of Oz. You know the one based on the book by L. Frank Baum.

In this story, we learn more about the characters Baum created. Their background, where they came from, and the challenges they faced that made them the characters we love. James Franco plays Oscar Diggs, a small-time magician in a ragtag circus. His dubious principles and his lack of integrity get him tossed from Kansas and into the Land of Oz.

It’s in Oz that Diggs meets three witches, Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) and Glinda (Michelle Williams). He thinks he’s hit the jackpot of fame and fortune, but the witches are not convinced he’s the great wizard they’ve been waiting for.

Of course they’re waiting for a wizard to save them from some problems they’ve been having and Diggs is thrust into the position of figuring out who’s evil and who’s good and he needs to do it before it’s too late. In doing so, he becomes the all-knowing wizard we see in the L. Frank Baum story.

Disney’s OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL Characters Poster

Disney’s OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL Characters Poster

Disney's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL - Movie Poster

Disney’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL – Movie Poster

What a great premise, huh!  The characters look amazing and I expect Disney’s  OZ THE GREAT & POWERFUL to become a classic film.

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  1. This is like my dream movie! James Franco! I’m holding my breath for this one!

  2. Oh man I can\’t wait to see this. If for nothing more than Rachel Weisz! :)

  3. My daughter is a big Wizard of Oz fan and has one of the books, I don’t even know which one, but it’s all about the bad witch and why she is the way she is. So anyways, we are totally looking forward to this and love the way they have portrayed her, now she is not ugly and scary, but quite alluring and sexy in a witchy sorta way.

  4. I can’t wait till this movie comes out. I have been waiting for a good remake to The Wizard of Oz.

  5. I must be living under a rock, because this is the first I”ve heard about this! lol
    But WOW, does it look good, and I love the gorgeous poster <3

  6. I just saw the preview when we went to see The Hobbit. It looks SO good. Definitely plan to go see this one. :)

  7. I cannot wait for this! I love everything about The Wizard Of Oz and have been anxiously awaiting this movie ever since I heard of it!

  8. This movie looks awesome! I can’t wait to see it

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