Our December 2012 California Wine Club Delivery
Our December 2012 California Wine Club Delivery

Our December 2012 California Wine Club Delivery

My husband has loved his California Wine Club membership. He’s received two shipments, both with phenomenal wines, that he’s enjoyed and shared with others. He’s been amazed at the variety of wines sent, the detailed information provided about them, and the perfect way in which they’re shipped. (read more: Holiday Gift Giving Ideas: California Wine Club Review).

The California Wine Club delivered our December Wine Wrapped!

The California Wine Club delivered our December Wine Wrapped!

The California Wine Club is a great gift for the man or woman who appreciates fine boutique wines from small family-owned vineyards – that’s what they specialize in. They find the wines you would if you traveled to wine country yourself. I love that we’re supporting local and family-owned vintners and that’s a huge plus in my book!

We also love the full-color newsletter that comes with each shipment. Titled, Uncorked, it offers more than just information on that month’s highlighted winery. It also provides  some fun activities like wine trivia, quotes about wine, and member discounts for case wine. It’s also a chance for the owners to share tips of where to stay in wine country as well as some of their favorite savory recipes. The pictures are incredible and it’s a bit like a travel journal – so much information in such a great little package.

Joining the club is so easy and there are memberships in every price range. Best of all you can start and stop it at any time – you’re not locked into anything. I’m a huge fan of the a la cart system they’ve got in place. It allows me to order the membership for a few months during special events like my husband’s birthday or our anniversary without committing to a set number of months.

Do you have someone who’d love to receive some fine wine in the mail? This is the perfect gift!

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Shipping Alert!  Ground Shipping Deadline is December 12th.  Any orders placed after Dec 12 incur expedited air charges for Christmas deliveries. Avoid the extra charges by sending a gift subscription that begins in January and a free printable or email card announcing your gift for the holidays.


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