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Picnic Recipes: 11 Quick Fix Side Dishes to Make

If you are anything like me, you probably let many things go until the last minute. Maybe I just like the rush of adrenaline that comes with throwing things together, or maybe I’m lazy… maybe a bit of both? Whatever the reason, both my husband and I find ourselves scrambling to get out the door when we have someplace to go. This really becomes a problem during the summer. It seems like every week we have a barbecue or picnic to go to. So every week we have to throw together a dish to take with us. I did a little research and found some quick-fix recipes perfect for any picnic or barbecue.
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MyMusicCloud: Take Your Music Everywhere #giveaway

Listening to music on the go has finally become the norm. I remember setting up a casette tape in my boom box, up in my bedroom around 1998, trying to tape my favorite songs on the radio — or better yet, being late to meet up with friends because I HAD to stay in the car five more minutes to hear the #1 song on the weekend countdown. Ah, life before streaming. :)
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Disney TEEN BEACH 2 DVD with Rehearsal Footage Available Now

Summer is over, and it’s time to get ready to go back to school. But Brady isn’t sure if their summer romance will survive school where they come from two different worlds. To let Mack know he’s serious about her, he stages a romantic last night summer movie under the stars date in the exact spot they met.
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20 INSIDE OUT Fun Facts and Pixar Easter Eggs

It’s a habit. I can’t watch a Disney • Pixar film without looking for the hidden messages (also called Easter Eggs). You know, those fun bits that refer to previous movies, characters, etc. So of course, while I sat mesmerized by the color and sound of INSIDE OUT as it played before me on the screen at the historic El Captain Theater in Hollywood, I almost got so caught up in the film that I forgot to look for them (read: INSIDE OUT Movie Premiere: My Candid Celebrity Snapshots).
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How To Visit Seattle Museums For Free

Did you know most of the museums around Seattle have a free day, once a month? I’m always astonished by how many of my friends don’t know about this perk. Now that summer’s here and we’re looking for fun activities to keep the kids entertained, free museum visits are a great way to keep their minds busy (and get some exercise while you’re at it).
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5 Tips For Camping With Kids

We just finished a multi-family weekend campout in the Olympic National Park, and it was a smashing success. Can you believe this was only my second time camping in my life?? It’s taken a little time for me to become a camping enthusiast, but we’re getting there. I think it’s so important for kids to get outdoors and appreciate nature (and screen-free time), but I’m also learning that a successful campout requires a LOT of planning — especially with kids. Here are five important tips to make camping with kids easier:
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Bing Bong: “Inside Out” Fan Favorite? New Products & Collectibles

I’ve been reading social media posts over the last few days ever since the Disney * Pixar’s INSIDE OUT movie was released in theaters. It’s pretty easy to see that the standout character so far is Bing Bong. He’s the imaginary friend Riley tucked away into her memory when she out grew him. But when Sadness and Joy get lost in long term memory, they find Bing Bong, and he becomes a major player in saving Riley.
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Kyle MacLachlan on Voicing Dad in Disney|Pixar’s INSIDE OUT and His WA Roots

Kyle MacLachlan seems very relaxed and polished, and it’s not hard to imagine that is him at his core. He has small town roots here in Washington having grown up in Yakima in the 70’s. His slightly sarcastic humor is one I understand well having spent severals summers during High School cruising the “Ave” in Yakima. It’s highly likely he was one of the many fine looking boys riding with friends in fabulous Mustangs with their radios booming; the Ave was the place to be seen.
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Teen Beach 2 Party Pack – Recipes, Crafts, Decorations

Teen Beach 2 is playing on the Disney Channel and it’s available on DVD. Since it’s now officially summer, the kids are going to start clamoring to see their friends. Let them throw this simple to do Teen Beach 2 themed party! The recipes are easy enough for tweens and teens and younger kids can make them will a little help from mom and dad.
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