Guylian Chocolates
Gift Ideas: Guylian Belgian Chocolates

You’ve likely seen Guylian Artisanal Chocolates, I know I have. They’re the cute little chocolate seashells and seahorses in the fine chocolate and specially candy section of your grocery store. In fact, I’ve seen them for years but for some reason I don’t remember ever trying them. I’m not sure why, but now that I have, I’m hooked on them!

So what’s so special about these chocolates? We’ll, they’re made from 100% pure dark and white Belgian chocolate with an amazing slow-roasted Mediterranean hazelnut truffle center. The combination is so rich and creamy and balanced so beautifully! They also offer other chocolates including truffles, dark chocolate, and an assortment of chocolate boxes so there’s a size and flavor perfect for every occasion. Specially wrapped Guylian chocolate packages are available for holiday gift giving as well!

What I didn’t know about the chocolates is that they date back to the 1950’s when a fellow named Guy married a woman named Liliane. To honor their love, they combined their names and created an original handmade recipe with their signature truffle recipe. I adore the story behind the name and it doesn’t hurt that now I can pronounce it (Gee-Lee-Ann).

Guylian Artisanal Chocolate Make Great Stocking Stuffers

While I’m a straight-up chocolate eater, some people prefer to combine their chocolate with gourmet coffee, tea, wine, or cheese. If you’re one, Guylian offers some chocolate pairing suggestions including a beer suggestion.

Guylian also offers a “no sugar added” bar which I originally thought was a baking bar. Instead, it’s a bar of chocolate sweetened with maltitol. It’s an ingredient I’m going to have to check in to before I enjoy it so I can’t comment on the taste just yet.

What I love about this premium chocolate company  beyond its fabulous sweets,  is that they choose to make their products from Fair Trade chocolate – I’m always happy to support companies who find value it treating their suppliers well.

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Buy Guylian Artisanal Chocolates

Purchase these fine chocolates online or at your local grocery store in the specialty chocolates section.

Win Guylian Artisanal Chocolates

One lucky winner will receive all of the following products (approximate retail value of $35):

  • One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles
  • Two – 6 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box
  • Four – 2 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box

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  1. Amy W.

    I have tried them and I would share them with my kids and husband.

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    I have tried them, and they are sooo good! I might share with my hubby.

  3. diane Baum

    I would share this yummy prize with my oldest son

  4. Christine

    yes, and I’ll share these with family

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    Yes, I\’ve had their delicious chocolates before. I would share them with my roommate. Thanks!

  6. Jason

    I have never tried it and I will share with anyone around when i get it!

  7. Miz Vickik

    yes, and I’ll share these with my daughter!

  8. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    Have not tried them yet but share with hubby
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  9. Erika P.

    I haven’t tried them and I would share them in one of my classes

  10. Seyma Shabbir

    I have tried them and will share with my mom and kids!

  11. Robin O

    I have never tried Guylian chocolates…I would share with my mother, who loves chocolate as much as I do!

  12. Diane W

    I’m hoping my husband shares them with me. He loves chocolate

  13. Susan P.

    I haven’t tried Guylian chocolates but they look good! I’d share them with my daughters and any dark chocolate with my husband.

  14. BILL H

    have not tried these,will share with wife


    I have tried them before and really like them. I would share them with my family

  16. Anthony

    I have not tried them I would share with my mom

  17. Ciara Weaver

    I have not tried these!

  18. Monique Rizzo

    Yes, I love them! I will share with with my daughter.
    Thanks for the chance.

  19. Colleen Schindler

    I’ve never tried them but they look good. I would share with my mom and sister

  20. Tamar

    I love guylian chocolates and i’d eat them with the kids

  21. cynthia

    yes we have had them, would love to share these with my family

  22. Jen Haile

    I have tried them and I would share with my family!

  23. Angela Neynaber

    I have never tried these chocolates before but I would share them with my husband.

  24. Linda Lansford

    I love Guylian chocolates and would notshare my prize pack



  26. Rhonda Petersen

    I’ve always wanted to try them but have never seen them in a store

  27. Ann Fantom

    No, I’ve never had Guylian chocolate before. If I won, I would share them with my husband and daughter

  28. Kristi C

    I have not tried these before and I would share with my children.

  29. chadro

    Yes I have tried them once before and would like to enjoy these with my dear son!

  30. Jennifer

    I had these when I was a kid and had forgotten all about them until this post! I think I would share them with my sister.

  31. Sharon Schoepe

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  32. Ani

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    I haven’t tried Guylian before and I would share with my family and brother & sister in law.
    Thanks so much.

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