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Moments of Joy

In my 27 years of being a mom, I’ve had thousands of Moments of Joy with my children. Everyday surprises, major accomplishments, and more. We captured many of them, but since my kids were born pre-digital cameras, there are not as many photos as most parents have of their kids today. Perhaps that why I treasure those that we do have so much. Each one represents their childhood and triggers so many memories of the days they reflect.

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Fisher-Price wants to celebrate families and their unscripted moments of joy, the ones that make you run to grab the camera to capture the event, with a contest on their website called appropriately, Moments of Joy. It’s a chance for parents, both new and old, to relive a bit of their children’s childhood through words, pictures, or video.

To participate, visit the Fisher-Price Moments of Joy website and upload your own photos, stories, or video of your child’s firsts, best, silliest, and more moments. Everything from smashing her birthday cake to finding her climbing the counter to snitch a cookie. Anything that makes you go ahhhh….., smile, or giggle.

The moments of childhood can be past or present but they just have to represent real moments. I’ve uploaded a few of my own to the site, including my oldest son’s first fish, my youngest son in bed with all of his toys and books, and other every day and ordinary moments that I still cherish.

Entering is easy. Just upload your own candid pics, videos and stories  from your computer, Facebook, or photosharing website between now and December 20th to be entered for a chance at a weekly $100 gift card plus a grand prize of $1,000 worth of Fisher-Price toys!
My Moments of Joy

Win a $100 American Express Gift Card

One lucky reader will win a $100 American Express Gift Card generously provided by Fisher-Price.

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  1. latisha depoortere

    My joy is too be well enough to be home with my mom just love being home with my kittys too! Happy holidays too you!

  2. Tim Moss

    We don’t have kids so I guess nothing in particular.

  3. melina r

    when my kids are happy are moments of joy

  4. Lisa Fonseca

    My moments of joy were having my 3 children. Corny but true lol.

  5. Lynn

    I don;t have my own kids but i use to teach, and i still babysit. and I love the baby giggles and learning to walk moments!

  6. When my son was healed of cancer!!

  7. Lindsey M

    When my kids were born

  8. julie hawkins

    the birth of my children

  9. Deborah Hogue

    Seeing my granddaughter for the first time!

  10. Brian E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…watching our daughters play with the family dog, a yellow labrador retriever named maxine, when they were toddlers.

  11. Jodi J.

    My moment of joy was when my child was born and my husband said “We have a girl!”.

  12. Sand

    My favorite moment of joy is realizing how far I’ve come.

  13. Michelle Tucker

    My Moment of Joy is waking up to my loving husband every morning.

  14. Michelle S

    It’s a tie—the day my daughter was born and the day my husband came home from Afghanistan.

  15. Jaque R.

    My moment of joy occurs when I see the light of discovery in my children’s eyes as they experience, learn, find something new. :-) Thank you.

  16. carol lewis

    being with the grandbabies

  17. Susan Smith

    Watching my children play together

  18. Kelly Britton

    My joy comes from my son, daughter in law and pets since my husband passed.

  19. Leah Shumack

    my moment of joy was when i became a mom for the first time

  20. Samantha

    Seeing my boyfriend happy.

  21. Kari Flores

    When my baby son smiles in his sleep.

  22. Pam

    When a bright smile lights up the face of one of my children.

  23. Katie J

    Spending time with my family :)

  24. Stacy

    When my children were born

  25. jessica schueler

    My joy is watching my kids faces when they are happy

  26. mike b

    When my cats purr when they see me

  27. mary gardner

    when i am getting hugs from my children and grandchildren

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  28. jenny marie

    Everytime I see my daughters happy

  29. Jenny

    My favorite moments are all related to my kids and my husband. The first moments of meeting my chidden, and seeing how much love my husband and I had for them instantly.

  30. Ani

    The birth of my 3 kids are my best moments of joy, I couldn’t just pick one of them.

  31. Charlene

    The day I married my husband 23 years ago :)

  32. Shannon

    just time with loved ones in general

  33. Leslie L. Stanziani

    I do not have one moment of joy but many.The top 4 moments were seeing each of my kids for the first time.

  34. Sara Wood

    my favorite moment of joy was my son birth

  35. Jay Daugherty

    I get one every time I visit my grandmother.

  36. Patrice

    My favorite moment of joy was when the sick, little bunny that I found on the side of the road, had a complete recovery.

  37. Aimee Fontenot

    My moment of joy is anytime I hear my nieces and nephews tell me they love me! They’re very special to me and it means so much.

  38. Judy L

    Every HUG from my daughter!

  39. Jeanette H.

    When my son and daughter were born

  40. amy deeter

    birth of my children

  41. Robin

    Watching my son’s eye light up christmas morning

  42. Lori C.

    my son’s laughter

  43. Peggy Rydzewski

    when my grand kids look up at me and say.. I love you Nana

  44. laurie nemeth

    The best is hearing the kids laugh.. nothing fills me with more happiness than that.

  45. Diane W

    Those little moments with my puppies.

  46. Sarah

    The birth of my friend’s child

  47. Courtnie

    Babys’ laughs.

  48. s riches

    My wedding day is my moment of joy.

  49. Rich Hicks

    one moment of joy was hearing our youngest say Moma

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  50. tracey byram

    Any moment I spend with my grandchildren is a Moment of Joy.

  51. Allie

    When I met my step daughter for the first time.

  52. dorothy deakyne

    My favorite moment of joy was when my son was born

  53. Padma Miller

    kids birth

  54. Gianna

    Baby smiles and mamamama talk.

  55. Angela Cisco

    When my youngest started preschool… and I was able to get some me time :)

  56. Tim Stephens

    Everytime I see my daughters happy

  57. Samantha Meyer

    My moment of joy if more like moments, I love watching my nieces grow

  58. Lisa

    The birth of my children and every time I hear them say “momma”.

  59. Deb C

    One of my favorite moments of joy is the moment a plane lifts off the ground and I know I am on my way to someplace fun.

  60. ky2here

    Unconditional love

  61. Paula Tavernie

    Hearing the grandbabies playing and laughing!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  62. Gloria Schulte

    My favorite moments of joy are when I get to talk to my grandchildren on the phone

  63. Karen

    When my nephew was born. Thanks for the giveaway.

  64. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    sitting around with family and laughing and sharing memories
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  65. Kenny F

    them waking up

  66. Hesper Fry

    My favorite moment of joy is getting my adopted son from Ethiopia.

  67. Jennifer R

    My moment’s of joy are my husband’s smiles.

  68. SHAYNA


  69. candace swoveland

    just watching my children smile

  70. Erica C.

    Recently, our moment of joy was buying a home.

  71. Kate

    My current favorite moment is my daughter’s 1st Christmas program and how she waved at us during the middle of a song.

  72. My moment of joy is seeing my daughter run into the garage to hug me when I get home from work.

  73. Janice Cooper

    My favorite moment of joy is spending time with the family and watching my 2 yr old niece.

  74. My moment of joy is finding out I was pregnant with our daughter.

  75. Derek Timm

    Overall just spending time with family.

  76. Jen Haile

    The moment my son was born!

  77. Alison Wood

    My favorite moment of joy recently was speaking with my young niece on the phone for the first time.

  78. Rashmi

    My perfect Moment of Joy was when my baby girl laughed out loud for the first time at a mere 4 weeks old. I was amazed and will never forget that beautiful sound ever!

  79. Deanna G.

    Playing with my puppy. :)

  80. Chel Pay

    I have three moments of joy I will always cherish. The day I was married, and the day I gave birth to my two girls. Amazing days! Amazing moments!

  81. Seeing my kids work hard on their homework, and then seeing the results and being so proud of themselves!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  82. Sarah L

    Spring: warm weather, longer days, blooming flowers.
    Thanks for the contest.

  83. darlene bohannon

    my most favorite moment of joy was seeing my newborn daughter for the 1st time ,its been 40 yrs and its still as vivid as the day she was born.

  84. Brittney House

    Marrying my husband

  85. Joy

    I love to see my kids smile and laugh that is my real moment of joy.

  86. Debra Hall

    childern are my joy

  87. stephanie gros

    I didn’t know joy, til I became a mother for the first time, then the second time, yep, I have 4 children and more joy than I probably deserve!
    Thanks and happy holidays,
    stephanie gros

  88. Lauren

    Hugging my husband

  89. Kyl Neusch

    the first steps

  90. My favorite moment of joy was finding out I got an A+ on my Biochemistry final this week. HUGE burden lifted off my shoulders.


  91. Trish Hope

    any opportunity to spend with my pregnant daughter

  92. emily

    cuddling with my kiddos

  93. Amy Orvin

    When I got my puppy, Toby.

  94. joseph gersch jr

    mine is playing with my lab

  95. Misses Giveaways

    my favorite moment of joy is the day my son was born.

  96. Geoff K

    My own personal moment of joy would probably be finishing graduate school, and my favorite of those submitted on facebook would be “Mommy & Me on the Boaty.”

  97. Justin Comeau

    Probably getting my little kitty nugget

  98. Jemima P

    Watching my son and daughter hold hands!

  99. Eileen

    Being a mom for over 31 years, and mom of 6, I have so many moments of joy. Testy now that we still have two teens, and a 20 year old in the house. (weak laugh), but it is all good. My recent joy has been watching grandkids play together at our house. One of the little 1 year old’s lives with us, the other (our miracle born last year just two weeks after this cousin…at only 29 weeks) comes for day care here most of the week. It is a LOUD, crazywonderful day every day. But they share, they fight, they cry, they belly laugh…and when they hug, it is incredible. For 2 just one year old’s to KNOW how to hug and mean it….I’m just warm and fuzzy with joy!

  100. Lorri K

    Teaching my daughter to roll out dough with me knowing that she’ll be able to make and enjoy good healthy food for the rest of her life.

  101. gina

    Seeing my baby’s heartbeat on the first ultrasound after other miscarriages & taking 3 years to actually have a successful pregnancy.

  102. Jennifer

    Everyone waking up on Christmas morning

  103. Heather Swarthout

    The birth of my daughter. After a long 26 hour labor and 3 hour hard labor.. she was well worth it!

  104. Ashley Morrissey

    Sharing the birth of my son with my fiance, older sister and father!

  105. Theresa J

    My favorite moment of joy is the moment when my kids spot their dad when we pick him up from the airport

  106. Janna Johnson

    spending tiem with my grandparents
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  107. Michele Baron

    My greatest moment of joy was….after a long labor and emergency c-section…seeing my daughter’s face for the first time….Thank you for this contest and wishing you the happiest of holidays!

  108. Christine

    being with my family

  109. Rosanne

    The birth of my sons and then my grandchildren. Got to be present at all the grandchildren’s births

  110. Janet W.

    My favorite moment of joy was the birth of my grandson!

  111. David Haug

    Being greeted by my dog every time I come home.

  112. Tabathia B

    waking up beside my daughter every morning and hearing her say good morning mommy, i love you

  113. Denise S

    When each of my kids was born.

  114. tamar

    having my babies

  115. stony

    Mine is when my toddler gives me hugs

  116. Dwayne Berry

    My favorite moment of joy was seeing my little girl for the first time.

  117. Susan P.

    The days my daughters were born.

  118. Daniel M

    whenever my niece & nephew come over they’re all laughs and giggles

  119. kristy thiel

    my moment of joy is when my daughter laughs!

  120. Ashley C

    When my son said “mama I love you” to me, for the first time!


  121. Louis

    my kids opening their christmas presents
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  122. MaryR

    My favorite three moments of ultimate joy…when each of my children were born.

  123. jodi frasier

    My moment of joy is when my daughter’s tell me that i have done everything right and raised them to be great kids.

  124. Ellie W

    When my little grandson tells me he loves me.

  125. april yedinak

    When my kids run to hug me and tell me they love me.

  126. giving birth to my daughter

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  127. Mary Calabrese

    Seeing my kids accomplish something.

  128. gigi

    My favorite moment of joy is when my family is all together and hearing them all laughing and having fun.

  129. Crystal F

    Hearing my girls playing and laughing together. My oldest daughter is 12 and my youngest is 8 so they don’t have a lot in common and it’s rare for them to play together.

  130. Becky Richied

    My favorite moment of joy is holding my first grandson for the first time. It was truly a blessing just like the next three that soon followed. I am truly one blessed grandma.


  131. Debra L.Guillen

    when my kids hug me and tell me they love me

  132. Stephanie Larison

    I love waking up to my daughter singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me!

  133. danica

    any moment with my special needs son

  134. Jeimy

    Mine is when my son feels so self confident when he sees that he can do something new, like when he learned to put a shirt all by himself.

  135. rebecca shockley

    When my son fell asleep on my side and he cradled my head

  136. Caleb

    Wedding day

  137. Marcia Goss

    When I saw my granddaughter for the first time.

  138. When my children were born!
    Rafflecopter: Heidi TextbookMommy

  139. Cary

    Birth of my daughter

  140. Sarah Hirsch

    my moment of joy is hanging out with my kids

  141. Cynthia R

    holding my baby niece for the first time

  142. Wanda McHenry

    My favorite moment of joy is when Folly innocently climbs on my tummy and curls up!

  143. June L

    When I got married

  144. casey everidge

    when my baby was born

  145. Jessica Cote

    when my daughters were born!

  146. Suzanne K

    the smile on a child’s face

  147. Carolyn G

    Just being with my family

  148. Jill Ed

    Baby asleep.

  149. Meagan

    I love seeing my family for the holidays since I dont live at home anymore.

  150. Tari Lawson

    My favorite moment of joy is seeing pride in my kids faces when they accomplish something.

  151. Dagmara Hawkins

    Talking to my friends gives me joy


    Watching my daughter sleep gives me much joy.

  153. Dave L

    Seeing my parents, siblings and nephews all together for Sunday dinner. Thank you for the great giveaway. Happy holidays!

  154. Linda Lansford

    fave moment is at the beach

  155. Jamie Brigham

    I have many favorite moment of joys, giving birth to my 3 children, being able to be a stay at home mom, meeting my husband and of course waking up everday. If we are talking about materialistic moments of joy I’d have to say getting my Jeep, I was without a car for 2 and a half years so I baby my 2003 jeep… it may be old but it’s new to me.

  156. Terri K (@tkharmonic)

    My favorite Moment of Joy is probably the day I got to take my son home from the hospital. He was born two months premature and it was longest two months of my life. He was finally large enough and strong enough to go home on New Year’s Eve 2001 and it was one of the absolute best days of my life. Bringing him into our home for the first time was my favorite Moment of Joy.

  157. My engagement and my wedding

  158. Chrystal D

    Mine is seeing my mom when I take a trip home!

  159. Kurt Hoffmann

    When the kids unwrap presents

  160. Linda G

    My moment of joy was watching my grandson in his church program

  161. mell

    Cuddling on the sofa and reading stories to my son is one of my joyous moments.

  162. brandy

    When I got to hold my baby girl for the first time.

  163. Cynthia C

    My latest moment of joy was holding my brand new great niece for the first time.

  164. KIM B

    Spending time with my husband!


    when both my daughters were born and when my youngerst daughter graduated college. GOD BLESS YA

  166. Ashley Hatten

    When my kids were born :)

  167. Kristi C

    My favorite is the hugs and kisses when my youngest wakes up in the morning.

  168. Angela Kinder

    The moment we knew my mom was going to live after having heart surgery.

  169. Carly

    My moment of joy is waking up in my husband’s arms every morning.

  170. Stephanie V.

    When my little boy started kindergarten

  171. Steve Stone

    when i met my wife and when i got my first dog

  172. robyn paris

    my favorite time of joy was when my daughter graduated college.

  173. Eve

    Taking my niece to her first Halloween this year was very special to me

  174. Jacquelyn Cannon

    When I became engaged!

  175. nickie

    giving birth to my son and marring my husband.

  176. lana

    Seeing my boys health and smiling all the time

  177. Amber

    My moment of joy was when My little nephew first walked when we were playing together!

  178. Jimmy

    When I first got my cat

  179. dan williams

    great giveaway, thanks

  180. Jacob LaFountaine

    First time I fell in love

  181. Starr Greenwell

    my son of course.

  182. Brian Johnson

    The day I was born. 😉 lol

  183. ROB

    smiling or laughing babies!

  184. Jaclyn Reynolds

    Seeing my baby laugh!

  185. Elizabeth

    Time with my family!!

  186. Kiara

    The day my niece was born.

  187. Danielle D

    Being with family!

  188. Jennifer Rote

    My son taking his 1st steps.

  189. Margaret Smith

    When my sons were born.
    Thanks so much

  190. Katherine

    Right now it was when future SIl proposed to my daughter

  191. Megan

    Baby laughs.

  192. Adrienne Gordon

    watching my kids have fun at thanksgiving with their cousins

  193. Emily

    The day my son was born.

  194. Stacey B

    My 2 favorite moments of joy are the days my boys were born

  195. Tammy S

    When I walked into my daughter’s kindergarten class and she was sitting in the teacher’s special chair reading a story to the class. It was amazing!

  196. Jill

    Seeing my son take his first steps was one of my favorite moments of joy.

  197. D Schmidt

    I truly have so many moments of joy everyday, my youngest sons are very close in age so experience a lot of firsts together and its so special seeing their happiness and being a part of it. Most recent was them realizing they can both fit in their Fire Engine together if one sits on the others lap. Seeing their happy faces always fills me with joy.

  198. Tabitha

    anytime my son looks at me and smiles, or hearing him laugh

  199. Jennifer Marie

    my wedding day

  200. Barbara Montag

    Easy – meeting my birth daughter and her wonderful family!
    Thank you.

  201. Virginia Rowell

    When my kids tell me they love me first!

  202. Kimberly

    When my teenage daughter still hugs me and tells me she loves me before she leaves for school.

  203. courtney b

    when i held my baby girl in my arms:)

  204. Robin O

    My favorite moment of joy is watching the kids open their stockings on Christmas morning!

  205. amy pugmire

    when my father who had only 2 months to live met my son for the first time

  206. Mary Happymommy

    A recent moment of joy was taking a picture of my daughter admiring the Christmas tree for the first time.

  207. Sonya Morris

    The birth of my girls.

  208. Jessie C.

    My moment of joy – we picked up Christmas tree and decorated with DDs.

  209. Lisa Brown

    My moment of joy was when my sister had her first child.

  210. tina m

    My moment of joy is watching my daughter and son sleep peacefully.

  211. Karen Medlin

    our little guys first baseball hit in tee ball

  212. I am proud of my daughter Samantha, she is about to graduate Tallahassee Community College with her AA degree May, 2013!

  213. Jessica Beard

    My favorite memory of joy is when my son met Mickey for the first time this past summer.

  214. stephanie

    i love seeing my daughter smile at me

  215. Cheryl Abdelnour


  216. Thomas Murphy

    my favorite Moment of Joy is when my son was born.

  217. Amanda Sakovitz

    My favorite moment of joy was holding my niece for the first time.

  218. Elena

    My moment of joy was holding my baby for the first time

  219. Kelly D

    My favorite moment is seeing my kids play & laugh together.

  220. debbie jackson

    my son’s birth debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  221. Michelle H.

    My favorite moment of joy is each day at 3:20 when the bus pulls up in front of my house to let my daughter off….the dog hears it about a block away and jumps up on the loveseat so she can watch it pull up. Her tail is wagging a mile a minute and she starts to whine as she watches for my daughter to get off. Then she gets more and more frantic as she actually sees my daughter start to cross the street and walk up the sidewalk to the door. As soon as the door opens, it’s like they haven’t seen each other in years….all kinds of barking and hugs. It makes me smile to see how much they love and miss each other during the day.

  222. Jan

    My moment of joy was watching my great niece walk by herself for the first time :))