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My mom brewing her first-ever cup with the Keurig

My mom brewing her first-ever cup with the Keurig

I recently got a Keurig and now I know what all the fuss is about! We had a coffee and dessert bar and I got a chance to really try it out. We brewed individual coffee, tea, and even hot cider for our guests and each cup took less than a minute to brew. Best of all, there are so many K-cup varieties available that everyone got exactly what he/she wanted! And every cup was fresh and piping hot.

It was a great addition to our dessert bar that was filled with a slew of homemade mini goodies and jars of candy. My sister is quite a baker and she arrived with two enormous platters of her amazing mini cupcakes. She made limoncello, s’mores, and chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes – each was decorated with fun little sweethearts as we were also celebrating my son’s engagement! He asked and she said yes! What better way to celebrate a sweet event than to consume enough treats to send us into a sugar coma!

My sister Judy with one of 2 plates of amazing cupcakes - photobomber is my husband ;) #keurigparty

My sister Judy with one of 2 plates of amazing cupcakes – photobomber is my husband ;

I made easy chocolate mousse shooters with whipped cream and raspberries, quick no-bake lemon cheesecake, and pumpkin custard with ginger and pecan crust. We toasted the newly engaged couple, relived our own engagements over 30 years ago, and generally laughed and had a great time.

The Keurig is getting a workout in our kitchen – mostly tea and hot cider and I’ve discovered that I really love hot lemonade and am addicted to hot water. I’ve been drinking mugs and mugs of hot water. Weird, I know!

The candy side of the dessert bar with my fab-find battery operated "branches" with "crystals" - they look fabulous in person

The candy side of the dessert bar with my fab-find battery operated “branches” with “crystals” – they look fabulous in person

My newly engaged son making himself a hot cider #keurigparty

My newly engaged son making himself a hot cider

Special thanks to Keurig and for allowing us to try out the coffee brewer. It gave us a chance to set aside some time to get together and it was a happy coincidence that it happened to be on the day after our son got engaged.  We were going to take a group picture but we were having so much fun we forgot. I suspect we’ll get another chance soon and I expect the Keurig will see a lot more parties in the next year or so as we move toward their wedding day.

Easy lemon cheesecake shooters, pumpkin custard, and cupcakes – the perfect pairing to some great coffee

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  1. ive been inspired i defintely need to purchase a keurig in the near future

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  2. I Want To Buy A Keurig One Of These Days.
    It Looks Like You And Your Family Were Having A Great Time.

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  3. looks like that party was a lot of fun. I love the look of that keurig too. What type is it?

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    • It was, thanks!

  4. what a nice way to introduce the Keurig to your guests.. the sweets look yummuy.. and congrats on your son’s engagement!!

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    • Thanks Karen! We’re pretty happy for him. He’s such a sweet boy and she’s a really wonderful girl – they’ve known each other since Jr. High school but didn’t start dating until college. I can’t wait for the wedding but I don’t know if there are enough tissues available for the day! :)

  5. I also was a lucky House Party hostess! I absolutely LOVE my Keurig and last weekend at my coffee break party, each and every adult guest rushed out to purchase their own Keurig! What I like most about it is that my children–even my 5 year old–can operate the machine without adult assistance!
    I’m spending a small fortune on the k-cups, but it’s so worth it!

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    • Jennifer,

      I bought a stainless-steel “k-cup” on Amazon – first because I’m worried about plastic and especially hot plastic and two because my son has several lose teas that he loves that aren’t available in K-cups. He LOVES the machine!

  6. In love with that first photo and the raspberry makes it so pretty!

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