Picture Quotes: Being Thankful This Thanksgiving Holiday

thank·ful  (thngkfl)  adj.
1. Aware and appreciative
of a benefit; grateful.
2. Expressive of gratitude:
a thankful smile.

We’re so lucky to be part of the 75% and perhaps we’d lead happier lives if we focused on that instead of the fact we’re the 99%.

Choose to find the joy in life and focus on that.  It can get you through some really dark days.


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. One of the key components to a life full of happiness and joy is gratitude. At times it can be tough for us to negate all the negatives going on around us, but its possible.
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Being thankful~ it means, to me, ALWAYS being thankful. Not just when things are good. Certainly, and especially be thankful when you are amazed at the goodness. But be thankful for the bad times too, because if you learn from it and grow from it, guess what? Your life will be BLESSED WITH BETTER. .
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As we enter the week of Thanksgiving here in the US, I wish you well.  Be blessed, be present, and be grateful.

I’m grateful for your visit and your continued support of my blogging efforts


Author: Connie Ott

A mom and wife, Connie blogs about entertainment, travel, living green, products, technology, DIY home remodeling and decor, and more. She's a vegetarian and animal lover and lives in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA. Find out more about Connie and all the bloggers here at Baby to Boomer Lifestyle on our About Us page.

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