Leaking Pipe Caused Ceiling Issue
Leaking Pipe Caused Ceiling Issue

A Leaking Pipe Caused Ceiling Issue – it started as a 4″ bubble of water and ended up a 4′ hole. The hubby is pointing to the stream of water shooting out from the pipe.

The hubby and I were about to leave the house to go light bulb shopping…we’re exciting like that. For some reason he looked up at the ceiling and noticed a weird bulging. When he pointed it out for a second I thought it was some kind of weird cocoon with bug juice dripping out of it (drama queen much?!?).

It turned out what I was looking at was a water filled paint bubble. The paint was so stretched it looked like gossamer wings and that’s why I expected something to fly or ooze out of it at any moment.

I took the shopping trip alone and the hubby stayed home to investigate. I returned to find a 4′ hole and a copper pipe with a spring of water streaming from it. By the end of the night, a bucket was in place and all of my store’s inventory was moved. What a mess.

The good news? The pipe is the cold water pipe to the master bathroom. Good news because it’s not the toilet drain! The bad news? It’s a pinhole leak which is usually caused by corrosion inside the pipes so this is not just a patch-it-and-go fix. It’s going to take some time to inspect and replace whole sections of the pipe – there goes the ceiling.

Owning a house is a never ending battle. We’ve lived in this house for 24 years and I’m ready to retire to a condo in Florida with a handyman on call!


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  1. Denise Clark

    So sorry to hear about that. We know all too well about costly repairs and hubby does a lot of them himself. I too would like to retire in Florida or somewhere else warm and maybe a condo? That would be really nice.

    • Connie

      Florida sounds fabulous….until I remember how freakin’ hot it gets there in summer :)

  2. Karen Medlin

    oh my goodness,waiting for the hubby to heal from a broken knee cap, to fix a big patch in the family room from a storm this summer… it’s right smack where the christmas tree goes.. and yep it is being part of a homeowner. Hope your project goes well.

    • Connie

      Yikes! Sorry about the hubby’s knee! That sounds painful!