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Skechers ProSpeed: Just In Time for National Running Day (and coffee) WIN IT!

You tell a girl like me that it’s National Running Day and I’ll probably run to the nearest Starbucks for a latte. I’m...

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Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son

Just in time for Father’s Day, Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son will be released on home video. Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son is...

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What is a 20 SECOND FITNESS Workout? Will it Work for Me?

I’ve just started a new exercise program.  It’s called 20 Second Fitness – an intense at home workout that takes just a...

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High Fiber Low Fat Apple and Yogurt Topped Waffles Recipe

I love waffles, they’re one of my favorite things to eat, no matter the time of day.  And don’t be fooled by the high fiber,...

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Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes – Get Fresh with a Friend!

After using them for a few weeks now, I’ve found that the wipes are a great help even outside of the bathroom. I actually keep a box in my car for “on the road” clean-ups, like for freshening up my 4-year old after a two hour long run at the playground. Kids get sweaty. Cottonelle helps them get fresh. This might sound a little unconventional, but I’ve even been using them to freshen up my tattoos! If I don’t have lotion handy when we’re on-the-go, I just swipe my ink with the wipes and they look good as new.

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Got a Secret? Pretty Little Liars Season One on DVD 6/7/2011

“Friends share secrets. That’s what keeps us close.” – Alison, Pretty Little Liars It’s a terribly large...

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Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Tour Information

The excitement is building for the world-premier of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 2” happening in Los Angeles Saturday, June 18,...

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“Connect To” Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival 2011 Must See!

I like indie films.  They’re generally smart and lack the over production of studio films.  Yes, that’s a generalization, but...

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Mommy Blogger Disney/DreamWorks Event in LA – I’m Going!

I am NOT good at keeping secrets.  I’m the person who reads the last chapter of a who-dunnit early, who can unwrap and rewrap a gift...

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Great Grilling Thanks Red Envelope and Oregon Scientific

Father’s Day and grilling go hand-in-hand at our house. We’re not big on holidays, but the hubby loves to grill, so it’s...

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Six Tips for Safe Grilling At Your Memorial Day or Summer Cookout

  Summer officially begins with Memorial Day and that means lot of grilling. We’ve collaborated with NSF International –...

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Ritz Multigrain Crackerfuls: The Perfect Pick Me Up

Between working evenings, being class mom during the day, keeping an active four year old busy, and a husband that works over 60 hours a...

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