Diet-to-Go Review Vegetarian Menu Plan and Discount Coupon Code

Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Meal Plan

I’ve been overweight for a few years now and in that time I’ve tried many, many diets. I’ve tried grocery store frozen meals, freeze-dried meals, make-it-yourself, and more. The problem with all of them is that they taste like diet food. While I’d like to lose weight, I’m not willing to give up one of my favorite things in life – good food.

Luckily I recently had the chance to try a different diet plan, Diet-to-Go. Think of it as your diet delivery company. Just place your order on their website and Diet-to-Go will ship their freshly made food on dry ice to your home. When it arrives at your doorstep, all you have to do is put in the freezer or fridge and when you’re ready to eat, reheat it, and eat it!

Vegetable Ravioli Ratatouille with Chocolate Mousse from Diet-to-Go

Vegetable Ravioli Ratatouille with Chocolate Mousse from Diet-to-Go

I’m a vegetarian and thankfully they have a plan for me! They also have a Low Carb and Low Fat menu for you meat eaters. So many combinations that you’ll likely find the one that’s right for you.

I received a few meals so that I could give you my personal Diet-to-Go review.  I didn’t receive a full week’s menu, so I can’t say if I lost weight on it, but I can tell you that every meal was satisfying. The meals arrive with instructions for reheating, a list of ingredients, and the calorie and fat content.

Diet-to-Go Meals arrive with the nutritional information and reheating directions on the package

Diet-to-Go Meals arrive with the nutritional information and reheating directions on the package – Tuscan Bean Salad

What I Love About Diet-to-Go:

  • No cancellation fees – start up and stop their service at any time and as often as you like
  • No gimmicky pricing. Choose your plan and you’re done.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Epicurious recently rated it the #1 diet delivery company
  • Just $17.02 per 1,000 calories – the cheapest fresh diet delivery available
  • Fully prepared meals – just heat and eat. No clean-up, no shopping.
  • Meals can be customized by giving their customer service line a call
My favorite Diet-to-Go meal - Blueberry Pancakes. Absolutely amazing!

My favorite Diet-to-Go meal – Blueberry Pancakes and veggie sausage (strawberries were my addition).

How Good is the Diet-to-Go Food?

I had some meals that I absolutely loved and would eat again over and over. My favorite was the blueberry stuffed pancake. As someone who is an avowed pancake hater, I took the first bite with the assumption that I would be passing this one on to the recycling bin. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was about the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time. Light and sweet almost like a crepe with the most insanely delicious filling.

There were a few other meals that just weren’t for me. For one I’ve finally tried Brussels sprouts and I can say that I’m not a fan. I also wasn’t a fan of the apple juice supplied with one of the breakfast entrees. I don’t drink juice because of the sugar content and I only eat organic apples because of the pesticide issues. I’d have loved a fresh fruit cup that came with another entrée. I also am probably the only vegetarian on the planet who doesn’t like humus. As humus goes, this was fine, but it’s a taste I just can’t enjoy.

Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Meals

Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Meals (green salad and grapes were my addition)

That said, the reason I didn’t like some of the choices was because of personal preferences, not because they weren’t seasoned well or cooked nicely. They were. But I don’t enjoy peppers and nearly every meal included them. I would definitely call and request pepper-free and humus-free meals so I’d be more inclined to love all of the meals.

I did find how you reheat the  meals makes a big difference on the quality. For the Jamie sandwich I used my panini maker to toast the sandwich, but you could do the same with a frying pan or toaster oven. It’s defiantly not something you’d want to reheat in the microwave. Often I ignored the printed directions and used the oven or stoptop to reheat as I’m limiting the use of the microwave and when I did use it I removed the food from the plastic tray before heating.

Sample Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Meals

Sample Diet-to-Go Vegetarian Meals

The cost for a week's worth of vegetarian food from Diet-to-Go with a 25% off coupon

Final Thoughts and Diet-to-Go Coupon Code

If I could make one change to the Diet-to-Go plan, I’d let the consumer pick their own meals. I’d love to choose from the variety available for the week. I’ve seen other meals they’ve provided and they look fabulous and like something I’d love, so I know there are many others that would be a better fit for me.

I may be giving the plan another week trial. The hubby is likely to be called away on yet another wildfire and with only myself to cook for, it’s the perfect time to give them a really in-depth chance. I know that the few days that I did consume their food I was not hungry between meals and I didn’t snack. I also think the meal were more balanced. I can’t say that now that I’m back to shopping and planning for my own meals.

Now is also a good time to try them out because there is a 25% off discount coupon code which adds up to some big savings. Use coupon code 25percentoff at checkout.

Diet-to-Go White Bean Casserole with Rice Pilaf

Diet-to-Go White Bean Casserole with Rice Pilaf

Where to find Diet-to-Go on the web

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  1. Those pancakes do look delicious! Yum, I love blueberries!

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    • They were so amazing that if I could buy a month’s worth of just blueberry pancakes I would :)

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