Candy bar apothecary jars
Candy bar apothecary jars

Candy bar apothecary jars

I went shopping today for some ink. After spending $140 I thought it was time to head home. But I had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something.  As I passed our local Fred Meyer, cream cheese popped into my head, and I remembered that I needed another 8oz for the dessert party tomorrow.

Dessert Bar Ideas

I haven’t been to Fred Meyer in quite a while. Ours is always crowded and since this was a Saturday, it was more than ever. But I went anyway with the idea of getting in and out quickly with the cream cheese and maybe some flowers…I don’t know about you, but getting in and out of somewhere quickly is almost impossible, especially if I haven’t been there in awhile. I made the mistake of looking for some ribbon for a project I’m working on and I came across a 40% off sale on these lidded apothecary jars. I’ve wanted some for the longest time, but they’re usually in the $60 range so I’ve always left them at the store. These are marked $30 and $40 with 40% off so I decided to go for it.

Libbey Just Desserts Parfait Glass with Miniature Stainless Steel Spoons

Libbey Dessert Parfait Glasses with Miniature Spoons

At check out I was thrilled to find that there were additional discounts and each of them was $10! I *almost* went back for a few more but I restrained myself. I can’t wait to use these tomorrow on our dessert bar – one filled with M&M candies and the other salt water taffy. The tall one is probably 20″ from top to bottom and the small one 12″.

I’d planned to add ribbon and stickers to decorate the jars but I have to go with plan b because of a mistake on the Staples’ employee part – the ink was not the right ink for my printer and I won’t have time to get another one before the party (let alone the $60 I’m out now). I’m not sure how I’ll decorate them. Any ideas?

I also picked up a set of Libbey Just Desserts Parfait Glass with Miniature Stainless Steel Spoons. I purchased another set of the Libbey Just Desserts setswhich has 4 shooters – weirdly they’re not exactly the same size. Even so, the mini spoons are perfect and these can be reused for some many things. I know my family and friends will be borrowing them soon!

The jars in use - we loved them!

The jars in use – we loved them!

I’m looking forward to starting my baking in about and hour. I’ll post the photos and recipes after the party. Wish me luck!

More about our coffee and dessert party:

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  1. I love apothecary jars – the only downside I’ve found it their weight. Such a stylish, timeless addition to any decor.

    • Connie

      Hey Kelly – these aren’t that bad, but they’re still really sturdy. I had some delicate glass ones years ago that didn’t make it a month with my clumsiness! :)

  2. Amy

    Such a smart idea! I love it!

    • Connie

      Thanks! They turned out so cute. My plan to put a sticker and ribbon on them was thwarted by a Staples Store mistake, but they were still fun and festive (and still filled with way too much candy that calls my name whenever I’m in the room) :)

    • Connie

      Thanks Amy!

  3. Maggie

    That’s a fun idea!

  4. I need to find some of those… adorable!

    • Connie

      I keep trying to remind myself I don’t need more….but there was one that was probably 3′ tall and very thin….I keep thinking how cool it would be filled with “stuff.” :)

  5. Wow, I would go back to the store and complain about the error with the ink! $60 is A LOT of money to be out! These jars are really cute though, and I love the idea of a dessert bar!

    • Connie

      I just haven’t decided what to do yet – technically it’s my fault, but I feel like I was helped into the mistake. I also thought about selling them on eBay – someone would get a great deal and I’d recoup a bit of my costs. I decided I’d deal with it tomorrow – I had my eyes dilated today and I’m miserable.

  6. holy kaw! That was a steal! I’ve had my eye out for some too and can never find them that inexpensive.