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Recipe: Light and Fresh 7-Layer Mexican Dip – Just 100 Calories!

Who doesn’t love a great 7-layer Mexican dip?!? But the calories can really add up as those layers are put together. Plus they’re usually made from prepared foods with artificial ingredients or flavors. But it’s almost as fast and easy to make nearly from scratch with this recipe from Eating Light.

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BOB’S BURGERS Season 1 On DVD Today! @bobsburgersfox @FoxHomeEnt

Bob’s Burgers (Season 1) was released today on DVD by  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  It’s the #1 animated premier...

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Community: Glad Black Bag Art Auction and Mosaic Artist Jason Mecier – Bid to Win!

Garbage to most of us is just a nusiance we have to deal with – fill the bag, take out the trash, fill another bag, then take it to...

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DIY Home: Master Bedroom Update – Patching and Priming

Priming before painting isn’t always necessary – not any more.  Many paints have primers built-in and so the extra step...

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Carters Sweepstakes to Celebrate Release What to Expect When You’re Expecting

If I could give new mom’s one piece of advice it would be to relax.  Enjoy every moment because it truly will be just the blink of...

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Universal Studios THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT in Theaters 4/27/12

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interview Jason Segal and Nicholas Stoller during the press junket for the Muppets Movie and the pair...

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Hallmark Moments and Milestones Event – Seattle #HallmarkTour

I got the chance to meet some fabulous folks from the Hallmark company a few weeks ago. I apologize for the delay in sharing the great...

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Disney and Studio Ghibli Announce Release of The Secret World of Arrietty 5/22/12

It seems impossible, but it’s true!  Walt Disney Studios and Studio Ghibli (“Ponyo” & “Spirited Away”) are releasing The Secret...

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