MG Gaming System - First Look
MG Gaming System - First Look

MG Gaming System – First Look

MG is the first Pocketable Wi-Fi Android App Gaming System meant for tweens and teens or anyone who’s not ready to switch to the expense of a smart phone, but who still wants to play games, watch movies, and listen to music. It’s affordable gaming that takes advantage of free mobile games, not the $40 game cartridges used by other portable game systems.

My Generation Has More Game by PlayMG

What’s Different about the MG from other Gaming Systems?

It fits in your pocket, includes a 3.5 mm head jack to listen to music or play games and has facial unlock with the foreword facing camera. Game anywhere. Watch movies. Listen to music.

The MG arrives loaded with 11 games; built-in Wi-Fi; a large 4″ touchscreen with a case designed for the perfect hold for app-play; 4GB of built-in memory plus an 8GB SD card. But even better, there are parental controls that tell you what your child is downloading, how long they’ve been playing, and more. Plus no monthly bills!

The MG is made with Gorilla Glass which means it’s not going to crack under normal use.  It’s got a front-facing camera (not quite as useful as a rear camera), it’s light and fast, and it’s completely optimized for gaming. Apps are added through Google Play so there are over 60,000 available. It’s the perfect size, shape, and design for gaming and it will get your kids off your phone and onto their own device.

MG Gaming System Game Shots – Bright, clear graphics

My Thoughts on the MG Portable Gaming System

If the MG had been out a year ago I would have gotten in instead of my iPod Touch. It does everything the [amazon_link id=”B002M3SOBU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ] iPod Touch 3rd Gen[/amazon_link] does but for less money and with more memory. Plus it doesn’t require iTunes which I HATE. The size is perfect and for people like me who like to listen to books on tape or music at night it’s the perfect size to have in bed with you (I use an earbud so as not to bother the hubby).

Everything is run through Google Play so a free Google account is required. The controls are easy to use and figure out and kids (or Seniors) will have no trouble using the device after a few minutes. The unit is lightweight but feels sturdy – not cheap and flimsy by any means. It feels like a quality device that will last, though with children I’d recommend getting a protective case. For adults it’s not likely necessary.

I’ve already added the Netflix Apps and will be adding my library’s OverDrive account to play free audiobooks and read free eBooks. It’s the perfect little system for all of these tasks, but video playback is good, not great when streaming.  Completely watchable, but not as good as the higher-end systems.

MG Gaming System Does Not Support Hulu Plus

MG Gaming System Does Not Support Hulu Plus

My one minor complaint is that Hulu Plus can be downloaded but is not supported and the end of the device where with the battery gets a little warm to the touch. Not a big issue in the winter, but in the summer it could be annoying.

It’s powered by a micro-usb which is not provided. Likely you have a few laying around. For some reason I can’t locate one so I’ll need to buy one in order to charge the device.

MG Hints and Tips:

  • Switching Games: When you switch games, hit the back arrow button to shut down the current game before selecting a new one. If you hit the Home button and open a new game, the first game will still be available in the background so it will be running multiple apps which could result in it overheating or freezing.
  • What’s Running?  If your MG is sluggish or you’re just wondering how many apps you’ve got running; press and hold the home button and a screen will pop up showing the active apps. To turn them off, touch the app(s) and slide it to the left. 
  • Recovering from a Freeze: To recover the device when it freezes, manually shut the MG down with a “pinch.” Press and hold the volume down button (on the top of the device) and the brightness button (on the bottom of the device) for a long 10 seconds. This will restart the system. The startup will take a bit longer than normal because it has to go through the entire shutdown and restart process.

I’ll be playing around with this new little system for a few more days and then I’ll be donating it to a tween/teen group. It’s so much more than a gaming system – it’s a complete entertainments system and I’m loving discovering all it can do for me. And while it’s marketed for tweens and teens, it’s perfect for seniors who want some portability but are not interested in the expense of a smartphone. The screen is easy to read even for these old eyes!

The MG Gaming System is the perfect size and shape for portable entertainment.

The MG Gaming System is the perfect size and shape for portable entertainment.

Buy the MG Now

The MG Gaming System is currently available for $129 at their online store. I think that’s a fabulous price for this Android device!

Win a MG Gaming System!

One lucky ready will win this new Android entertainment device for themselves! Sorry, this will probably no arrive in time for the holidays due to the length of our contest.

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