Wellness Dog Food Review

Wellness Dog Food Review

I believe in whole food and organic whenever possible for health reasons and not just for myself, but for my pets as well. You may think it’s expensive to feed them good food, but I think it’s expensive not to.

Pets suffer when they’re feed food that’s full of sub-par ingredients, fillers, and more and you make up the difference in vet bills, skin and hair problems, and digestive issues. I prefer to feed them a small amount of great food instead of a lot of cheap food full of fillers.

Like you, we know that our pets provide us unconditional love, and providing uncompromising nutrition is one way we can do the same for them. – Wellness Natural Pet Food

 There are several great pet foods that fit my criteria and Wellness Pet Food is one of them. Wellness Pet Food makes healthy food for both cats and dogs. Grain-free is my choice and they have several to choose from. They also offer Simple which is a limited ingredient food for dogs who have food sensitivities. It’s free from meat by-products, wheat, gluten, corn, dairy, eggs, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.
Wellness Dog Jerky  enjoyed by both Jewel and Gracie

Wellness Dog Jerky enjoyed by both Jewel and Gracie

Their treats are a hit with my pups. My two little ones are very fussy when it comes to what they’ll eat and they both LOVE the Wellness Pure Rewards Chicken and Lamb Jerky. They’re also fans of the Turkey Jerky. I love them because they’re 90% meat, have limited additives and are grain- and wheat-free and don’t contain any artificial colors or flavors.

The big dog loved the moist food. Unlike most, it smell great and looks good enough to eat. He gobbled it up and was thrilled when offered it again the next night.

But don’t take my word for how great the Wellness dog foods are. Have your pups give them a try and you’ll see that the food is well tolerated, the stools are healthy, and they love the taste.

Wellness Pet Food can be bought at pet food retailers, boutiques, Whole Foods, and online – check out their store finder for locations near you.

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Wellness Dog Treats - my Pomeranian adores these.

Wellness Dog Treats – my Pomeranian adores these.

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  1. Samantha Meyer

    Currently using purine one

  2. Em Darr

    I use Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Salmon

  3. Wendy McBride

    Hill Country Fare Dog Dinners pkt Filet mignon

    wendym at cableone dot net

  4. jacqueline

    I love wellness products. I recommend them for my clients.

  5. kristy

    kibbles and bits

  6. Cassandra McCann

    i feed strays that people dump off because the only shelter in the area is a kill shelter so I use a lot of dog food and usually its ever pet

  7. Breanne


  8. Jessica

    I usually feed them Iams

  9. susan smoaks

    i use purina dog chow

  10. Tanya White

    I feed him IAMS all natural

  11. Tracy Allen

    All my dogs have loved wellness. Kermit eats the canned mixed with some pupmkin – he prefers fish flavors. He also eats Merrick

  12. JessS

    He’s eating Iams now.

  13. Jennifer Peaslee

    Purina Dog Chow

  14. kathy pease

    I feed my store brand foods from price chopper

  15. Jay Daugherty

    Purina dog chow

  16. Barbara Stenby

    We have fed Ralph over 30 different brands of food in 6 years we finally settled on Blue Buffalo Basics because he has allergies and he seems to do well on it. I have used the wellness treats & he loves them! He eats Turkey & potato so hope I win! Wellness food has nothing he is allergic to maybe he will like it.

  17. Richard Hicks

    we feed ours Purina dog chow

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  18. Jen

    purina one

  19. carol lewis

    It is Nature’s Select I think. We pour it into a container and the bag is gone.
    This would be for our new puppy.

  20. Melanie Montgomery

    We feed him beneful

  21. john mains

    Dad’s trail mix

  22. Nicole Lancaster

    I feed my dog Iams.

  23. Vikki Billings

    They eat pedigree for small dogs

  24. keren griffith

    I feed my dogs earthborn holistics grain free……dogs should eat as good as we do…or better

  25. Tonya Dean

    our dogs eat generic canned food


  26. Debra Hall

    i feed him iams and beggin strips

  27. Gianna


  28. Desiree Dunbar

    We feed our dog Purina One.

  29. Erica C.

    My dog currently eats Alpo.

  30. s riches

    They eat acana small breed

  31. Diana Stanhope

    Newman’s Own Organics.

  32. Sarah

    Natural Balance and Chef Michael’s

  33. shawna

    We are using Iams dry dog food right now

  34. Denise S

    Right now its Nutro Max.

  35. Stephanie Larison

    Purina dog chow

  36. LeAnn VV

    Putina Puppy chow

  37. kendra W

    My dogs currently eat purina



  39. Susan C

    My dogs currently eat Avoderm.

  40. juliette moire

    we feed him wellness, science diet, and puppy chow

  41. Kari Flores

    Science Diet

  42. Terra Heck

    Kibbles & Bits dry dog food

  43. Caryn S

    My dogs eat Beneful

  44. bradley howard

    our dog eats purina dry food

  45. Jessica Rose

    My dog eats Purina brand chow!

  46. Kimberley

    I feed my dogs Blue buffalo

  47. Carrie Byrd

    I feed one of my dogs Wellness, while the other two dogs are on Science Diet Light since they are a little chubby!

  48. Laine Dailey Papke

    Healthy dog food keeps your dog well.

  49. Carrie M

    I feed my dog Wellness

  50. Theron Willis

    Beef hearts stuffed with milk soaked bread.

  51. Denise L

    Purina Dog Chow

  52. Jennifer

    I currently feed Wellness dry dog food.

  53. Sherri B.

    I think it is called Retriever…I know I get it at Tractor Supply and the first ingredient is MEAT!

  54. jules mcnubbin

    he gets science diet or puppy chow

  55. beth shepherd

    purina is what my Faith eats now

  56. Cindy R

    Thanks for the chance to win some great pet products!

  57. Christine


  58. Cynthia K

    I currently feed my boys Ol’Roy because it is what I can afford at the moment. I know it isn’t the best and I would love to change it.

  59. Lennyg


  60. They are actually currently eating Wellness. :)

  61. Sarah S

    I make my dogs’ food at home.

  62. We currently use Blue Buffalo, but I’ve heard Wellness is very good.

  63. Mary Casper


  64. debbie


  65. Carrie Phelps

    I don’t have a dog (I have 3 cats) but I would love to win this to donate to our local animal shelter.

  66. Jennifer Rote

    kibbles n bits

  67. Olivia Rubin

    Acana Ranchlands

  68. Elena