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Today’s Quote: Einstein – Read Your Children Fairy Tales

Einstein Fairy Tales
This is me and the boys in the early 90’s. I read to them as soon as they were born.  Usually while I nursed them, sure it was People Magazine, but I read it outloud like it was a children’s story, but anytime they were in the room and I was reading a book, magazine, cookbook instructions, etc.  The cadence and rhythm set for their pace.

As they got older they loved books and we used them as rewards and treats.  The Tooth Fairy brought them.  The Easter Bunny delivered them in their baskets. And Santa slid down the chimney with a sack full of them.  We bought them at the checkout stand instead of candy, purchased them at school through Scholastic, and mailed away for them.  We made books and reading a priority.

We made time to read every night, no exceptions, and we read aloud to them well into Elementary School.  It was our family time and we loved it, all of us.  It didn’t matter if my husband or I read the same book to them 100 times or read 100 books…they loved the time together.

The boys are adults now, the one on the left, my baby, is 23 and doing an internship out in the fields of Mississippi.  His Nook keeps him company on fire watch – he still loves to read.  The one on the right, my oldest, hates electronic books and has a suitcase in his trunk full of books.  He reads every moment he gets and I love it.

Read, read, read….your kids will thank you and hey, if you don’t believe me, Albert was a pretty smart cookie! :)


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