My AT&T Holiday Gift Guide Suggestions

My AT&T Holiday Gift Guide Suggestions

I got a chance to attend a local AT&T event here in Seattle last week. It was an opportunity to check out their holiday gift suggestions and try out some of the new technology myself.

The event was held at the beautiful Lark Restaurant on Capitol Hill. The the owner and head chef, John Sundstrom co-hosted the event and served us some delicious appetizers and desserts. I’ll be covering the Lark in detail in a few weeks, but for now I wanted to share you some of the technology that I saw and loved. Plus I’m giving away one of the goodies I brought home!

First, did you know AT&T neighborhood stores as well as their online stores carry more than phones? They do! They carry a plethora of technology plus accessories, keyboards, gloves, and more. I was actually quite surprised by the number of electronic gifts available from AT&T.

Here are my AT&T Holiday Gift Guide favorites:

  • Tablets are hot this year. Heck, I own several myself. With great prices and additional incentives like discounts and coupons, they’re more affordable than ever. You can pick up the iPad mini*, a fourth generation iPad* (I own the 3rd gen and use it daily), the Samsung ATIV Smart PC (I loved the size of this notebook – long and thin and easy to use), or the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.  (*Special pricing when purchased with a data plan)
  • Bluetooth Music Devices: The HMDX Audio JamBox (in 4-colors) lets you streams music from any Bluetooth equipped smartphone, tablet, PC, and other similarly equipped device. I’m impressed with the range (about 30 feet) and the quality of the sound from such a small player.  Need even more sound? BIG JAMBOXTM is a bigger music speaker for your Bluetooth needs.
  • Headphones – Check out the Beats™ by Dr. Dre. We reviewed them some time ago and appreciated their superior sound and the quality build.
  • Fitness – The New Year is just around the corner and many of us, including me, take that time to recommit to our fitness routines. That makes the holidays a great time to give the gift of fitness and stuff someone’s stocking with a Fitbit® Zip™. It tracks steps, distance, and calories and reports them via Wi-fi. It’s easy to track your progress at the Fitbit website; however, to get even more from your wireless fitness routine, add a Fitbit Aria™ Scale as well. This smart scale reports and tracks your BMI, weight, and more with online graphs and tools. There’s also a mobile app so you’re always able to access your data.
  • Looking for a new smartphone? For a limited time you can save up to $100 on the purchase of any Samsung Galaxy smartphone plus receive up to $100 off a second connected Samsung device, including the new Windows 8-supported Samsung ATIV smart PC (available exclusively at AT&T this holiday season) , and the new Samsung Galaxy Camera (which I would love to own!). You will need to be a subscriber for the special pricing and the Galaxy Camera requires a dataplan.

There are even more holiday gift ideas available. Just visit your neighborhood AT&T store to learn more about them. You don’t have to be an AT&T customer to shop there, but you will need to be to take advantage of the contract pricing.

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  1. joan coons

    I\’d love a tablet under the tree :)

  2. jessica schueler

    Samsung Galaxy Camera

  3. Veronica Garrett

    I would love to find the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

  4. Becky

    I would love to win the Fitbit Zip.

  5. Shirley Zolenski

    I like the Apple® iPad® mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB – Black

  6. Lisa B

    I would love a Fit Bit Zip

  7. McKim

    I would love to have the iPad mini*, a fourth generation iPad

  8. Wendy Rozema

    I\’D like to find beats by dr. dre!!

  9. Beth C

    beats by dr dre

  10. Jessica B

    The aria/fitbit scale

  11. Saver Sara

    I most wanted the Samsung ATIV Smart PC or another tablet

  12. Billy Scheffler

    the Fitbit Scale looks so cool

  13. Samii Meyer

    Beats™ by Dr. Dre.

  14. erica

    I would love the Fitbit Scale!!!

  15. Jyl Nipper

    I NEED this! I have 50 pounds to loose this year.

  16. Sunnymay

    Beats by Dr. Dre headphones seem superior to every other headphone except BOSE, yet is more affordable.

  17. matt

    Jam wireless speaker is cool

  18. Susan King

    Fitbit® Zip would be great to have.

  19. susan smoaks

    the fourth generation ipad would have been nice under my Christmas tree!

  20. Kari Flores

    I would love the ipad 4.

  21. Taryn T

    The Fit Bit Aria Scale :)

  22. Mary Jamison

    this is great i love it

  23. Dawn Reid

    An I pad mini.

  24. Corey Olomon

    I would love the iPad Mini.

  25. Sammy Kim

    iPad mini definitely!

  26. Sand

    I would love the iPad mini.

  27. Geri Nyland

    I would love the mini ipad!!

  28. Lisa McGrattan

    The zip

  29. Kathleen Hand

    The fit bit aria scale would be awesome. Ours just doesn\’t seem to be working any longer. Some days are good days, other days…well, you just hope it isn\’t the truth!

  30. Peggy Rydzewski

    the mini ipad would be great.

  31. mike b

    would like an ipad mini

  32. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames)

    I saw those Jam Jar speakers at Kohl\’s. Those are really cool.

  33. meme

    I really would like an ipad mini

  34. Ellen S

    A Samsung ATIV smart PC would be nice.

  35. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    ipad mini
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  36. iPad mini or the Samsung Galaxy S3!

  37. Gianna

    Apple® iPad® mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular 32GB – Black

  38. Tabathia B

    the Samsung ATIV Smart PC

  39. Jeni Lutz

    Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  40. Bridge

    fitbit zip

  41. Julie Jones

    I would like the samsung galaxy camera. It should be compatible with my samsung phone and tv!

  42. Victoria Carlson

    Would have loved a tablet! Maybe in the future though :)

  43. Charlene Shaver

    I\’d like to have the Samsung Galaxy Camera :)

  44. Candice Hull

    An iPad mini, but I didn\’t get one
    Thank you

  45. Jaime

    The fitbit

  46. Michelle Tucker

    I\’d like to have the Beats™ by Dr. Dre..

  47. Jennifer C

    The FitBit Aria scale looks neat.

  48. Oh

    i would love to win for once in my life..

  49. I \’d love to try the Fit Bit Zip. A lot of my friends on Spark People use this and it sounds very cool. I\’d also like to try the Dr. Dre Headphones. I\’m not a fan of ear buds and these look good.

  50. LindsayD

    A tablet.

  51. Gennie Lancaster

    A tablet!!

  52. Rosey

    The Beats headphones by Dr Dre for sure!

  53. Alison Wood

    I’d love to get the iPad Mini.

  54. Jmstrunk (Sybille)

    I\’d love to find the FitBit Zip. I need to loose the baby weight. From four years ago :)

  55. harolde

    Wireless Speaker is what I\’d like to see.

  56. Hesper Fry

    I would choose the Ipad

  57. Alexandra Clatterbuck

    Love the ipad…=) Thank you and happy new year

  58. Kate S

    gonna have to go with the iPad!

  59. Amber Porter

    The galaxy phone, I love the big screen.

  60. Diana Castro

    A fourth generation iPad

  61. Karen Gonyea

    I\’d love the iPad :)

  62. Jacob LaFountaine

    A fourth generation iPad

  63. Debra Hall

    The HMDX Audio JamBox

  64. shaunie

    A phone

  65. Derek Timm

    Beats by Dre.

  66. karisa

    deff the ipadd

  67. Jessica

    I would love the Samsung ATIV Smart PC

  68. Erica C.

    The Galaxy Tab would be nice to have too. I really like the idea of the FitBit though!

  69. katfam

    I\’d like the iPad mini.

  70. Michelle S.

    The iPad Mini

  71. heather c

    I\’d love the Samsung Galaxy Camera under my tree!

  72. Becky

    I\’d like the Fitbit Zip.

  73. debbie

    Samsung ATIV smart PC

  74. laura ari

    The beats by Dr. Dre would be great under the tree.

  75. Maryann D.

    I would like the Beats by Dr. Dre. My son would love these.

  76. Stephanie

    Dr dre beats

  77. SHEILA tf

    Would love iPad Mini!

  78. Marianna

    Beats by Dr Dre

  79. Stephanie Larison

    I\’d love the iPad Mini!

  80. Elizabeth Drake

    Ipad mini!!!!


    Definately an I pad.

  82. Hoa Le

    I would love the iPad Mini.

  83. Denise Cruz

    4th gen ipad for me please

  84. Tamar

    I want the BIG JAMBOXTM for my music.

  85. Dani

    I would love that Fitbit Aria scale.

  86. Anne W

    I would love the 4th gen iPad! :)

  87. Pam

    The fourth generation iPad would be awesome. My son needs one for College.

  88. johnny-amy lynn

    IPAD MINI!!!!!!

  89. Jennifer Rote

    I\’d like the Samsung ATIV Smart PC.

  90. Mary Calabrese

    I want the FitBit. I use LoseIt app and they work together!

  91. The FitBitZip would be really nice to find under my tree!
    I’ve been looking at a few products similar to the FitBitZip but need to do some more research before I decide. Thanks for letting us know about this one!

  92. Naomi

    Fitbit Aria™ Scale

  93. Denise M

    the Ipad Mini

  94. Theresa J

    I would love the Samsung Galaxy

  95. Sheila K.

    I’d love to have the Fitbit Aria Scale!

  96. Daniel M

    the new ipad!

  97. Ann Fantom

    I would like to get my husband the Beats by Dr. Dre.

  98. Stephanie Phelps

    I would love the Samsung Galaxy Camera

  99. Jemima P

    The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1!

  100. Adrienne Gordon

    the ipad mini

  101. Maryann D.

    I would love to find Beats by Dr. Dre. Headphones under my tree (for my son)